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She may not be the most popular in her family but Avia Butler’s innate talents have established her as a star to watch out for. A natural entertainer, Avia who is best recognized as PrincessTard on the internet, apparently inherited her father’s genes and began vlogging as a toddler. The outgoing and sweet teen of the Shaytard clan has gradually warmed her way into the hearts of many over the years via YouTube. Read on to discover how the young internet star became a viral sensation and why her profile deserves special mention.

Avia Butler Bio

A native of Idaho, Avia Butler’s birthdate is May 4, 2005. She is the second of her parent’s five children. Avia has lived in different cities including California as her family moved around while growing up. A naturally gifted entertainer, Avia began exhibiting a flair for social media from her toddler years. For her educational background, there is no information readily available about Avia’s academic endeavors nor the schools she has attended. However, like most kids her age, the YouTube star is presumed to have gotten the conventional basic education.

Seemingly born for stardom, Avia Butler took after her parents and became fully involved as a vlogger from her toddler years. On the Shaytard’s YouTube channel which boasts of millions of subscribers, Avia is best recognized with the moniker PrincessTard. From comedy to food, fashion, art, and even religion, the Shaytards videos cut across various life issues while chronicling their everyday lives.

Just like her parents and brother, PrincessTard began posting captivating videos and quickly warmed her way into the hearts of many fans with her sweet and charming personality. Worthy of note is a 2015 video Forever Love With Danna Richards & Avia Butler. The video which featured the young star singing and playing the piano with her mom was a viral hit that has garnered over 10 million views on YouTube. The video is unarguably PrincessTard’s most successful vlogging effort to date.

Avia Butler became a viral sensation at a young age, establishing herself as a budding star in the entertainment world. The success she has already recorded on the internet is believed to be the pedestal she needs to take her to even greater fame in the creative industry.

Avia Butler’s Family

Avia Butler is a fruit which didn’t fall far from the tree. She is one of Shay Carl and Colette Katy Butler’s five children. Popularly called the Shaytards, Avia and her family members are no strangers to the spotlight. In this digital era, her father is considered one of the most successful YouTube entrepreneurs while the family as a whole is regarded as YouTube’s first family. As the oldest Shaytard daughter, it comes as no surprise that Avia’s social media talents came naturally. Her four siblings are Emmi, Gavin, Brock, and Daxton.

Avia Butler and family
Avia Butler and family: image source

PrincessTard may not be the most successful star in her family yet but given her father’s profile, it is only a matter of time before Shay Carl’s seeds begin to copiously yield fruits and eventually take the internet by storm. With the advantage of age and family success recorded so far, Avia Butler has undoubtedly established herself as a budding star!

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Facts About Shay Carl’s Daughter

1. Avia’s sweet name has a story behind it. The name was inspired by a baby her father once met while on a mission in Barbados.

2. Not many are aware that PrincessTard is a Mormon as her parents are proud and devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In many of their videos, the YouTube-famous family have shown their love for LDS while also spreading awareness of the church’s tenets to fans.

3. Avia Butler is a multi-talented young star. Besides her vlogging career and musical inclinations, it is uncommon knowledge that PrincessTard is very flexible and athletic. She is a passionate acrobat with impressive skills.

4. Like most young people her age, Avia has some stars she looks up to in the entertainment industry. She is in awe of Taylor Swift and considers the singer to be one of her top career inspirations.

5. PrincessTard and the Shaytards as a whole largely owe their success to the influence of social media. As earlier mentioned, their family YouTube channel boasts of no less than 5 million subscribers. For now, the young vlogger is inactive on other popular social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

6. Avia Butler is a teenager who is still in her formative years. Bearing in mind that she is gradually blossoming into a fine young lady, her body measurements are only temporary figures. Nonetheless, Avia currently stands at a height of 4 feet 11 inches and weighs about 55 kg.

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