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Annette Roque is a Dutch model who gained fame as a model of repute in Paris and the US. She is also known to be an avid equestrian (a horseback rider) who is adored by many people because of her truly stunning beauty. Having started out as a model, as far back as the 80s and 90s, Annette is considered a veteran in the industry. She managed to achieve quite some fame when she featured in European cosmetics ads and also appeared in several of Victoria’s Secret catalogs in America.

Today, her relationship with her popular husband, Matt Lauer, as well as their fallout and confusing split have thrust her some more into the spotlight as people try to pry into their lives to know exactly what is happening to their marriage.

Who is Annette Roque and How Old is She?

Annette Roque was born in December, 1966 in the Netherlands. The exact day in December in which she was born is not known. Though she is a Dutch woman, she also has Indonesian roots; this is because her mother, Johanna Struijk, is a Dutch woman and her father, Henri Roque, is an Indonesian man.

Sources show that Annette grew up in a town which is located near Amsterdam. There are no records to show whether or not she has any siblings. However, we do know that she had hoped to become a model from an early age and, considering the fact she had the right physique, it was not a difficult dream for her to achieve.

After living with her parents near Amsterdam as a child, Annette set off to Paris when she reached her 20s. She hoped that Paris would be the city where she would be able to successfully pursue her dreams of becoming a professional model and it was not too long before she got her chance. Annette soon met with Patrick Lemire, a French modeling agent who finally helped her break into the industry as a model. He was struck with her beauty and even once described her as a woman with ‘perfect, exotic looks’. With Patrick’s help, Annette started modeling and adopted the name ‘Jade’ as her stage name. Annette often wowed the audiences whenever she made appearances on the runway and was often described as ‘a dove’ by many fans. Soon, she started making regular appearances in European cosmetics ads.

Annette did not remain in Paris forever, she relocated to New York after breaking out as a model in Paris. She continued to model in the US and began to make appearances in Victoria’s Secret catalogs and for J. Crew, cementing her place as a model of repute. In fact, because of her growing celebrity status, Annette was made the spokesmodel for Revlon, a popular cosmetics and skin care company.

Apart from her love for modeling, Annette is also an avid lover of horses and is actually an equestrian. In fact, her love for horses led her to build and co-own a horse farm, which is called Bright Side, in the Hamptons. The horse farm was completed in 2013.

Details of Her Net Worth

Having worked as a model for many years and having attained success in the industry, representing many brands over time, Annette is expected to have accrued a considerable amount of wealth. However, the exact amount she was able to make during her modeling career is not readily available. It is believed that she also makes some money from her horse farm in the Hamptons, but the exact figure is not available to the public. Her current net worth is still under review at the moment.

Annette’s husband, Matt is however reportedly worth an impressive $60 million.

Family Facts: Husband and Children

Annette Roque met and fell in love with Matt Lauer, a man who would later become her husband, at the height of her career as a model. The pair actually met through a blind date in July, 1997. The meeting between Annette and Matt was set up by Maria Santoro, a freelance stylist. When Annette met Matt, they connected almost immediately and soon started dating. Matt was a very popular American news anchor working with NBC at the time.

Annette Roque
Annette Roque and husband, Matt Lauer

About five months after they began to date, the couple got engaged and finally got married on the 3rd of October, 1998 in Water Mill, a town in New York. The wedding was attended by close friends and family. The couple now has three children: a son whom they named Jack, a daughter called Romy and another son they named Thijs.

The family’s home is a huge mansion which they bought from Richard Gere, a popular American actor for a massive a $36.5 million in the Hamptons, New York. The mansion has a 60-foot-heated swimming pool, 12 bedrooms, and 12 bathrooms. It also has 2 separate guest houses and a 240-foot private deepwater dock.

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What Led To Her Divorce?

The marriage between Annette and Matt seemed to be all rosy and blissful but the union was apparently not what it seemed from the outside. In 2006, Annette shockingly filed for divorce and claimed that Matt was indulging in ‘cruel and inhumane’ acts against her. However, she later withdrew the papers 3 weeks later. In an interview she granted on the matter, she explained that though they were going through some hard times, they had been able to work things out. Matt also acknowledged having marital problems but also insisted that they were already in a good place.

However, in 2018, Annette who was obviously not pleased with Matt’s behavior, filed divorce papers for the second. This came after Matt was accused of sexual assault and was fired from his job as a news anchor at NBC. The couple are still legally married but are working on their divorce.

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