Cool Facts About Who Audra Martin Is, Her Net Worth and Marital Status

When it comes to people who have a strong on-screen presence and unique knowledge of sports journalism, the personality of Audra Martin takes a reputable position. The American TV anchor is best known for her role with Fox Corporation’s pay television channel, Fox Sports, where her work speaks for her in a department dominated by men.

Audra is famous for her wide coverage of stories related to the Minnesota-based teams; the Twins, Timberwolves, and Wild. The charm and glamour which she brings while reporting on these teams is part of the reasons she is much loved by her fans. Her increasing popularity has further given rise to many questions about her career and personal life and we have all the answers.

Audra Martin Before Her Life On Screen

Audra Martin is a Chicago native who was born in September 1990. The exact day she was born has not been revealed. More so, details of the TV anchor’s early life are not known, as well as the identity of her parents and siblings. However, we are able to gather that she grew up with her parents and a sister. There are also reports that she has a very close relationship with members of her family, particularly her nephew who’s fond of calling her ‘Bug’.

While information about her high school cannot be found, reports have it that the sports news anchor earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Criminal Justice from the prestigious University of Central Florida. Her interest in sports began in her childhood, long before her college days. At that time, she became a fan of baseball thanks to her late grandmother. Her granny died in 2011 but the seed she sowed in her is still bearing fruits in her career.

As a high school student, Audra Martin played volleyball and softball as she also took part in the cheerleading activities. The young girl also had a huge interest in music as she played two instruments; the violin and cello. When she was about three years of age, she was already playing the violin and by the time she turned twelve, she began singing. Audra was reported to have been so talented that she got the opportunity to perform the national anthem at a WNBA game in 2009. Nevertheless, her career path took a different turn after college.

Her Career Exploits As A Professional Sports Journalist

Audra Martin
Audra interviews a player for Fox Sports

Audra Martin began her professional career soon after graduating from college where, as mentioned above, she bagged a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Criminal Justice. The criminal justice part was supposed to serve as her Plan B if journalism did not work out. Her first work as an expert was at the Huntsville, Alabama-based TV station, WAAY-TV, where she reported for the Atlanta Thrashers. She also worked with the Atlanta Braves Organization. After a while, she got a new job at the Nashville-based television station, WKRN-TV, where she was a sideline reporter and sports anchor for the Tennessee Titans.

After some years of experience in the various TV stations aforementioned and more, Audra made a huge breakthrough in her career after she was hired by Fox Sports to serve as its permanent host. She replaced the Minnesota-based news anchor Jamie Hersch, who moved to the NHL Network. Audra officially started working with the television station in October 2015.

How Much Is Audra Martin Worth?

Audra’s job with Fox Sports, which began in 2015, is unarguably the biggest in her career so far. Having done a good job in the position thus far, she has been able to make a good living. While her net worth is yet to be established, although some sources estimate it to be around $1 million, the journalist is known to take home an annual salary of $63,000.00.

Audra has been able to afford herself a good life as a result of her earnings and is expected to earn more in the future if she keeps a stable form in her career life. The Chicago native also has a lot of years ahead of her so the sky appears to be the limit.

What We Know About Her Love Life

One question people are curious to find out about Audra Martin is the one that relates to her personal life and relationship status. Sadly, the famous American journalist has maintained a very private life which makes it quite difficult to know who she has been dating.

However, from our findings, we can easily conclude that Audra Martin is still single and has not been previously married. There are also no records of anyone she tags as her boyfriend on any of her social media handles. Perhaps the journalist is still busy building her career or she is keeping her private life away from the prying eyes of the public.

Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Audra Martin

Amid the dearth of information about the Chicago-born TV personality, we gathered a few more facts you might find interesting.

Audra Martin Was a Beauty Queen

While in college studying for her degree, Audra participated in her school’s beauty contest and was crowned the Miss University of Central Florida. She apparently did not fancy a career in modeling because she did not take further steps towards it.

She Has Been Recognised For Her Charitable Works

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society had in 2015, nominated her for the “Woman of the Year” Award. This nomination came as she was instrumental in raising funds to support the fight against blood cancer.

Why She Chose Criminal Justice

Audra decided to study Criminal Justice mainly because she longed to become a police officer. She was, however, unable to reach that goal and so she took up journalism where she has been quite successful.

Social Media Presence

Audra Martin has a strong presence on social media platforms with massive followers. On Instagram, she has over 9k followers while on Twitter and Facebook she is followed by thousands of fans as well. Audra strongly supports Jeff’s Law which opposes any form of fights and social media bullying.

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