Who Is LaMelo Ball’s Ex-Girlfriend Ashley Alvano?

Being in a serious relationship with a famous person is a sure-fire way of also becoming a popular person yourself. The more the world turns their attention on your famous partner, the more your name gets mentioned especially if you are always seen with them. This is the case of Ashley Alvano, an American woman who shot into fame when she got into a serious relationship with LaMelo Ball, a popular American basketball player.

Ashley Alvano and LaMelo Ball’s relationship was high-profile and very well talked about especially because it was quite short-lived. Fans of the basketball player asked many questions many of which were directed at why the couple separated despite being so much in love previously. Here, you will find out all there is to know about her.

Biography of Ashley Alvano 

Ashley Alvano was born on the 21st of December, 2000 in California, USA. Details about where she grew up and what she did while growing up, have not been revealed. This is mainly because she has not spoken much about this aspect of her life. Unlike LaMelo whose childhood details are all over the internet, the same cannot be said about Ashley Alvano.

There are no details to prove whether or not Ashley Alvano had high school or college education. It is believed, however, that she has had some formal education considering the fact that she speaks well and writes fine too on social media.

It has not been confirmed if Ashley Alvano has any siblings with whom she grew up together or she is an only child of her parents.

Family Life of LaMelo Ball’s Ex-Girlfriend

Ashley Alvano is glamorous and loves to show off herself on social media in the many pictures and videos she shares online. However, she is noticeably quiet about her family members and her relationships with them.

At the moment, it not known if she is cordial with her parents and other family members. She, however, used to be cool with the girlfriends of her ex-boyfriend brothers. This was quite an indication that she was close to LaMelo’s family and usually hung out with his family members and those associated with them.

How the world knew she was dating LaMelo Ball

Before they were officially revealed to be dating, LaMelo Ball’s fans were already suspecting that he was in love with Ashley Alvano. This was because he was always posting her pictures on his social media pages. The fans didn’t have to wait too long for confirmation though because LaMelo soon made it official.

LaMelo Ball’s family have a web TV series which they feature in. The web series is called Ball Ball in the Family. It was during one of the episodes of Ball in the Family that LaMelo officially revealed that he was dating Ashley Alvano. The revelation caused a buzz on Ashley Alvano’s social media pages especially because he kept posting Ashley’s photos online, showering her with loving words.

The couple dated for a while and during this time, fans became very interested in their relationships often remarking that the couple looked cute together. However, to the displeasure of their fans, Ashley Alvano and LaMelo Ball broke up after a year of dating and went their separate ways. None of them has talked about why they broke up.

Ashley Alvano
Ashley Alvano and LaMelo Ball

Her popularity soared because of LaMelo

Before she was officially revealed to be LaMelo’s girlfriend, Ashley was already on social media but was not making too much buzz on her page. However, all this changed when her relationship status was revealed. Many fans of the basketball player converted to her fans and started following her online. This development helped make Ashley very popular. Her followers doubled. Today, she is followed by more than 144,000 people on the social networking platform  – Instagram.

She loves fitness

Ashley Alvano is a lover of fitness. She often takes time to hit the gym to burn fat and look fit. Apparently pleased with the work she is doing on her body, Ashley is fond of showing off her fine shape on Instagram for her followers to see every now and then.

Net worth

What Ashley Alvano does for a living has not been revealed so it is very hard to decipher what he net worth is. Her popularity is growing on Instagram, and it is expected that she may be making some money from the platform or may soon start doing so. Even though her net worth is unknown, her ex-boyfriend, LaMelo’s net worth has been revealed to be about $4 million.

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