Unusual Facts That Tell The Life Story Of Ashley Burgos And How She Became Famous

She may not be the most famous in her family yet, but Ashley Burgos is working hard to carve a niche for herself – mostly on social media. A fruit that did not fall far from the tree, Ashley took after her famous and gorgeous mother as both women share a lot more in common. Just like her mum, she craved for a life in front of the camera, walking and working for different fashion brands. The young Ashley equally added business to her career, further emphasizing the saying about the fruit and tree. Explore interesting facts you never knew about the Instagram star and businesswoman in the following paragraphs.

What We Know About Ashley Burgos’ Background 

Ashley Marie Burgos was born on the 9th of May, 1996 in New York, United States of America. Though an American by birth, the New York native has Puerto Rican heritage – as does the rest of the family. There is no information readily available about her early life and educational endeavors, but it is believed that the model had a conventional basic education.

When Ashley Burgos came to the limelight, rumors ran rife that the daughter of Bernice Burgos had a rough life. Her mum was just fifteen when she was born and refused point-blank to disclose the identity of the man who was responsible for the pregnancy. However, tit-bits of information filtered out that the father of Bernice’s baby was a then 19-year- old boy incarcerated in prison. On her own Part, Ashley’s mum affirmed that she never regretted having her daughter for one day and that she (her daughter) is among the people who are most precious to her.

How Her Family Influenced Her Journey to Fame

Ashley Burgos is a model and video vixen and has millions of followers on her Instagram account. Off social media, Ashley has featured in various hit music videos and popular magazine covers. Apart from following her mum’s path in modeling and as a social media influencer, The daughter or Bernice Burgos has also become a businesswoman. In collaboration with her mum, she launched a sleepwear brand known as “Bold Beautiful”. The main purpose of the brand is to equip women who want to be comfortable and pretty in their sleep wears with cute cloths.

The duo hatched the idea after they learned that there is a demand for a sleepwear line that can make women of all sizes, shapes, and age look beautiful. More interesting is the fact that both mother and daughter are undertaking the designing aspect themselves; thus, stepping right into the fashion designing territory.

She’s Followed in her Mothers’ Footsteps

Ashley and Bernice Burgos
Ashley (left) and Bernice Burgos – image source

Ashley Marie is a fruit that did not fall far from the tree, as she followed a career that has made her a true daughter of her mother. Her mother’s name is Bernice Burgos and she is her first daughter. There is little or nothing known about Ashley’s father, but it is no secret that she is the daughter Bernice had as a teenager.

Ashley’s father whose identity has not been disclosed was slightly older and still a young adult at the time. Ashley Burgos stopped being an only child at age ten when her younger sister Sarai Burgos was welcomed in 2006. Like in the case of her first daughter, Bernice has also not disclosed the identity of Sarai’s father.

What is Ashley Burgos’ Net Worth?

Ashley apparently took after Bernice and has also carved a niche for herself as a popular Instagram model where she reportedly earns $500 for each sponsored post. While she may not be as famous as her mother yet, Ashley can boast of a strong fan base on other popular social networking sites including Snapchat. Besides, she functions as her mum’s marketing manager and brand promoter for Bold and Beautiful.

Apart from these, there is nothing else known about Ashley Marie’s other sources of income. More so, her current salary/earnings have not been disclosed. But the young model is presumed to have amassed a decent fortune from her endeavors so far. She has a net worth currently pegged around $500,000.

Other Interesting Facts About the Instagram Model

• She is an independent person

Though her mum is a celebrated model, businesswoman, and influencer, Ashley has never been one to rest on the laurels of her parents. She is an independent girl who has been diligent at work in a bid to create a niche for herself in the world of modeling.

• Facts about Her Mum

Her mother Bernice Burgos was born in Bronx, New York on the 17th of April 1980 and became a model at the tender age of 15. Bernice spent her formative years in Spanish Harlem with her Puerto Rican parents.

• Ashley became a mother at 21

As earlier mentioned, Ashley Burgos and her mother share a lot in common. Like Bernice, Ashley also became a mother at a young age, although hers was not as a teenager. At age 21, Ashley Marie welcomed a daughter India Ava in February 2018, which by implication made Bernice a very young grandmom at the age of 38.

• Her Baby Daddy is a Music Executive

Ashley’s baby daddy is a businessman named Sambou “Bubba” Camara. He is best recognized as a music executive and the CEO of music label HighBridge The Label (HBTL). There is a dearth of information about Ashley and Camara’s relationship, but it is believed that the pair dated for a while before their daughter India was born.

• Camara Allegedly left his wife for Ashley

The pair have been quite discreet about their romance, thus leaving the media with mostly speculations. Unconfirmed sources allege that Camara was previously married but left his wife for Ashley. More so, the lovebirds were speculated to have broken up after their daughter’s birth but later rekindled their flame. Given the secrecy shrouding their romance, it remains uncertain if Ashley and Camara are still an item. Ashley prefers to keep details of her personal life under the radar, thus there is little or no information readily available about her past relationships.

• Camara is a Hands-on Dad

However, going by his Instagram posts, it is safe to say Camara is not a feckless father but is actively involved in his daughter’s life. He was conspicuously present at Ashley’s baby shower and does not hesitate to flaunt pictures of himself and India together on his Instagram account.

• Her Height and Other Body Statistics

Ashley Marie Burgos may not be as attractive as her mother, but she’s also got killer curves. The young model stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her weight has not been disclosed, but her body measurements are captured as 35-24-38. The dark-haired brown-eyed American is a sight to behold.

• Ashley’s Cosmetic Enhancements

Burgos’ curvaceous figure did not come naturally. The aesthetically pleasing model has been under the knife and has admitted to surgically enhancing her butt.

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