Riveting Details of Atz Kilcher’s Life Achievements, Net Worth and Large Family

If you are well acquainted with the Discovery Channel series titled Alaska: The Last Frontier, you would certainly know Atz Kilcher and his family. While many people who want to be celebrities do so by going all the way to Hollywood to launch a career, Atz and his family have become TV sensations by staying in their homestead in Alaska where the popular TV series they feature in documents how their family is surviving in harsh weather conditions without plumbing or modern heating. The Kilcher family has garnered much fame as many people follow their intriguing lifestyle that includes fishing, hunting, farming as well as cattle rearing.

Being the eldest person in his family, Atz Kilcher has garnered more attention than anyone else as he considers himself to be the protector of his clan. As a result of this, he teaches others survival skills and manages his family’s homestead efficiently. He has obviously done very well for himself ever since Alaska: The Last Frontiers began airing on TV as he has gone ahead to try his hands at writing a book.

A Delve Into the Life Achievements of Atz Kilcher

Before we unfold what the renowned American television personality has been able to achieve over the years, it is worthy to note that in contrast to his current fame, Atz Kilcher came from a humble background. His parents were Switzerland immigrants who later found shelter in Alaska during World War II. Things, however, later began to change for his family when his father Yule served in the Alaska Senate and was later appointed as a part of the delegates to write the Alaskan constitution. Atz’s mother Ruth Weber, on the other hand, is a poet and writer noted for her work with Anchorage Daily News.

Whatever education Atz was able to acquire came from his mother who homeschooled him alongside his siblings. This education was far from being formal as it consisted of survival lessons and music tutorials. This made Atz fall in love with music and as a result, he became a popular figure while performing at different bars in Alaska.

Atz’s father produced a documentary titled A Pioneer Family in Alaska during the 1950s. The documentary gives an insight into what life is like on a homestead. Being the eldest of his siblings, Atz learned the rudiments of homesteading from his father and this marked the beginning of his success in managing a homestead.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Atz Kilcher came up with the reality series Alaska: The Last Frontier which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show tends to bring to the limelight what life is like without the use of modern amenities and it commenced airing in 2011. The series also has a family-theme as it revolves around Atz and his brother Otto who happen to be the main stars of the show. The pair have six sisters, some of who are still living in the homestead to date.

Interestingly, the Kilcher family has developed the homestead into a world-class tourism center. Visitors from different parts of the world take trips to the homestead every year and their stay is fun-filled as their hosts organize art and music workshops. They also have homestead games like cooking and music competitions that keep visitors entertained.

Other than his work in the homestead and on the TV show, Atz Kilcher is also an acclaimed author whose book, Son of a Midnight Land: A Memoir in Stories, has received a lot of good reviews. The book was praised for the precise manner in which Atz captures his childhood experiences. It also showcased the different phases he went through in his life, going on new paths that included trying to be a cowboy and an athlete before starting his own family.

How Atz Kilcher’s Makes and Spends His Money 

It is no surprise that Atz Kilcher and his family members are a set of talented and creative people. His ability to turn their homestead into a world-class tourist destination has not just brought fame to him but also huge wealth. While his annual salary from his television show is currently not known, Kilcher’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, as of 2020.

In addition to what he earns from his show, Atz’s writing is another source of income. With the huge success of his book, the reality star’s net worth is expected to increase tremendously in the coming years. More so, since he does not live a luxurious life, and only mostly spends his money to keep his homestead in good shape among other things, the TV star should have a good sum stashed away when he eventually retires from his show.

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The Kilcher Clan is Noted for its Enormous Size

atz kilcher
Kilcher’s family at the homestead

Atz Kilcher has been married a few times. His first marriage was to Lenedra J. Caroll who he reportedly wed sometime in the 60s although no detailed information has been published about their union. However, it is known that they had three children; Shane Kilcher, Atz Lee Kilcher, and pop singer Jewel Kilcher. The couple divorced in 1982 and Atz managed to raise his kids on the homestead after Lenedra left.

It was gathered that sometime in his son Atz Lee’s life, he decided to leave home in pursuit of a music career like his sister, Jewel. Unfortunately, his attempt was futile and he headed back to the homestead where he is living happily and free. Jewel, on the other hand, has been making waves in the music industry. She launched her debut album in 1995 and has gone ahead to release several other albums over the years that have been well received.

Apart from Lenedra, Atz Kilcher has also been linked to two other women; Linda who bore him Nikos Kilcher, and Bonnie Dupree who later became his wife. Not much is known about his relationship with Linda apart from the fact that that their dalliance produced his fourth child.

In regard to his current wife Bonnie, it was gathered that she was on a visit to Alaska from her hometown of New York when she crossed paths with Atz and subsequently agreed to be his wife. It is also known that Bonnie has been married before and shares two children with her first husband. However, unlike Atz, her union did not end in divorce. It only came to an end following the death of her former husband.

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