Who is Barry Weiss From Storage Wars And How Much Money Has He Made?

If you are a fan of American reality television, then you must have come across the show, Storage Wars which has been in existence since December 2010 and has released over 10 seasons thus far. Storage Wars is based on the auctioning of the contents of storages by defaulted owners. The show features several cast members, one of which is Barry Weiss.

Weiss starred from the first to the fourth season of the show as a regular buyer of storage contents auctioned off. While he was on the show, he was affectionately referred to as The Collector. Here is a quick look at his biography, net worth and why he left the show.

Barry Weiss Biography

So far, Barry Weiss has been able to live the dream life of many. This is because he was born into a family with a thriving business, inheriting it and selling it off with enough wealth to simply travel the world and enjoy the good things of life.

Storage Wars Made Him Popular

Weiss began the journey to this reality on the 11th of February 1959. He is one of two sons born to his father, with the second being Joe Weiss. The identity of his parents is unknown.

Until he began to star in Storage Wars, nothing was known of Barry Weiss and as such, a large chunk of his background is hidden away from the media, including his education history. We, however, know that one of the things he is most notable for, the collection of antiques, was a personal trait that began when he was a teenager.

When Weiss and his brother were old enough, they inherited the company established by their grandfather, Northern Produce which dealt with the importation and export of fruits and vegetables. The business ran for decades and when it was the turn of Barry and his brother to run it, they chose to sell it off, making a fortune off the sale.

With his new fortune made off the profit from the sale of the business, Barry Weiss traveled the world with his brother, Joe. Along with traveling, he began a high-end version of his affinity for the collection of antiques. It was a path that eventually led him to Storage Wars, where he eventually found mild fame as a cast member in the first four seasons of the A&E Network show.

The antique collector starred right from the beginning of the show and quickly became one of the popular personalities and characters on the show as a result of his eccentricity. While he was on the show, he earned himself the nickname ‘The Collector’ and became the show’s leading entertainer through stunts like wearing vision goggles to determine the contents of a storage unit and inviting a psychic to achieve the same goal.

His popularity on the show earned him two spinoff shows – Barry’s Treasures and Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back but both shows did not take off.

Although very little is known of his personal life, Barry Weiss is known to have two children – Julie and Jack Weiss and a grandson named Oliver.

Barry Weiss
Barry posing for a picture with his fans

Net Worth

Barry Weiss made his money from the foundations that were laid by his grandfather through the fruit and vegetables import-export business. Selling the business eventually landed him a net worth of $10 million, which he has spent on feeding his passion for collecting antiques and cars.

Today, Weiss is believed to have a car collection that is worth half a million dollars. The collection includes cars like the 1994 Cowboy Cadillac, Beatnik Custom.

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What Happened to Him and Storage Wars?

They say it is better to leave when the ovation is at the highest. Well, as for what happened to Barry Weiss and Storage Wars, that was exactly what he did. The wealthy collector decided to leave the show while he was still one of the show’s popular characters and especially while the show itself was a popular program on television.

Before he came out to explain his reasons for leaving the show, there were rumors going on about his exit being under controversial circumstances and some went as far as saying he was dead. His announced reasons, however, dispelled these rumors, reminding viewers that he was simply done having fun on the show.

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