The Untold Hardships of Apple Watts Early Life, Rise To Fame And Other Facts

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood has been airing since 2014 and has brought several people to the limelight. It has also sustained the relevance of others who were already famous before they became a part of the TV show. Apple Watts is one of the people who have the show to thank for the fame they enjoy. She has been a part of the reality series since 2018 and has made enough impression to sustain the interest of viewers.

The talented lady who was once a stripper is notable for her appearances in a handful of music videos; this must have piqued her interest in music as she is aspiring to become a musician. Watts is admired for being extremely practical in the way she views life. This has been traced to her formative years which were not too pleasant.

She Was Abandoned By Her Parents

The former stripper was born on the 16th of May 1985 in Alta Loma, California. So many details are unknown about her childhood, but it is known that her real name is Jontelle Watts and that she had a troubled childhood, which she alluded to during an interview with VH1.

More so, the stereotypical belief that strippers are women who are suffering from daddy issues, some of which come from abandonment might apply to Apple Watts since there is very scanty information regarding the parents of the reality television star, especially her father.

Concerning her mother, it was gathered that she is a drug addict who could not care for her kids and had no option but to give Apple up alongside her sister, to stay in foster homes throughout their formative years. More so, Watts remains uncertain about her father’s identity as her mum does not know which of her romances led to her birth.

Despite her rough childhood, the TV star is an educated woman. Apple Watts obtained her high school education at Etiwanda High School in California. She later proceeded to El Camino College in Los Angeles to complete a two-year college program. She earned an associate degree in Criminal Justice and later completed her education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. However, she did not pursue a career in the line of her studies as she found herself in the glamorous world of show biz in her early twenties.

Strip Dancing Made Apple Watts Famous

How or when Apple Watts got into stripping is not known but sources have it that she began her strip dancing career around the age of 21 and shortly after that, made a name as a stripper in the city of Los Angeles. During her stripping days, Apple appeared in a couple of music videos for musicians like Future, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, and YG.

This journey was however not a smooth one as she revealed that as a black lady stripper, she faced a lot of setbacks in her career. She usually gets turned down because of her skin; apparently, most strip clubs preferred white women and even Mexican ladies to black women.

According to her, the whole system is very biased and it is a herculean task for a black girl to get the chance to dance in strip clubs in L.A. Watts revealed that she was able to succeed in such a tough circle because of her resilience and her excellent dancing skills.

But Love and Hip Hop Is Her Biggest Claim to Fame

Apple Watts got a chance to appear on season 5 of the popular reality TV show in 2018 and was seen in a total of 16 episodes during the season. The TV series which is aimed at showcasing the lives of budding music stars chronicles the struggles Apple goes through as she transits from being a stripper to a musician.

At the early part of her appearance, she finds herself in the middle of a clash between RoccStar and A1 as they both wanted her to collaborate with them. She later went into business with Shun Love as her manager but this business arrangement did not succeed. The pair never seemed to agree on the fact that Watt wanted to continue strip dancing. The video vixen also revealed that Shun became a control freak who would not let her work nor cater to her needs adequately.

When she suggested that they can continue to do business but Shun should not support her again, it did not go down well with the manager who withdrew from dealing with her. The season also saw the end of Apple’s relationship with John Watts who was posing to be her father; a DNA test proved he was not.

In season 6, the aspiring musician was seen allying with Yo-Yo but things took a wrong turn when Apple and Summer Bunni gets into a feud. She called out Bunni for meddling in the marital affairs of A1 and Lyrica. Despite the strained relationships with her fellow casts on the show, Watts maintains that she is not in a feud with any of them. According to her, she understands each of them for who they are and relates to them on that level with no malicious intent.

Apple Watts Is a Mother of Three

Apple Watts
Apple Watts with two of children

The Love & Hip Hop star has not been quite lucky when it comes to love. It is believed that she has dated both men and women although, in recent times, she made the choice to stick with men. More so, the identities of her lovers have not been made public but she has been rumored to be in a relationship with Ty Turtle, who happens to be a professional basketball player for Juan Aldama Aguamleleros.

What we know for certain is that the reality TV star is a mother of three. The identities of her baby daddies remain unknown but she hinted in an interview that one of her kids was conceived via a sperm donor.

As at the time she had her kid via a donor she was allegedly in a relationship with another woman; so for that child, a man was never in the picture. She also revealed that the father of one of her boys was serving time in prison but did not go further to reveal his identity nor the crime he committed. The identity of her daughter’s daddy remains vague to date.

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The TV Star Is Yet To Find The Perfect Partner

Apple Watts
Apple Watts and Maurice Image Source

Sometime in 2018, it was rumored that the video vixen was in a relationship with a fellow named Maurice; this was after she shared some loved-up pictures on social media. This did not seem to be a serious relationship as she shared a sentiment online that suggested she was just dealing with loneliness.

Well, whatever the case might be in her love life, Apple Watts always keeps her spirit up and leads a happy life as a single mum with her two sons, Richard and Kali, and a daughter named Miyaki.

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