Avicii Biography – Untold Truth About Life and Death of The Swedish DJ

The progressive house and electronic dance music scene will never be the same without Avicii. He was brilliant, creative, and absolutely skilled at what he does whether it was audio programming, record producing, songwriting, remixing, or DJ-ing. His urge to make music was ignited at a young age and he managed to rise to prominence in his early 20s, becoming one of the most adored and well-known artists in the industry. Avicii put out several hit songs that climbed to the top of music charts everywhere. His most notable singles include Waiting for Love, Levels, Wake Me Up, Hey Brother, Without You, The Days, Addicted to You, and The Nights.

The Grammy-nominated musician was simply one of the best in the world doing what he was doing. Everybody wanted to work with Avicii or see him perform, which is why the news of his death shattered people in ways they are still trying to piece together. No one was expecting him to die, especially at such a young age – he was only 28. Social media platforms actually shut down temporarily after his passing because of the sheer volume of posts that were talking about Avicii and grieving him. Here are the facts you should know about the amazing life and untimely death of the Swedish DJ.

The Biography of Avicii

Avicii was born Tim Bergling on September 8, 1989, in Stockholm, Sweden. He discovered his love for music at a tender age and began mixing sounds when he was 8. By the age of 16, he began releasing songs independently and quickly garnered a lot of attention, leading to him being signed by Dejfitts Plays in 2007.

Avicii kept refining his craft and soon became an excellent producer and DJ, with a unique deep house and electronic dance music style. By 2010, Avicii was on his way to superstardom thanks to all the original music and remixes he was putting out.

The prolific musician was one of four children born to his parents, Klas Bergling and Anki Liden. His mother was a well-to-do actress. Avicii had three siblings, two brothers named David Bergling and Anton Korberg, and a sister named Linda Stern.

His Meteoric Rise to Fame

Everything changed for Avicii after he dropped the single Levels in 2011. The song made it to the top ten in music charts across the world and helped make him known to mainstream audiences. He followed this up with the Grammy-nominated collab with David Guetta titled Sunshine. He continued earning recognition for himself by releasing remixes of popular songs alongside his own music. Avicii began headlining festivals and other events, including his own tours.

In 2013, Avicii released his debut album, True, which featured several best-selling singles such as Wake Me Up, Hey Brother, Addicted to You, Levels, and Lay Me Down. The album was met with effusive praise and commendation from fans and critics alike.

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The following year, the electro house maestro announced that work was already underway for his second album, Stories, which was eventually released in October 2015. It featured the singles The Days, Waiting for Love, Pure Grinding, and For a Better Day. Avicii collaborated with numerous prominent artists in the music industry including Lenny Kravitz, Coldplay, Rita Ora, Aloe Blacc, Madonna, Wyclef Jean, Jon Bon Jovi, System of a Down, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Sandro Cavazza, to name only a few.

He Struggled with Health Issues

Over the years, Avicii began dealing with complicated health issues caused and made worse by the intense stress he was under and his grueling tour schedule. He began drinking excessively to keep up with the demands of his fame and this led him to develop a painful condition known as acute pancreatitis. He was first diagnosed in 2012 and had to be hospitalized on several occasions.

The problems persisted even after he stopped drinking, forcing him to undergo surgery to have his appendix and gallbladder removed in 2014, and this came with its own problems. Avicii completely retired from touring in 2016 because he was worried he was going to drop dead if he continued devoting himself to that.

He Also Suffered Anxiety

Some people are not cut out for the life of a celebrity and Avicii was one of them. The fame, success, and wealth that came with his career made him feel alienated, terribly stressed, and anxious. A lot of the time, he would suffer major panic attacks before or after a show, and the whole exercise depleted him.

The Meaning Behind His Name

Avicii In one of his performances: Image Source

According to the award-winning musician, he chose the stage name Avicii as a matter of necessity because he was trying to sign up for MySpace and all the names he wanted were taken, including his real one. He chose “Avici”, a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to “the lowest level of hell” in English. He thought it was really cool and added an extra “i” to really set himself apart.

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Did He Cause His Death?

Avicii passed away on April 20, 2018, in Muscat, Oman. Two autopsies were conducted, which revealed there was no foul play involved in the icon’s death. However, no comments as to the real cause of his death were offered until May, when the publication, TMZ, reported that Avicii had committed suicide and died from exsanguination. He cut himself with a broken wine bottle and bled to death. Although he didn’t leave a note, it is believed that Avicii’s fragile mental state combined with the mounting pressure for him to resume touring contributed to his decision to take his own life.

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