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Nothing had prepared Ariel Camacho’s family, bandmates, fans and the music world at large, for the depth of pain the singer’s death precipitated. Fondly called the “King of Hearts,” the Mexican recording artist was a young, talented and handsome artist with a romantic appeal. Before his untimely demise, Camacho was an idol to many youths in his hometown and had even begun amassing a strong fan base across Latino borders. Even more painful is the thought of how great the Mexican budding star might have been if he was still alive. Here’s how Ariel Camacho found his voice and struck a chord in the hearts of his borderless fans.

Who Exactly is Ariel Camacho?

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A native of Sinaloa, Ariel Camacho Barraza was welcomed into the world on the 8th of July, 1992. In his short lifetime, the Mexican star preferred to separate his professional and personal life. Thus, there was little to nothing known about his family background, early life, educational background, or love life. However, it is no secret that the Mexican singer was the son of Benito Camacho and Reynalda Barraza.

Interesting Facts About The Mexican Singer-Songwriter

Camacho Began His Music Career As A Child

The late Mexican singer discovered his musical talents at an early age. Not only did Ariel Camacho sing, but he also wrote songs and learned to play the guitar. Ariel made his singing debut as a pre-teen. He began singing as a 12-year-old student in collaboration with his friend, César Iván Sánchez, whom he met at school. The duo bonded over their love for music and soon formed a band. Camacho was the frontman while Sánchez played the guitar and provided backup vocals. The duo eventually became a trio after tuba player Omar Burgos joined them. The group soon began performing at concerts and gained attention in local circles for their melodious tunes.

Ariel Gained Fame With Los Plebes Del Rancho

Ariel Camacho and Los Plebes del Rancho
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Ariel Camacho later expanded his troupe to a four-man band in 2013. The new band which included Ariel Camacho, Omar Burgos, Cesar Sánchez, and El Tigre was called Los Plebes del Rancho (translated as Plebeians From the Ranch). The band became popular for the narcocorridos, songs that relate the exploits of the drug cartels.

Before their lead singer’s untimely demise, the Los Plebes del Rancho had no less than two albums under their belt. The first El Karma was released in 2014 while the second Hablemos was released the next year. In addition to performing as the band’s frontman, Ariel Camacho, who was signed by Del Records, also had some collaborative projects. The Mexican recording artist had worked with some popular singers.

He Died In His Hometown

Just when Ariel Camacho had established himself as one of the next big Hispanic acts, the singer’s young and promising candle was unexpectedly dimmed. On February 25, 2015, Ariel Camacho was returning from a tour performance at a music festival but unfortunately died in an auto accident on a highway in his hometown of Sinaloa.

According to police reports, Ariel who was driving at a high speed died alongside two other passengers leaving just one survivor from the car. Camacho was scheduled to kick off a US tour the following weekend but tragically lost his life at the age of 22.

Ariel Camacho’s Legacy Lives On

Before his demise, the lead singer of the popular norteño group Los Plebes del Rancho already had a huge fanbase on both sides of the border. Consequently, Ariel Camacho’s death shocked the Latino and American music world, particularly his bandmates, fans and even critics alike.

Notably, Camacho’s bandmates changed their name to “Los Plebes Del Rancho de Ariel Camacho” in honor of the Mexican recording artist. More so, as a tribute to Camacho, his family, bandmates, fans and other stars visit the singer’s gravesite on his death anniversary, February 25th, every year. Though Ariel left a huge vacuum, his bandmates are keeping the dream alive as they have continued to reel out melodious tunes and have released more albums.

In his lifetime, Ariel Camacho had several monikers such as Rey de Corazones, El Mentado, La Tuyia, and El Rey del Requinto. He gained fame in a short while and perhaps would have been one of the biggest musical stars from Mexico. Today, Camacho lives on in the hearts of his family and bandmates but also several other artists and fans. Notably, Hasta el Cielo and Un Mentado Ariel are some of the songs released in honour of the Latino singer. More so, the 2017 all-stars album, Ariel Camacho Para Siempre, was released and dedicated to Camacho’s memory.

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