Bakhar Nabieva Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Agile, strong and very fit, Bakhar Nabieva is a professional Azerbaijani bodybuilder who is renowned for her very muscular looks and incredibly sturdy shape which has often left many people gaping in wonder. She has been described many times as ‘the girl with the insane body’ by social media users. Having succeeded at building her entire body to look so thickset, she has become an inspiration to many other women who view her photos and follow her on social media.

Bakhar Nabieva is now called ‘Miss Iron Bum’ by her many fans on social media because of her strong-looking legs, thin waist, back muscles, and biceps. She has been able to achieve this feat through years of very uncompromising and vigorous fitness routines. As expected, she has become very popular on social media and is actively involved in helping people realize their fitness goals.

Bakhar Nabieva – Biography

She was born on the 8th day of April 1994. The professional fitness trainer was born in Baku, the capital city and commercial hub of the nation of Azerbaijan. Bakhar grew up in Baku where she was raised by her parents.

Even though she is very active on social media where she makes tons of posts to the admiration of her fans, Bakhar Nabieva has remained noticeably silent about the identity of her family members. The identity of her parents remains vague at the moment. Also, it is not known if she has any siblings with whom she grew up as a child. However, it is believed that she had a great childhood.

There are no details about where she had her high school or college education. However, it is known that she did attend high school but it is not clear if she had any college education. The fitness trainer is calm, calculated, and composed and this shows in the many videos of herself that she releases online.

Over the years, she has impressed people with her determination to look fit and strong.

1. Why she decided to build her body

Even though Bakhar Nabieva looks very fit and strong now, she has not always been this heavily built. There was a time when she was a very skinny girl. So, how did the transformation happen? Bakhar Nabieva herself told the story.

According to her, when she was in school, she was skinny and had very thin legs. Her legs were so thin that her classmates made fun of her. They would point at her legs and laugh out hard, asking her why she was so small. This usually made her very sad and she would cry sometimes. However, as she grew older, she decided to change all that and this was when she started hitting the gym.

At first, she didn’t know the right way to go about building her body, so she just did what she thought was okay by lifting heavyweights. However, she soon came across some bodybuilding magazines which contained tips on how to properly build the body. She started following these tips and began to work out her muscles correctly. Today, she looks fit and muscular.

Bakhar Nabieva
Bakhar Nabieva at the gym – Image: Bakhar’s Instagram

2. Her endorsement deals

Bakhar Nabieva is very popular on social media at the moment. When she started getting ripped because of her fitness routine and began to get very big muscularly, she decided to start posting her pictures on social media. The photos caught the attention of many people who were stunned at the way she looked. Over time, her social media pages grew so large that top fitness brands started approaching her with endorsement deals.

She has now had several endorsements, including one from Dragon Pharma Gorilla Wear USA. Because her social media presence is increasing virtually every day, more of such deals are expected to keep coming her way. She now has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

3. The people who influenced her

Bakhar Nabieva has people she looks up to as a bodybuilder. According to her, she admires Brazilian models. This is because these models have very sexy and thick bodies. Looking at Brazilian models helps her understand what she wants her body to look like.

One of the Brazilian models who influenced Bakhar Nabieva is Gracyanne Barbosa who is also a very popular female bodybuilder with more than 7 million followers on Instagram.

4. Net worth

Bakhar Nabieva has made money off her craft as a bodybuilder and fitness trainer. Over the years, she has built her social media presence to enviable heights and has been approached with endorsement deals. These deals fetch her money. Also, as a fitness trainer, she gets paid to help people get fit. All these have combined to consolidate her financial independence.

At the moment, her exact net worth has not been revealed yet but she is believed to be worth several hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

5. Body measurements

Bakhar Nabieva is not a tall woman. The fitness trainer stands at 5 ft 3 inches in height. In addition to this, she reportedly weighs about 119 lb. Her body measurements have been revealed to be 29 inches (bust), 23 inches (waist), and 38 inches (hips).

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