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The internet is a platform that can help just about anyone with the talent to excel. It is no respecter of persons and age, it only respects talent and the likes of Asmr Darling has made it to the top ladder through her display of great talent in vlogs and ASMR contents. As an ASMR youtube personality, Darling has her own unique audience who find her content medicinal and entertaining. ASMR means an “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is an experience that signifies a subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” which is characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”.

Through ASMR videos, Darling triggers that ‘tingly’ feeling that helps her audience to relax or fall asleep. Her activities on her Youtube channel has not only earned her massive followership but huge financial background as well. Let’s find out more about the YouTube star.

Asmr Darling Biography, Real Name and Age

Best known as ASMR Darling, the YouTuber’s real name is Taylor Darling. She was born on May 14, 1997, in the southeasternmost U.S. state of Florida. Darling falls among the many young Americans who had an amazing experience while growing up. She was passionate and actively involved in everything sports and entertainment ranging from soccer, tennis, volleyball and even the performing arts but she barely knew of the talent which now makes her famous among top creative YouTubers of all time. ASMR Darling has two siblings – a sister and a brother Jeffy who she often features in her YouTube videos.

There are different versions as regards Darling’s first ASMR experience but what remains a fact is that it all started while she was still in high school. According to some reports, Darling felt a pleasant sensation for the first time when her classmate was drawing a picture. The reports say she felt a tingling sensation at the back of her head when she was watching her classmate draw and her inquisitiveness led to her discovery of the term autonomous sensory meridian response.

Another account has it that the American YouTube star came in contact with ASMR in her bid to find a solution to her sleeplessness and lack of rest and after discovering and realising the potentials of ASMR, she then decided to let millions of people in her shoes know and benefit from its soothing effect. Darling launched her second YouTube channel, Darling, where she posts various entertaining videos. The channel, like her first, also has a massive number of followers.

With much support from her parents, ASMR Darling created her own YouTube channel on December 10, 2014, and started making and posting ASMR video contents. Her first video, however, was posted in March 2016 – about two years after her channel was created. Nevertheless, it gained massive followers as many find her videos interesting and useful.

 Her Net Worth

With over two million subscribers on her ASMR channel, Darling is not only one of the first female ASMR YouTubers to receive more than a million subscribers, but also among the top female YouTubers with the most viewed video. ASMR Darling has about 2.2 million subscribers, making it the second most subscribed for an ASMR Channel. The channel has its video, ASMR 10 Triggers to Help You Sleep, viewed 29 Million times, giving it an estimated earning of $68.9K monthly and $ $827.3K annually.

As a vlogger, ASMR Darling also earns quite a huge sum from her second channel. One of her videos titled My First Vlog and Reacting to the Punisher Trailer, earned her quite a lot as it was popular all over the US and, gaining over 200 subscribers. Aside from her earnings from vlogging, Darling also earns quite big from the online store she named ‘ASMR Darling Store’. The online store deals on clothing items like T-shirts. Even though she is yet to reveal how much she has as net worth, we believe that the internet star has enough to take care of her bills.

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ASMR Darling’s Boyfriend

ASMR Darling
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The famous YouTube star made news headline online when in 2017, the 5 Feet 3 Inches tall white American was involved in a drama with her ex-boyfriend named Matthew. Her fellow YouTube star, BYRD News, on 11 May 2017, revealed that Mathew hacked into Darling’s vlog video and appeared in several of them. It is known that he also uploaded creepy videos on ASMR’s channel.

BYRD’s revelation led to a huge argument between Darling and Mathew although Darling later deleted all her conversation with the latter. Since then, the beauty has remained mute about her love life until recently, on her Twitter handle on August 2018, she talked about herself being helpless and hopeless when it comes to matters of the heart. As of 2018, ASMR Darling is still single, focusing more on making it big in her online businesses.

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