Who Is Atz Lee And Does He Have Children, What Happened To His First Wife?

Atz Lee is an American reality TV star who is well known around the United States for his appearances on the popular television series Alaska: The Last Frontier which airs on Discovery Channel. If you have heard about the series, then you must have heard of Atz Lee. He is popular because fans admire his agility and sole reliance on his survival skills to make adequate provision for the needs of his family.

Although, he is a star in his own right, it is noteworthy that Atz was also born into a famous family whose members are all doing well for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Atz Lee?

Atz Lee whose full name is Atz Lee Kilcher, was born on the 26th of August, 1977 in Alaska. He was born to popular parents; his father is Atz Kilcher, a popular TV host and his mother is Lenedra Carroll, a popular American singer, and writer. Atz has two siblings with whom he grew up in Alaska; an elder brother called Shane Kilcher, who is now a popular TV star and an elder sister, Jewel Kilcher who is now an award-winning singer in America.

Not much is known about where Atz had his education but we do know that while growing up he took interest in music. Music, itself, is something which runs in the Kilcher family considering that his mother, Lenedra and his sister, Jewel are all professional musicians. Atz played the guitar around the house while growing up and tried his hands on music but he did not go as far as making it a profession like his sister and mother.

Atz and his family live in the isolated community of Homer in Alaska in a 600-acre homestead. The entire family features in the television series Alaska: The Last Frontier and Americans watch them as they about their day to day activities. Born into that setting, Atz easily became popular while featuring in the series.

Having lived with his family in their remote community in Alaska all his life, Atz Lee’s love for music once made him abandon home for some time to seek for a bigger and better life in the more modernized parts of America. The music enthusiast roamed the United States playing on stage and making friends. However, he soon decided to return home to Alaska where his family has lived for generations and has remained there ever since. He now features prominently on Alaska: The Last Frontier. His fan-base has increased as his survival instincts and skills catch the attention of viewers.

What Happened To His First Wife?

Atz Lee
Atz Lee and his wife, Jane

Atz Lee got married to his wife, Jane, in 2005. Before meeting her husband, Jane used to live not too far away from the Kilcher Homestead in Homer. At the time, she had already established a successful fish-selling business and was doing quite well. She also loved music; in fact, it was her love for music that attracted her to Atz and they connected quickly. They dated for several years before tying the knot in 2005.

After getting married to Atz, Jane left her fishing business and moved to the Kilcher homestead to be with her husband and started to feature on the Alaska: The Last Frontier show. Jane’s arrival to the Kilcher family happens to be a blessing to them; this is because her knowledge of fishing helped them a lot. Each late spring, she would set to provide them with enough fish that will sufficiently keep them going through the long winters when it is too cold to dabble with the waters.

Atz Lee and Jane are still married today despite rumors that they had separated. In 2017, rumors began to spread that the couple were having issues and that Jane was just Atz Lee’s ‘bed warmer’ who is not loved. However, these rumors were put to rest when Jane took to her Facebook page to address the matter. She explained that her husband is a very loving man and that they are still together.

They Don’t Have Children From Their Current Marriage

While the couple has no children together, but they do have two children – a son is called Etienne and a daughter named Piper, from previous marriages. You’d be surprised to hear that their marriage to each other is not their first marriage. Jane was previously married to a man named Dicran Kassouni, with whom she had Piper. But after several years of marriage, Jane and Dircan got divorced.

Atz Lee’s first wife was Nantia Krisintu; a then-graduate student of the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Together, they had a son – Etienne. There is no news on why Atz and Nantia separated except the fact that their relationship simply did not work out. Nantia currently works at her alma mater, the University of Alaska.

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