What To Know About Doom Patrol’s April Bowlby And Why People Think She Is Dead

April Bowlby is a prolific American movie star and model who garnered fame through her appearance on popular films and TV series. She is most notable for her appearance on the comedy series Two and a Half Men and Drop Dead Diva, just to mention a few. The outstanding actress made her first TV appearance in 2004 when she appeared in an episode of CSI. Since then, April has starred in several blockbuster movies to date.

Of late, Bowlby is best recognized for her role as Rita Farr/Gertrude Cramp in Doom Patrol. She started playing the major role in the American web television series created for DC universe in 2019 and the character she portrays is a Hollywood actress who had her cellular proliferation altered following exposure to a toxic gas. She has been active as an actress since 2004 but reports have it that she was initially a model.

Basic Facts To Know About April Bowlby’s Background 

April Michelle Bowlby was born on the 30th day of July 1980 in Vallejo City of California in the United States. Born into a middle-American family, April is an American national and also belongs to the white ethnic group.

Much isn’t known about her upbringing and the kind of childhood she had, but we can tell that when she was very young, her family relocated to the Manteca neighborhood of California. There, she attended East Union High School where she was among the best students in her class. She developed an interest in the entertainment business from an early stage and while in high school, April took part in several plays organized by her school.

Soon after her graduation, April enrolled at Moorpark College California where she obtained a bachelor’s degree with majors in French, Marine Biology, and Ballet. After she graduated, her first move was to pursue a career in modeling, April Bowlby did this for a while before she decided to try acting. Before she delved into acting, April took acting lessons from Ivana Chubbuck. Without a doubt, it has become obvious that her decision to focus on acting is a good one.

Her Rise To Fame And Acting Career Exploits

Records have it that the brilliant actress made her first stint in acting when she played a minor role in the American procedural drama, Crime Scene Investigation in 2004. The following year, she featured in three more TV series including CSI: New York, Stacked, and Freddie. Her brilliant performances quickly helped her to get a spot on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men where she played the recurring role of Kandi from 2005 to 2015. April further made her big-screen appearance in 2008 when she starred in All Roads Leads Home.

April Bowlby
Bowlby with her Drop Dead Diva co-stars: Image Source

The amazing actress got her big break when she portrayed Stacy Barrett in the Lifetime fantasy drama, Drop Dead Diva. She made recurring appearances from 2009 to 2014 alongside Brooke Elliott and Kim Kardashian. She also starred in the romantic comedy From Prada to Nada alongside Camilla Belle in 2009. Her next major role was in the 2018 web series Titans. There, she portrayed Rita Farr alongside Ryan Potter and Rachel Nichols. She has been reprising her role as Rita Farr in its sequel Doom Patrol since 2019.

April once disclosed that while filming Titans, the idea to have a spin-off show came up. Acknowledging that it was a good idea, the actress held on to it cautiously because of how ideas can be easily discarded in the industry. As such, the birth of Doom Patrol was to some extent unexpected for her just as she was very excited to reprise the role of Rita Farr the Elasti-Woman.

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A fascinating fact about this actress’ career is that she has been a part of some on the most popular shows in recent history including The Big Bang Theory, Home Coming Revenge, Psych, How I Met Your Mother, Marriage of Lies, Married by Christmas, and A Mother’s Crime, among others. Unsurprisingly, the blonde actress has starred in a good number of blockbuster movies and her efforts have been financially rewarding. April has accumulated an enviable wealth for herself over the years. She is prudently living in luxury as her net worth is currently pegged at $2 million. She made her wealth from her movies, salaries from TV series, and other business endeavors.

Her Childhood Dream Was to Become a Female Ballet Dancer

Given her accomplishments as an actress, one may wonder why April Bowlby did not prioritize acting from the get-go. Well, it is quite obvious why she went into modeling first; the actress is very attractive, tall, and with an amazing personality that is perfect for modeling. April stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches with a commensurate body weight of 54 kg. She has incredible body measurements (breast-waist-hips) of 35-24-35 inches and it accentuates other distinctive features like her blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Interestingly, the actress never dreamt of becoming a model or an actress when she was growing up, all she wanted was to be a ballerina. According to her, she was afraid of speaking in public, and ballerina offered the chance to be seen in the spotlight without speaking. When she is not working, the actress enjoys bicycling, boxing, reading, and writing. There was a time she started a podcast titled “75reads” with her friend Jo Bozarth. It revolved around covering David Bowie’s list of 75 books.

Facts Surrounding April Bowlby’s Death Rumors

While the actress has been doing what she knows how to do best, she has joined the long list of celebrities who have been caught in the web of celebrity death hoaxes. Not long past, rumors began to fly around that the actress is dead. From what we gathered, the rumors were ignited after someone shared a Facebook post saying that April is no more. In reaction, her fans were heartbroken and many sent their condolences to her family.

However, the rumors died off after her representatives issued a statement that the actress is alive and not dead. Unfortunately, April isn’t the first celebrity to face such a controversy, other stars like Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan, Jackie Chan, Celine Dion, and Britney Spears have equally had their own fair share of death hoaxes. Apparently, April Bowlby is alive, hale, and hearty; as stated earlier, she is currently playing the lead role in the 2019 series Doom Patrol.

Because of her pleasing looks, questions have often been asked about April Bowlby’s love life. These questions have largely been left unanswered as the actress likes keeping her personal life private. Apart from dating Josh Groban from 2009 to 2010, nothing else is known about this aspect of April’s life.

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