Will There Be A Season 7 Of Bar Rescue And When Is It Coming Back?

Since Bar Rescue came on the air on the 17th of July, 2011, it has become one of the most popular ‘reality’ shows on television. Helmed by Jon Taffer, the show, which is focused on helping failing bars spring back to life, has aired for several seasons, and with the sixth season wrapped, fans have wondered if Bar Rescue will be returning for a season 7.

In this article, we share everything we know so far about the status of the seventh season of the show, including possible return dates. Check it out by scrolling below.

Is Bar Rescue Returning for Season 7?

Bar Rescue scored a renewal by Paramount Network and it was announced by the network in May 2019. The show’s renewal comes as no surprise as it has been one of the best performers in the Paramount Network lineup, which includes Wife Swap, Ink Master and Lip Sync Battle.

The show’s audience base has made Paramount Network one of the top five networks during the Sunday night time slot. As such, season 7 of Bar Rescue is expected to continue in that vein when it returns to the air.

Bar Rescue follows Jon Taffer, who is one of America’s leading restaurant and bar consultants, along with his team, as they travel across America to help struggling bars and restaurants. The show helps through a renovation of the bar, redesigning the menu, crowd management as well as employee management to give the bars a new life.

When Bar Rescue Coming Back?

As for when Bar Rescue is expected to return to the air, Paramount Network is yet to announce a premiere date for the show. It is however believed that the show will return sometime in the latter months of 2019, possibly in October.

Previous seasons of the show have premiered at different periods in the year. The fourth and fifth season premiered later in the year in October and August respectively while the first two seasons premiered in the summer in July. In the sixth season, the show premiered in March.

It remains to be seen what time the network will settle on but fans can rest assured that the show will continue to air in its Sunday night time slot. In the meantime, fans of Jon Taffer who cannot wait for the seven 7 of Bar Rescue can check him out on the spin-off of the show, Marriage Rescue on Paramount Network.

The show follows a similar premise as his original show, only this time, he would be using his talents for conflict resolution and problem identification to fix marriages. The show premiered on the 2nd of June 2019 and airs on Sunday nights.

How Many Episodes Will Bar Rescue Season 7 have?

Bar Rescue season 7
Jon Taffer is expected to return with fresh ideas

Fans can look forward a guaranteed twelve episodes when Bar Rescue returns for season 7. The spokesman for Paramount Network confirmed this during the announcement of the seventh season of the show.

While twelve episodes might not be enough for fans to watch Jon Taffer work his magic again, it is worth remembering that if the show continues its performance as one of Paramount Network’s most popular shows, more episodes can be ordered.

The guaranteed twelve episodes of the season 7 will push the show to a significant number of over 200 episodes.

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Other Things You Need to Know

• Bar Rescue is produced by 3 Ball Entertainment. The company began producing the show in 2015. The original production company was Eyeworks which produced the first four and a half seasons of the show.

• Although the show primarily focuses on bars in America, Bar Rescue airs in European countries like The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and the UK. The show airs on local TV stations and available Spike Channels.

• The show has visited more than 160 bars and night clubs. Over 90 of them have survived while at least 74 have been unable to overcome their challenges and failed.

• Each episode, which is focused on one bar, is typically filmed over five days with a 12-hour per day shooting schedule.

• Bar Owners who want to appear on the show can do so by filling out an application on the Paramount Network website. In occasions where the bar owner did not request for the show, the show picks its recipient through open calls and personal calls to bars in a geographical area.

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