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Audreyana Michelle is an American model who is taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm. Her hazel brown hair and eyes, glorious body, and striking facial features have made a staple around runways for several major brands such as LPA the Label, PacSun, PRISM Boutique, Glossier, Frankie’s Girl, Forever 21, and Tobi. Through hard work and dedication, she has established herself as one of the most sought after models in the business right now. The stunning star aspires to use her platform to encourage other up and coming models to keep pursuing their dreams until they find the right agency that will bring them the world.

Asides from the fame she has accrued from her modeling career, Audreyana is also a social media celebrity with over 800,000 followers on Instagram. Her following is increasing with every passing day as lots of people admire her brand, personal style, and want to be able to see her living her life. Her meteoric ascent into the spotlight came after she was spotted hiking with the famous pop singer, Justin Beiber. After the pictures hit the internet, everyone went into a craze trying to find out who the gorgeous brunette was. Since then, Audreyana’s fame has grown by leaps and bounds and will only continue to rise as she expands her social circle and keeps advancing in her career.

Audreyana Michelle Bio

Audreyana Michelle was born on April 13, 1999, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. From a young age, she became interested in fashion and beauty; she desired to have a career that somehow combined these elements with her love for photography, so it was only natural that she gravitated towards modeling.

Although she shared a lot of pictures from personal shoots on her social media accounts and quickly cultivated a large following, Audreyana’s career didn’t really begin until 2016 when her mother submitted her portfolio containing polaroids, headshots, and other images of her to a modeling agency which immediately snapped her up. With an agency behind her, she made her runway debut and began to appear in editorials, magazine covers, brand campaigns, and commercials. She has strutted the catwalk for many known and emerging brands, while also posing for several others including LF, Glossier, LPA the label, Forever 21, and PacSun.

The stunning brunette has caught the eye of various top-level modeling agencies, some of which have already begun representing her. Despite having only spent a few years in the industry, Audreyana Michelle has signed with prestigious agencies such as Next Miami, Freedom Models, Arizona Agency, and Premier London. With every passing year, she keeps closing deals and landing major modeling gigs. She has been featured in several interviews and keen observers of the industry have labeled her one of the models who will dominate the future.

Her Family

People often wonder about Audreyana’s family because the model has not been very forthcoming about her personal life. However, it is nos secret that her mother is named Stephanie. She was raised by her loving and supportive mother along with the rest of her siblings whose names are unknown. There hasn’t been any mention of her father either, so it’s hard to say who he is or what happened to him. One thing we know is that the model comes from a family with mixed ethnic origins which include white, African American, and Native American progenitors. Audreyana Michelle’s complex ethnicity has contributed to her unusual and striking beauty.

Audreyana Michelle’s Body Measurements

No one can deny that Audreyama Michelle is magnificent to behold. The model has a height of 169 cm (5 feet 7 inches), but she stands well over 6 feet when wearing heels. As for her weight, she drifts around 105 lbs (48 kg). Her body measurements are 30-23-35 inches for bust, waist, and hips respectively.

Facts About the Model

1. The picture she took with Bieber went viral

Audreyana Michelle and Justinn Bieber
Audreyana Michelle and Justin Bieber: Image Source

In just 16 hours after it was uploaded on Beiber’s Instagram page, their picture received over two million likes, which led to a lot of speculation as to who she is and her relationship with the pop star.

2. Audreyama has modeled for several Kardashian/Jenner brands

The Kardashian/Jenners are one of the biggest stakeholders in the fashion and beauty industry and getting to represent their brand is no small honor or feat. Audreyana Michelle has posed for Khloe Kardashian’s jeans line, Good American, as well as Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics line.

3. She is a girl-next-door type of person

Audreyana has described herself in interviews as a considerate, fun, and outgoing person. She loves spending time with her friends and just being goofy. She also loves listening to Spanish music.

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