Ariana Greenblatt – Truth About Her Age, Parents and Siblings

Being a child actor is demanding work and often takes its toll on the child – interminable hours on set, movie premieres, events, fundraisers; the list is endless. This combined with the fame and riches that come with stardom, robs the child of the chance of experiencing a normal childhood life. However, some kids overcome these obstacles and emerge as well-rounded individuals on and off the screen. One of them is the super talented Ariana Greenblatt.

Ariana Greenblatt’s Age and  Biography

Ariana Greenblatt was born in Colorado in the state of New York on the 27th of August 2007 to Soli and Shon Greenblatt. Her first big break came in 2014 when she reprised the role of Raina, on “Liv and Maddie,” created by John D. Beck and Ron Hart which aired on Disney Channel at the tender age of 6. For most child actors, that would be the end of their child-acting career, but not for Ariana. She landed a role in Duda Brothers, a popular Nickelodeon show in the same year.

Thereafter, the sky was the limit for little Ariana. Stamping her mark as a talented child actor, she became a sought after star in many children shows. She starred regularly in the popular TV show Stuck in the Middle, an American comedy Disney show by Alison Brown and Linda Figueiredo, where she attained a greater height as she played the role of Daphne Diaz, the adorable last child of 7 boisterous siblings who can be quite vengeful. The show achieved mainstream popularity among children and teenagers, and so did Ariana.

From thereon, the sky was the limit for Ariana Greenblatt. She made the bold transition from YV shows to full-length movies, marking her debut with a role in the comedy flick “Bad Moms Christmas” wherein she was applauded for her role as Lori, Jesse’s daughter.

Every actor has their defining moment. They reach their magnum opus; the work for which they would forever be remembered. Ariana’s Magnus Opus came in 2018 with Marvel’s record-smashing, blockbuster movie “Avengers: Infinity War”. She played in the movie, a young Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos, the main villain and antagonist in the 22-movie series. The movie went on to gross $2, 048, 359, 754, an impressive feat. Ariana was widely applauded for her depiction of a young Gamora, eliciting high praise from fans and critics alike. She was applauded for her near-perfect acting, particularly running through a range of emotions.

Despite these achievements, Ariana Greenblatt is not resting on her oars. 2020 is scheduled to be a groundbreaking year for her, starring in 4 feature-length movies all due to be released in 2020. She plays Minnow in the Paramount Pictures movie “Monster Problems”, playing alongside Michael Rooker. In addition, she will play the role of Julia in the Disney Studios film “The One and Only Ivan” based on the novel, alongside Angelina Jolie, Danny DeVito, also scheduled for next year.

That’s not all. Greenblatt is also scheduled to voice the character of Young Velma in the highly anticipated Warner Bros movie “Scoob”, set for a May release date and “IN THE HEIGHTS” as “Young Nina” set to be released in June also by Warner Bros.

Ariana and Artyon Celestine in ‘Dancing with the Stars: Juniors’
Ariana and Artyon Celestine in ‘Dancing with the Stars: Juniors (Image Source)

Many child actors are one-trick ponies, concentrating on a single act till they are unable to milk that anymore. Not our little Ariana. Ariana has shown her teeming fans that she’s quite the dance connoisseur when she featured in the first season of the popular TV show Dancing With The Stars: Junior alongside many other famous kids. She mesmerized fans globally with her exceptional dance moves. Ariana also has a keen interest in sports.

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Ariana Greenblatt’s Parents and Siblings

Being raised in a healthy family is crucial to the development of any child, particularly children at the risk of being deprived of their childhood experience by fame, riches, and stardom. Luckily for our little Ariana, she is cocooned by a warm, loving family comprising of her Father Shon Greenblatt, her mother Soli, her older brother Gavin and a loving septuagenarian grandfather.

As already hinted, Ariana Greenblatt is preceded by an older brother named Gavin, who loves and cares for her like her entire family. The actress does not hold back from sharing moments with her family on her social media account on which she has a large following, boasting of about 1.5 million followers.

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