Ashleigh Cummings – What To Know About The AMC’s NOS4A2 Actress

Ashleigh Cummings is perhaps yet to join the league of easily recognizable Hollywood faces, but in Australia and the wider world, her star is on the rise. She began pursuing her passion from an early age, has been acting since 2007, and has now gained repute as one of Hollywood’s next big stars. In less than a decade, the young, talented, and beautiful actress has earned herself several prestigious nominations and won at least three enviable industry awards. From her career achievements to her love life and other personal details, here’s an interesting look at the NOS4A2 star’s profile.

Ashleigh Cummings’ Bio

The Saudi Arabian-born Australian actress is the daughter of a radiographer and sonographer who used to be employees of the Saudi royal family. Ashleigh Cummings’ date of birth is November 11, 1992. The older of two daughters, Ashleigh, and her family moved back to their native land when she was a pre-teen. Cummings began exhibiting a flair for the performing art right from her toddler years. Her parents helped hone her talents by promptly enrolling her for ballet classes. At age fourteen when Ashleigh’s family returned to their home country, she then enrolled for dancing and acting lessons at Australia’s Brent Street School of Performing Arts. The ambitious actress continued preparing herself for the entertainment industry by enrolling for the Screenteens Program at Sydney’s Screenwise Film & TV School for Actors.

Cummings also had a conventional education. For high school, she attended North Sydney’s Wenona School, and for college, she later took online philosophy courses from Macquarie and Sydney universities. Ashleigh Cummings is a 2016 recipient of the prestigious Heath Ledger Scholarship, which took the actress to Los Angeles to further sharpen her acting skills.

How Long Has She Been Acting?

Ashleigh Cummings made her screen debut in 2007 after appearing in Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance, and followed it up with Green Fire Envy the next year. In 2010, Cummings was cast in the film Tomorrow, When the War Began. In 2013, she starred in two short movies Greg’s First Day and My Mother Her Daughter, as well as Galore. Her other film credits include Snowblind (2014), Hounds of Love (2016), and Pork Pie (2017). Cummings made her Hollywood film debut in John Crowley’s 2019 adaptation of Donna Tartt’s novel The Goldfinch.

Cummings rose to fame for her works on television shows. The Aussie actress made her TV debut in 2009 after she landed the role of Ali Edmonds in Home and Away. You may also remember her as Debbie Vickers in Puberty Blues (2012 to 2014), as Dorothy ‘Dot’ Williams in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012 to 2015), as Celia Houghton in the miniseries Gallipoli (2015), and as Cheryl Miller in Westside (2017 to 2018).

Cummings landed her first Hollywood TV role in AMC’s supernatural horror series NOS4A2. The unique series which fuses different genres including family drama, horror, and supernatural elements is based on a Joe Hill book of the same name. Ashleigh portrays the character Vic McQueen, also known as the finder of lost things, a young artist with potentially supernatural abilities.

Is Ashleigh Cummings Married?

The Hounds of Love star has tried to keep her love life low profile, but it’s been difficult to shield her personal life from the prying eyes of the media. Though Ashleigh Cummings is not married yet, her heart is already taken. Since 2016, the Aussie actress has been in a relationship with her colleague Aaron Jakubenko. Despite their busy schedules that make the Aussie actors travel quite often, they still find time for each other and their bond has waxed stronger.

Ashleigh Cummings and Aaron Jakubenko
Ashleigh Cummings and Aaron Jakubenko

Although the couple has kept details of their romance under the radar, it is apparent that they are still very much an item with no negative signs. In fact, reports recently emerged that the pair were expecting a baby together but the speculation remains unconfirmed as neither Ashleigh nor her beau gratified the reports with an affirmation or denial. Regardless, it is hoped that Ashleigh and Aaron’s love story has a happy ending.

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Net Worth, How Tall Is She?

The Australian Pork Pie actress is not just loved for her talents but also for her beauty. Ashleigh Cummings has attractive physical attributes. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches, complemented by weight of about 55 kg. Her other body measurements are bust – 36 inches, waist – 25 inches, and hips – 34 inches.

How Rich Is She?

Ashleigh Cummings has done pretty well for herself ever since she debuted as an actress. While she may still be nursing bigger dreams for her career, the young actress has accumulated a sizeable fortune. Her net worth is currently pegged at about $5 million, though that value is expected to significantly increase following her many prolific works still in the pipeline.

Is Cummings on Social Media?

In addition to her charming onscreen talent, Ashleigh Cummings has also gained a larger fanbase on social media. She entertains her fans with engaging content on her Facebook (
Ashleigh Cummings) and Instagram (ashleigh_cummings) accounts.

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