Baker Mayfield’s Interesting Love Life and Details of All The Women He Dated

Let’s face it; when it comes to the most eligible bachelors in America, football players rank among the most desired men in the country. While a lot of these players take advantage of this and rack up an extensive roster of flings and girlfriends, some keep it simple, dating a couple of women before finding one to settle down with. Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield, belongs in the second category, with a shortlist of ex-girlfriends before he settled down with his wife, Emily Wilkinson.

We took a look at Baker Mayfield’s relationship history, exploring his relationship with his ex-girlfriends, when they started dating, when and why things ended.

Baker Mayfield’s Relationship History

Baker Mayfield's Ex-Girlfriend
Baker Mayfield with his wife, Emily Wilkinson

Although Baker Mayfield only joined the NFL in 2018, his popularity in the league has quickly made his personal life one of the most popular subjects of interest among football fans, especially fans of the Cleveland Browns. Between his time in college and getting drafted into the league, he dated three women – Baillie Burmaster, Morgan Mayberry, and Emily Wilkinson, the woman who became his wife. Here is how his relationship with each woman began and ended.

Baillie Burmaster – 2015 to 2016

Baker Mayfield
Baillie Burmaster and Baker Mayfield (Image Source)

Between 2015 and 2016, Baker Mayfield was in a relationship with Baillie Burmaster. Their love story was akin to Romeo and Juliet, in that they each attended two schools who were bitter rivals. While Baker attended the University of Oklahoma, his ex-girlfriend, Baillie Burmaster, schooled at Oklahoma State.

Like Baker, Baillie is also a native of Austin, Texas, and between 2016 and 2017, they were together, supposedly in love until Baker reportedly cheated on her, according to a report by the website,

Baker Mayfield so far is yet to confirm the validity of the report, if indeed he cheated on his ex-girlfriend, but all we know is that after about a year, their relationship came to an end, and both parties have moved on with their respective lives.

Baillie Burmaster is now a sports reporter working for KAMC News Channel in Oklahoma. She used to compete in beauty pageants, and in college, she was a soccer player.

Morgan Mayberry – 2016 to 2017

Baker Mayfield's Ex-Girlfriend
Morgan Mayberry and Baker Mayfield (Image Source)

After his whirlwind romance with Baillie Burmaster came to an end, Baker Mayfield moved on to his second known ex-girlfriend, Morgan Mayberry.

According to information available about their relationship, Morgan and Baker began dating just a few months after his relationship with Baillie ended.

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Unlike Baillie, Morgan Mayberry attended the same college, the University of Oklahoma, with Baker, which would explain how they met.

While they were together, Morgan Mayberry and Baker had a very close relationship, which manifested in different ways like Morgan attending every one of his home games, attending a family wedding with the quarterback and going on vacations to exotic destinations like St. Lucia. From social media posts and news articles about the star quarterback, it seemed like they were destined to a long term relationship.

However, the love story came to an abrupt end later in 2017, and according to the report by, it ended because Baker Mayfield repeated the events that led to the end of his relationship with his first ex-girlfriend – cheating.

Like the first relationship, this has neither been confirmed nor denied by the Cleveland Browns quarterback.

Emily Wilkinson – 2017 to 2018

Emily Wilkinson is the ex-girlfriend of Baker Mayfield, who got the title not because their relationship ended but because she traded it for something higher – Wife.

The two of them met in 2017 after a mutual friend introduced them to each other. At first, Baker had trouble starting a relationship with Emily because she refuted all his advances, and he sought to social media tactics like following and unfollowing her to gain her attention.

Later in December 2017, Emily finally caved, and they met before his Rose Bowl, on their first date. During their date, according to Emily, Baker proved her assumption that he was just another playboy football athlete wrong, and it has been history since then.

After Baker Mayfield decided to stay in Los Angeles, he moved in with Emily Wilkinson, who worked in the city as a patient coordinator for a plastic surgery clinic. After six months of dating, in June 2018, they got engaged, and Emily went from being his girlfriend to his fiancée.

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They were engaged for about a year until July 2019 when they got married. They held their wedding in Malibu, California.

Emily Wilkinson, who is now officially a football WAG, is an aspiring Instagram model and, so far, has more than 194,000 followers.

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