What Is Comedian Artie Lange’s Age And Does He Have A Wife Or Sister?

From Mad TV to The Howard Stern Show, Norm Show and Dirty Work, comedian Artie Lange has had a long and memorable career that has made him one of the most recognizable faces in the American comedy industry. He made his stand-up comedy debut at a very young age and in addition to his career in comedy, has had a very eventful personal life that’s been filled with drugs and a few legal incidents.

While his career as a comedian and his struggles with drugs have made the headlines a lot, not much has been said about the people in his life.

In this article, we observe details about a couple of them, including his sister and whether the famous comedian does have a wife. Check it out below.

What is Artie Lange’s Age?

Artie Lange was born as Arthur Steven Lange, on the 11th of October, 1967, in Livingston, New Jersey. He was then raised in Union Township, Union County by his parents, Judy Lange and Arthur Lange Sr.

Through his father, Artie Lange is of German and Native American descent, the latter of which he did not discover until he was 36 years old in 2003. Via his mother, he is of Italian heritage.

For his basic education, Artie Lange attended Union High School, where he was a below-average student in academics but a talented baseball player. He finished his high school career as an all-county third baseman.

The string of legal problems that would become a permanent fixture in Artie Lange’s life began at the age of 18 when he was arrested for attempted robbery. Thankfully, the police call that resulted in the arrest was a huge misunderstanding between him and a bank teller he was trying to flirt with, and he was only charged with disorderly conduct, $500 in legal fees, as well as 25 hours of community service.

Artie Lange’s career as a stand-up comedian began a year after, at the age of 19 in 1987. He performed his first show at The Improv in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. His first attempt was a failure and he abandoned the career path for the next four years.

During his time away from stand-up comedy, Artie Lange took acting classes, which he abandoned again for financial reasons, taking up a job as a longshoreman instead.

However, his desire to make a career out of comedy persisted, and after 20 months working as a longshoreman, he returned to stand-up comedy in September 1992, building his profile across various comedy clubs in New York City while he worked as a taxi driver.

His first success as a comedian came later in 1992 when he got his first gig as a paid regular at Stand Up NY in Manhattan.

Within his first year of committing to his career as a comedian, he worked at various venues, as well as co-formed an improv group, Live On Tape, which was a huge success at Caroline’s on Broadway.

At the age of 27, Artie Lange began to appear on the comedy sketch series, Mad TV, gaining national exposure through the show.

His career took off after his appearance on the show, going on to reach major milestones like his work on Dirty Work, The Norm Show, and The Howard Stern Show, as well as his own radio show, The Nick & Artie Show. Of course, all of these and other career achievements were in-between multiple stints in rehab and suicide attempts.

Does Artie Lange Have a Wife?

Artie Lange does not have a wife. The comedian has never been married and the closest he has come to that was an engagement to Adrienne Ockrymiek.

At the age of 42, Artie Lange met Adrienne and they were together until 2014 when his drug abuse led to their break up.

Prior to dating and getting engaged to Adrienne, Artie was in another serious relationship with Dana Cironi between 2002 and 2006, but unlike his subsequent relationship with Adrienne, it never led to an engagement.

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Does He Have a Sister?

Artie Lange Age
Artie Lange with his sister, Stacey

Yes, Artie Lange has a sister named Stacey. Not much is known about her other than the fact that she is a successful fashion designer.

She has worked with a number of popular fashion brands like American Eagle Outfitters and Ralph Lauren.

Unlike her brother, she completed college and graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Exercise Physiology before pursuing a degree in Clothing Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Artie Lange’s sister currently works as a Creative Director for Revise Clothing Inc. She was born on 8th January 1969.

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