Audrey Murdick, Jeff Dunham’s Wife – Truth About The Actress

Ventriloquists might seem silly enough to elicit mockery on those who look at them but it is a comedy style that has made Jeff Dunham into a multi-millionaire and a very notable personality in Hollywood. As a result of this, people in his personal life have also become famous by their association with him, like his wife, Audrey Murdick.

Although it is her relationship with Jeff Dunham that has made her into a public personality, Audrey Murdick has had active careers as a bodybuilder, a nutritionist, and an actress. The multiplicity in career paths has made Audrey one of the more interesting celebrity spouses in Hollywood and we took a closer look at who she is below. Read on to learn more.

Audrey Murdick’s Biography & Age

Born to Steve Murdick and Sally Murdick on the 29th of August, 1980 in California, Audrey Murdick has so far, had a life that has spanned across different careers and a lifelong quest to achieve and maintain a perfect body.

Much cannot be said about her background, with several details about her background currently unknown, including the existence of any sibling, but we that know as a teenager, Audrey Murdick was well invested in achieving a perfect and healthy body, an interest that eventually drove her to bodybuilding and studying nutrition academically.

Her bodybuilding phase saw her compete in various bodybuilding competitions and as she gained exposure in her local fitness circuit, she incorporated her knowledge of nutrition to maintain a healthy body as she phased herself out of active bodybuilding.

Apart from establishing a successful career in the body fitness and wellness industry, she has also made appearances on screen as an actress. Her solitary appearance was for a short film in 2005, The Thieves Guild where she played the character, Cassandra.

She has also developed a bit of reputation as a host, having hosted Incredible Edible America in 2017. She has also made further appearances on other shows like Home & Family, Extra and Jeff Dunham: Birth of a Dummy.

While Audrey Murdick has a more low-key career, her husband, Jeff Dunham, on the other hand, has appeared on several television shows, late night shows, and has released multiple comedy specials through media organizations like Comedy Central and Netflix. He is also a traveling comedian who has performed over 500 shows over the course of his career, including a singular tour where he performed in a total of 386 venues across America and other parts of the world.

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Who Are Jeff Dunham’s Family? 

Audrey Murdick
Audrey Murdick and her husband, Jeff Dunham

Audrey Murdick wouldn’t be the first woman to call herself the wife of Jeff Dunham but it appears she will be the last. Before her, was Paige Brown, a woman Jeff Dunham was married to between 1994 and 2008.

A year after his first marriage ended, Audrey Murdick and Jeff Dunham started a relationship that grew well into a marriage in 2012. The wedding, which came barely a year after they got engaged in December 2011 on the 12th of October, 2012, was held at Santa Ynez in California.

Since 2012, Audrey Murdick and Jeff Dunham have been living an absolutely blessed life that has featured the birth of two children – twin boys Jack Steven Dunham and James Jeffrey Dunham who were born on the 11th of October, 2015, a day shy of the couple’s third year anniversary.

While the children are Audrey Murdick’s only biological children so far, Jeff Dunham has three children from his previous marriage, with two of them being his biological children with the other being an adopted child from his ex-wife’s previous relationship.

What Is His Height?

As a former bodybuilder and nutritionist, it goes without saying that Audrey Murdick is very mindful of what goes into her body and she goes to great lengths to maintain a fit and energetic body. The effect of her watchfulness can be seen in her body, which has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and an accompanying weight of 49.4 kg.

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Other Facts About Audrey Murdick

  1. Via the Instagram handle, @audreydunham, Audrey Murdick has a strong social media presence. She is also on Facebook via Audrey E Dunham.
  2. She reportedly has a net worth of $1 million while her husband, who is the third highest paid comedian in America, is worth an estimated $60 million.
  3. She has appeared in a couple of specials of her husband, Jeff Dunham.
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