Who Was Avicii’s Girlfriend – Tereza Kacerova And What Is She Doing Now?

The Swedish superstar DJ cum musician Tim Bergling (popularly known as Avicii) was found dead on April 20, 2018, in Muscat, Oman, where he had been holidaying. That was when the glamor model Tereza Kacerova announced on her Instagram page that the DJ had been her secret boyfriend. She supported her claims by posting photos of her in intimate poses with the Swedish star while he lived, while also expressing deep sorrow at his passing. Indeed, many of what the world will ever know about the DJ are what the model has made known. Thus, we are here to share with you what we know about the heartbroken girlfriend of a late entertainment pro.

Who Is Tereza Kacerova, Avicii’s Girlfriend?

Tereza is mainly a swim-suit model and a bit of an actress. She was born on January 3, 1993, in Prague, Czech Republic. However, her family eventually moved to settle in the USA where she was raised in the US state of Vermont.

As a model, Tereza Kacerova uses Instagram as her major outlet. She has been noted for often making raunchy posts on the platform where she has over 136,000 followers at the time of this writing. Let us also remember that it was on Instagram that the model spilled details about her relationship with Avicii. Tereza has equally appeared on a number of swim-suit publications over the years. For instance, she graced a page of Surfing Magazine‘s 2015 swim-suit edition. She has equally appeared in Goose Magazine once.

Regarding her acting profession, Tereza has had a role in HBO’s comedy-drama Ballers. She also appeared in the American crime drama film Patriots Day and in the 2019 thriller film The Madness Within where she portrayed the role of ‘Monique’. She was also featured in the 2014 music video Maps by the American pop band Maroon 5.

Tereza Kacerova is a proud mother to a boy named Luka. Luka is a product of a relationship the model had prior to meeting Avicii. However, from Tereza’s social media tribute to the musician following his death, we know that he was well bonded with Luka, which seemed to be what Tereza missed most about him.

A Harry Potter fan of no mean degree, Tereza Kacerova said the reason she and Avicii kept their relationship secret was to prevent the public from meddling in their private affair. She, however, said that she had planned to make the relationship public once she got pregnant for Avicii. Unfortunately, she never realized this dream, not with Avicii at least.

Certain sources claim that Tereza is a college graduate from a Czech Republican University. But we have not been able to confirm how factual that information is.

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What Is Teresa Kacerova Doing Now?

Kacerova and Morten Breum
Tereza seems to have found an all-encompassing romance again with Morten Breum: Image source

After Avicii’s death in April 2018, Tereza Kacerova grieved a lot. She has penned tribute after tribute to him, which is always dripping with deep emotions. The summary of her tributes is that she missed her time with the superstar in a way that’s too deep for words. She also revealed how she has been trying to cope with the tragedy which includes delving into Transcendental Meditation, using psychotherapy, and trying to drown her sorrows with alcohol.

The model who has gone a long way to prove that she was Avicii’s girlfriend has also had to deal with internet trolls taunting her and blaming her for causing the DJ’s demise by not doing enough to prevent it since the cause of his death has been confirmed to be suicide. Anyway, the model now seems to be carrying on with her life.

So, what is Tereza Kacerova doing now? She still remains a swim-suit model, an occasional actress, and a mother to her son Luka. Almost every day, she shares her moments on her Instagram page with a photo or a video. And to be sure, she seems to have not forgotten her DJ late lover completely because, more than a year after he died, she still wrote about how his death has removed a ‘pink lens’ through which she once viewed the world. But then, she still posts her raunchy photos, still gushes over Luka and still manages to keep her smile.

The geo-location indicator on Tereza’s Instagram posts reveals that she probably resides in California: she keeps posting from different spots within The Golden State. Her Instagram posts reveal that she has found love again with a man named Morten Breum. As it turns out, she met the man about a year and two months after Avicii’s death. Some sources even claim that she is now married to Morten.

Tereza Kacerova has also been seen in at least one movie since she lost her former heart-throb. As we mentioned earlier, she was ‘Monique’ in the 2019 thriller The Madness Within.

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