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With several career wins and accolades to his name, Jordan Spieth has risen to the rank of an accomplished professional golfer and beside him through the journey has been his wife, Annie Verret. They have been with each other for a long time, even before he became an international superstar.

Unlike many WAGs, Annie Verret is a career woman and she has been in a relationship with the professional golfer since high school, making them one of the coolest and most interesting couples in the world of professional sports.

You can learn all about her and her life by reading below.

Annie Verret – Biography

Golf lovers and followers will undoubtedly know Annie Verret. She is the wife of one of the top players in the sport, Jordan Spieth, a golfer who has won the Majors three times and was named World’s number one golfer in 2015.

Annie was born in 1994 when her parents welcomed her in Coppell, Texas. As part of her upbringing, she attended all-girls college prep school, Ursuline Academy, before changing to an unknown high school, where she met her long-time love, Jordan Spieth.

After completing her early education, she proceeded to attend Texas Tech University where she studied Business as a major, graduating excellently with a perfect GPA to earn a Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious college. Following her graduation in 2014, where she had her popular husband by her side in celebration of the achievement, she was made an ambassador of her school, specifically, Rawls College of Business.

In addition to the ambassadorial role, she also began to work for The First Tee of Greater Dallas, an organization geared towards inspiring and providing opportunities for underprivileged children through golf. She has worked with the organisation since then and has added a few more charity works to her resume, including being a member of The Birthday Party Project which is geared towards hosting birthday parties for underprivileged children, especially homeless youths. She has also helped in raising money for hospitals like St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

When Annie Verret is not performing all these saintly works, she may be seen supporting her husband on the golf course during tournaments.

Personal Life – Relationship with Jordan Spieth

Annie Verret
Annie Verret and her professional golfer boyfriend, Jordan Spieth

We mentioned earlier in the introduction that Annie Verret and her husband, Jordan Spieth have been together since high school. That in itself is one of the rarest relationships in the world today and an even harder feat for people under the spotlight.

A lot of people meet someone they love in high school, but college tends to be a natural end for those relationships but not in the case of this celebrity couple. Although they attended different colleges, with Annie Verret attending Texas Tech while Jordan Spieth went to the University of Texas, the two were able to maintain their love and affection for each other.

Following graduation and the explosion in the career of Jordan Spieth, his fame and new-found wealth did not get in the way of his relationship with his Texas-born significant other. While she began to build a career as an event coordinator for The First Tee of Greater Dallas, Jordan Spieth was working his way to to the top of his game.

With several years of the relationship behind them and a desire to be together for a whole lot more, they got engaged in December 2017, celebrating the milestone with their family members. In the following year, they got married.

Although they have been largely described as the topmost couple in golf, you are less likely to see Annie Verret flaunting her relationship with her husband in public. This is due to her tendency to refrain from the media. That responsibility, however, falls to her husband, Jordan, whose Instagram and Twitter pages are filled with pictures of himself and his wife at various events, with declarations of love as captions.

They continue to live together in a beautiful mansion in Dallas, Texas, which has been valued at $7.1 million.

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Despite Annie Verret’s proximity to one of the most popular men in America, she has managed to keep herself away from the media attention that comes with the status. As such, information about her background, including her parents is currently unknown.

While we know she has a sister, we do not know her name and we cannot say with full certainty that she is her only sibling.

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