An Interesting Take on How Aylin Mujica Achieved Her Net Worth And What To Know About Her Family

For someone who started grooming her performance skill from a young age, the level of success Aylin Mujica has attained in the entertainment industry doesn’t come as a surprise. The Cuban beauty is mainly known for her works as an actress but she also has ballet dancing and modeling listed on her resume.

Currently based in Miami, Florida, Aylin began nurturing her career in Cuba before she made a move to Mexico. Since her professional debut in 1996, it has been a jolly ride to the top. Even though she has experienced some hiccups, Aylin still finds a way to keep winning. A look at her career progression so far will shed more light on how she accumulated a net worth estimated at $4 million.

A Concise Report On Aylin Mujica’s Career Journey

Born on 24 November 1974 in Havana, Cuba, Aylin started her career path when she began training as a folk and ballet dancer at the age of eight. After studying music, classical ballet, folk dance, as well as choreography at la Escuela Nacional de Ballet, Aylin began her training in drama at el Instituto Superior de Artes. She was 18 at the time and while she studied the dramatic arts, she also learned filmmaking at the International Film School in her hometown (la Escuela Internacional de Cine in Havana, Cuba).

Having gathered all the skills she needed to make a statement in the highly competitive industry, Aylin made her next move which took her to Mexico. There, she had juicy opportunities that cleared the path for her star to shine.

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She rose to prominence in 1992 through modeling in television commercials and landing roles in several music videos in Mexico. After working with renowned music artists like Willy Chirino, Marcelo Cezan, and Albita Rodriguez, she did what many models do for more fame—got nude on the covers of Spanish magazine Interviú1. Aylin was also making appearances for a photoshoot in H para Hombres magazine. A pregnant Aylin equally posed nude in 2010 while carrying her daughter Violeta.

She progressed in her career and began working for Telemundo in 2006 while also being offered a part on “Pecados Ajenos” which she, however, declined. Catherine Siachoque replaced her for the antagonist role at the time. She also worked on the set of “Aurora:” a soap opera in 2010 while she has made appearances in hit telenovela “Corazón Valiente” as the main antagonist. Her role in the latter, where she depicted Fernanda del Castillo or Victoria, began in 2012 and came to an end in 2013. Her name was changed to Victoria on the soap opera after faking her own death.

Aylin portrayed another antagonist in 2014, depicting Gabriel Porras in the soap opera “Los Miserables.” Her latest work on television can be traced to La bella y las bestias where she played the role of María Estela González “La Madame. While the bulk of her works are on television, she has made a few film appearances, including A propósito de Alexa Elisa (2007) and Desde Dentro Carmen Altamirano (2015).

Her Major Sources Of Income And Career Achievements

Among other sources, Aylin’s earnings come mostly from her modeling and television appearances. She also made an appearance on Secreto 2 we novela como Daniela in 2014. Subsequently, she has gone on to appear in many other movies and TV shows with La bella y las bestias being her most recent work. However, she is still very active and ready to churn out more works in the future. She has also performed in theatre productions, including “La Casita del Placer, as well as “Dracula”. She took the “El Rostro Heraldo de Mexico” award in 1996 for being an outstanding newcomer.

Mujica’s appearances on different magazine covers, some of which she posed nude, have also contributed immensely to her net worth. Nevertheless, her exact salary and earnings are not made public but they have amounted to an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Is Aylin Mujica Married?

Aylin Mujica’s personal life has seen her get married three times, making her the mother of three children. After getting married to Cuban musician Osamu, she had her first child, Mauro, in 1993. Things went down south for the couple and she later divorced Osamu to get married to Mexican television producer Alejandro Gavira with whom she had her second child, Alejandro, in 2000.

Mujica divorced to marry actor Gabriel Valenzuela with whom she had her third child, Violeta in 2010. Though they worked in the same industry and shared similar interests, marriage couldn’t work out for them. The couple later announced their divorce in 2012.

Aylin Mujica
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Recently, she has been seen on numerous occasions in public with her ex, Gavira. This has got people speculating on whether the two are trying to make it back together. However, both of them have remained silent about the whole issue with neither wanting to make any comment. For now, Aylin is presumed to be single and not married to anyone.

The Real Reason She Left Mexico To Join Her Family In Miami

Following the earthquake that affected Mexico on September 19, 2017, the Cuban born actress and model took to her Instagram account to reveal that she was affected by the tragic event and that she was homeless.

According to her, the tremor happened close to her home and she was left with cracked walls that were beginning to fall. However, the good news for her was that she wasn’t at home at the time, and no one was injured in the incident that claimed over 200 lives in the country. She was fortunate to retrieve her documents and has been able to move to Miami to join her family.

As stated in an interview, she has been labeled ‘materialistic’ for crying out over her loss in the earthquake. However, she said the loss of her property is the least important thing to her as she tried to help others out through collecting food, clothes, stuffed animals, medicines and other things to send to Mexico and Puerto Rico.

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Quick Facts About Aylin Mujica

  • Full Name: Aylin Mujica Ricard
  • Profession: Actress, model, producer, dancer
  • Height: 5′ 6.9″ (1.70 m)
  • Ethnicity: Cuban, White
  • Nationality: Cuba
  • Date of Birth:  November 24, 1974
  • Aylin Mujica Zodiac/Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of Birth: Havana, Cuba
  • Education: Instituto Superior de Artes y la Escuela Internacional de Cine en La Habana, Cuba
  • Marital Status: Osamu (divorced), Alejandro Gavira (divorced), Gabriel Valenzuela (divorced)
  • Children: 3
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