Ariana Grande’s Ex-Boyfriend List Is Getting Longer And These Are The People On It

Everyone who opens their heart for love goes through the journey of romance and heartbreaks, and not even global music stars like Ariana Grande is exempt from the whirlwind journey of an open heart. Since the Florida-born singer stormed the entertainment scene, her dating life has been quite busy. Ariana Grande’s ex’s list, like the rest of us, is filled with serious relationships and flings.

However, we don’t have more than 40 billion streams to our name, and neither are we one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world. That is why, in this article, we discuss Ariana Grande’s dating history. Scroll below to learn about the love life of the Thank U, Next singer.

Ariana Grande’s Ex’s List

Graham Phillips

Ariana Grande Ex's list

Also, like the rest of us, Ariana Grande’s dating history began during her teenage years, starting with the actor, Graham Phillips. Ariana and Graham began their relationship in 2008 when she was 15 years old. Ariana, who began her life in show business as an actress, met Graham Phillips while they both starred on the Broadway musical, 13: The Musical.

They dated between 2008 and 2011, during what was a dramaless relationship that ended on amicable terms. The two of them decided to part ways because their respective schedules made it challenging for them to spend time with one another.

Since they broke up, they have remained friends, and in 2016, they had dinner together along with other cast members of the musical.

Jai Brooks

The second man on Ariana Grande’s ex’s list is Jai Brooks, a man she began to date about a year after she broke up with Graham Phillips.

The two of them dated for a year between August 2012 and October 2013, unceremoniously parting ways. Brooks accused Ariana on Twitter, of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.

After a back and forth that left both parties looking bad, they got back together in May 2014, but only for a brief time, parting ways permanently in August 2014.

Nathan Sykes

Ariana Grande Ex's list

You can file this under a fling because Ariana Grande was never together long enough with Sykes to be considered a serious relationship. Still, he belongs on Ariana’s ex’s list. They began dating in August 2013, a timeline that justifies the accusation of Jai Brooks that she cheated on him.

Despite the fact she ended her relationship with Jai Brooks a couple of months after, they could never get their relationship going because of their work, and in December, they ended it for good.

Still, they have remained acquaintances, and have even worked together on a song, Over and Over Again.

Big Sean

One of the biggest names on Ariana Grande ex’s list. They confirmed their relationship in October 2014 after months of speculation by the media.

According to the timeline of events, they began dating sometime after the rapper ended his engagement to Naya Rivera in April 2014, although Naya, in her book, suggests things started a lot earlier than that.

Regardless, eight months after they confirmed their relationship, Big Sean joined Ariana’s ex list, and to date, the reason is unknown.

Ricky Alvarez

After parting ways with Big Sean, Ariana Grande got together with Ricky Alvarez, with news breaking sometime in the summer of 2015.

They were reportedly together between May 2015 and July 2016, during which she proclaimed she was ‘a very happy girl.’ Of course, if that happiness had anything to do with Ricky Alvarez, it did not last very long because two months after she made the statement to Billboard magazine in May 2016, they broke up.

Other than a line in Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next single, Ricky Alvarez and the Florida-born singer haven’t been together ever since.

Mac Miller

Ariana Grande ex's list

As far as Ariana Grande’s ex list goes, Mac Miller is one of the most notable names on it. The two of them began dating in 2016, and they were together until May 2018.

Why exactly they broke up, we will never know, but both of them maintained an amicable relationship with each other. Sadly, just a few months after, in September 2018, Mac Miller passed away from a drug overdose. Ariana posted a sweet message on her Instagram page in honor of him.

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Pete Davidson

Even though they were not together as long as Ariana Grande’s other relationships, they went the furthest. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande went as far as getting engaged, a month after Pete confirmed their relationship in May 2018.

Ariana Grande ex's list
Ariana Grande with one time fiance, Pete Davidson

Those who were expecting Ariana to walk down to aisle with the SNL comedian were left disappointed when they announced they broke up in October 2018, six months after they got engaged.

Why they broke up? We will probably never know, but he remains one of the most interesting choices on Ariana Grande’s ex list.

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