Arun Nayar – Net Worth, Personal Life & Facts About The Entrepreneur

On his own, he is a wealthy and very successful man, born into a wealthy family and has made something of his own but that alone wasn’t enough to make him a famous person, certainly not in the sector he worked but that all changed for Arun Nayar when he got married to Elizabeth Hurley, the English actress and model and he cemented his place in the corridors of fame.

Arun grew up in a home of textile manufacturing mogul but has built his wealth through technology and other investments in other economic sectors, making him one of the richest men in England.

In this article, we explore everything you need to know about Arun Nayar, including his net worth and relationship with Elizabeth Hurley.

Arun Nayar Biography

The exact date of his birth is unknown, but Arun Nayar is believed to have been born in December 1964 in England, to parents Gunnar Nayar and Vinod Nayar. He was born and raised in a Leeds Council Estate for a short while before his parents relocated to India after the birth of his younger brother, Nikhil.

The perfect family in which he was born into got fractured and it led to a separation between his parents, which forced him to be raised alone by his mother in Mumbai. After some time in Mumbai and his mother’s subsequent success as a textile manufacturer, Arun Nayar relocated back to England where he completed his basic education at Millfield Boarding School before heading to Oxford University where he earned a degree in Physics.

He also earned himself a master’s degree in the subject at the Imperial College before moving back to India where he worked in his mother’s textile factory business.

After a couple of years working for his mother, Arun Nayar set out to carve a business of his own and established Direction Software Solutions, a company focused on the business of computer software as a service and has found admirable success since he established the company in the 90s.

What is Arun Nayar’s Net Worth?

You know you are rich when you spend $2.5 million on a wedding, which is what Arun Nayar spent on his wedding to Elizabeth Hurley. The England-born entrepreneur is able to commit such large amount to his wedding because he has a net worth in excess of $200 million, which he has earned from his venture as the CEO of Direction Software Solutions.

Additionally, he is also the son of textile manufacturing mogul, having been raised in a wealthy family.

Personal Life

When most people talk about Arun Nayar, the conversations often center around his personal life, particularly his relationships, which is unsurprising, because it is what most people can relate to.

Arun Nayar has been married three times over the course of his lifetime and the first time was to an Italian model, Valentina Pedroni, whom he had been in a longtime relationship with.

Before Arun met Valentina, he was fond of traveling to various exotic places for holiday and vacation trips and it was during one of his many trips, this time to St. Moritz, that he met the Italian model and a mutual attraction led to the start of a relationship

The relationship that led to a marriage in 1997 only lasted until 2005, after a short period of emotional conflict between the two parties.

Following the end of the relationship, Arun Nayar was single for a couple of years before he met Elizabeth Hurley, the English actress who is also a model. The couple met each other through Alessandro Tome, a financier who introduced them to each other.

Arun Nayar
Arun Nayar with Elizabeth Hurley and her son, Damian

Soon, a relationship began and in March 2007, a lavish wedding which earned the title of the celebrity event of the year was held in both India and England. The marriage lasted four years before the eventual divorce.

Finally, after a few years of being an unmarried man, Arun Nayar returned to the altar and got married to Kim Johnson in July 2016. The couple had reportedly been dating for four years before taking their relationship before the altar in 2016 in the presence of friends and family.

So far, throughout his three marriages, Arun Nayar has never had a child.

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Other Facts About Arun Nayar

  • The computer entrepreneur is multilingual, fluent in German, English, Italian and his native, Hindi.
  • His third wife, Kim Johnson, is twenty years younger than he is.
  • His ex-wife, Elizabeth Hurley has a child, Damian from her previous relationship with Steve Bing, a renowned businessman and film producer.
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