Aubrey Plaza Has Been A Long-term Girlfriend Of Jeff Baena – Inside Their Relationship

If there is one thing that Hollywood is notorious for, it is the short lifespan of its power couples. Over and time again, we have seen two celebrities fall madly in love with each other, throw lavish wedding parties and promise to stay together forever, only for the whole charade to come crashing within a few years, weeks or days. In some cases, such unions even shattered in a space of mere hours, for instance, the marriage between Britney Spears and Jason Alexander infamously lasted for just 55 hours.

Given such antecedents, many people have become wary of such Hollywood unions. The fact, however, remains that there are still some long-lasting couples in the industry and one of those who make a good example of this is Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena. Even though the actress and filmmaker respectively, have never formalized their vows, they have been together for nearly a decade and are still going strong. They have also built a union that is free from rumours and scandals and even collaborated professionally.

Meet Aubrey Plaza’s Boyfriend – Jeff Baena

Before we unveil the highlights of the couple’s relationship, it is only fair that we get the load down on whom the actress is dating. The Parks and Recreation star is in a relationship with filmmaker, writer, and producer, Jeff Baena.

Born in Miami, Florida on the 29th of June 1977, Baena grew up in South Florida and studied film at New York University. Upon his graduation, he relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of his career and became a production assistant for Robert Zemeckis. Jeff later sought a job with David O. Russell and luckily, he was hired as his assistant editor. Sadly, one year and six months later, he got involved in an accident which nearly cost him one of his eyes.

Following the depression that Jeff suffered as a result of the accident, which made him unable to go to work, Russell decided to help keep his spirit up by discussing scripts with him. This singular action brought them close and gave rise to four scripts that they collaborated on. One of these four scripts later metamorphosed into the highly-successful indie comedy, I Heart Huckabees, in 2004.

Early Days Of The Couple’s Relationship

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena commenced their relationship in the year 2011. Prior to the romance, the actress had dated actor, Michael Cera. She and Cera crossed paths whilst shooting the action comedy film, Scott Pilgrim V. The World, in Canada, in 2009. They took to each other immediately and after filming, made their way together back to the United States.

In the states, the smitten pair embarked on a cross-country trip, touching places such as Chicago and Los Angeles. They even stopped over in Las Vegas and wanted to tie the knot but ultimately decided against it. That decision turned out to be the right one as they broke up a year and a half later.

Following that breakup, Aubrey Plaza moved on with her life and focused on her work on Parks and Recreation, where she portrayed the acerbic but witty college intern, April Ludgate. Her character was quite popular with fans of the show and she had much to cheer about. Her happiness further increased after she began dating Jeff Baena.

It is not known how or where or exactly the couple met. It is however known that their relationship started in 2011 and they have been together ever since. They have largely kept their romance out of the spotlight and are not one to flaunt their love in public. They, however, send each other occasional birthday shout outs on Instagram and do joint interviews about their collaborative efforts. Plaza has meanwhile revealed that their relationship is casual and adorable and that they understand each other on several levels, especially creativity.

Who Is Aubrey Plaza Dating
Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena: Image Source

They Have Perfectly Mixed Business With Pleasure

Over time, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena have become one of the most fascinating power couples in Hollywood and this is because of how well they have managed to blend their romantic relationship with a business partnership. Couples are often warned to separate their professional and personal lives because this is a mixture that is guaranteed to bring friction but the case is different for Plaza and Baena as they have collaborated successfully on several occasions. These collaborations have even served to improve their relationship because the fact that they work in the same field means that they deeply understand what each is dealing with and as such, can provide the right support.

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Working together nevertheless comes with some challenges but Plaza and her man have been able to navigate through this by striking a proper balance by knowing when to work together and when to do solo projects. Another important tool that has come in quite handy is that they respect each other. In an interview with IndieWire, Jeff revealed that he never presupposes to know the direction that his girl should go but only gives his opinion when asked for it

Such a level-headed attitude has led to the pair collaborating on three projects starting with the 2014 horror-comedy, Life After Beth. Baena wrote the script and also directed the film while Plaza portrayed the lead role of Beth, a young girl who comes back from the dead and makes her former boyfriend’s life miserable. Jeff Baena initially wrote the script for Life After Beth back in the early 2000s but shelved it for a very long time as he thought it wasn’t good enough. Plaza later discovered it and urged him to make a movie out of it and that film ended up marking his directorial debut.

Collaborations on Joshy and The Little Hours

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena
Plaza (R) on the set of The Little Hours Image Source

Following the success of Life After Beth, Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena gave themselves a two-year break before working together once more on the 2016 film, Joshy. Joshy revolves around a bunch of friends who plan a wild stag party to get their bereaved friend out of a funk. Just like before, Plaza featured in Joshy while her man wrote and directed the film. This second effort by the couple was even more successful as the film received positive reviews from critics, as well as a high rating of 81% on rotten tomatoes and 61 on Metacritic.

Plaza and Baena’s latest project is 2017’s The Little Hours. This is a medieval black comedy about three nuns who hatch a plan to fornicate with a gardener who is pretending to be a deaf-mute. Unbeknownst to them, he can hear perfectly and ran to the convent to escape punishment for sleeping with another man’s wife. Jeff wrote and directed the film while Plaza portrayed one of the promiscuous nuns named sister Fernanda. She also served as a producer and their efforts were rewarded as the film did well at the box office, grossing about $1.6 million worldwide.

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Will Wedding Bells Be Chiming Soon For Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Baena?

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff have been together for nearly a decade now and fans have naturally wondered if they would ever formalize their union. The couple has however kept mute on this topic and also avoided the issue of having kids. There may not be any profound reason behind such a stance. It may just simply be a case of two free-spirited individuals who don’t conform to social norms.

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena
Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena walking their dogs in L. A. Image Source

Meanwhile, the couple is satisfied and fulfilled with the way things are and are living life to the fullest. They currently share a home in the Los Feliz neighbourhood of Los Angeles and have two adorable dogs which they often show off on their social media accounts.

They spend their evenings hosting friends, as well as playing games such as Settlers of Catan or Battlestar Galactica. They are also frequently spotted out and about; either on shopping runs, dog walking, or strolls.


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