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Prior to her relationship with Marlon Wayans, Angelica Zachary was nowhere near being a public figure. Thus, it is quite safe to say that her marriage to the popular actor and comedian brought her a considerable amount of fame. More so, Angelica Zachary’s ex-husband Marlon Wayans garnered wide recognition as a close friend of the late famous actor and an award-winning rapper, Tupac Shakur. On his own part, he has been active in the movie industry since 1988 and has appeared in no less than 46 movies since then. Marlon has collaborated with his brother, Shawn Wayans to produce and feature in a self-styled sitcom, The Wayans Bros which aired on the WB Channel between 1995 and 1999. In 2017, he acted in an eponymous NBC sitcom named Marlon. Obviously, he has made far more than a cursory mark in the industry.

So when the news of Marlon’s relationship was made public, fans of the talented comedian became very curious to find out more about the lady who had captured the heart of their beloved celebrity. Interestingly, there were a lot of rumors and speculations making the rounds on social media regarding the marital status of the couple before they broke up. Many believe that they didn’t get to tie the nuptial knot while some believe that it happened at a private ceremony which is why it didn’t get public attention. However, whatever the case may be, the fact still remains that Angelica Zachary got all the attention she is enjoying now from being Marlon Wayans’ partner.

Angelica Zachary’s Background Details

Zachary was born on February 22, 1972, in New York City, New York. Like most African-Americans born in the seventies, Angelica is believed to have been educated, at least up to high school level. However, the records of the various schools she attended right from her elementary to her high school days are not available in the public domain at this time. This makes it clear that prior to her relationship with the popular actor, Zachary was largely unknown to the general public. It was their relationship that launched her into limelight although Angelica invested quite a lot of effort in staying out of spotlight which have proved quite effective.

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Information regarding her parents, siblings, and close relatives has also stayed hidden away from the public. Similarly, so far we haven’t learned anything about what Angelica Zachary does for a living or what she had been up to before she met the widely acclaimed actor. In fact, the reason we were able to get our hands on her date of birth was as a result of Marlon Wayans wishing her a happy birthday on February 22, 2018, on social media.

Angelica Zachary & Marlon Wayans Dating Timeline Down To Their Divorce

Marlon Wayans was definitely not Angelica’s first ever boyfriend as the New York City native has been in a couple of relationships before meeting the comic star. However, Zachary still likes to keep the identities of her past boyfriends safely hidden from the public. For those wondering about her previous relationships, you may have to keep wondering for some time.

With regards to her dalliance with Marlon, it is known that the duo met for the first time sometime in the early 90s and kicked it off immediately from there. Wayans asked her out in September 1992 and of course, she said yes. Angelica’s reply on that fateful day started a 2-decade long romantic journey between the lovebirds. They moved in together after some time when they decided to commit more to each other.

Angelica and Marlon’s relationship is known to have produced two kids. Their first child and daughter, Amai Zachary Wayans was born on May 24, 2000, and they welcomed their son, Shawn Howell Wayans, on February 3, 2002.

Angelica Zachary
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Sadly, following a series of arguments and misunderstandings, the couple decided to part ways in 2013. Their separation was confirmed that same year with Wayans agreeing to pay monthly child and spousal support to Angelica. Both parents are still very much involved in the lives of their children. However, it was gathered that Amai and Shawn spend most of their time with their mother due to the ever-busy schedule of their father.

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Interestingly despite being together, the popular actor still admires Angela. Since their separation, Marlon has made the habit of gushing sweet words about Angelica on her birthday. In one of those posts, the actor presumably felt weird doing so seeing that they were separated, but he remained undeterred about it.

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Happy Bday Ang, You beautiful, classy, loving, loyal, considerate, respectful, grateful, opinionated, strong, spiritual, wise, kind soul. They don’t make them like you anymore. I am so happy to have u in my life with love and smiles. What a journey?! God is good. Thank u for your unconditional love and acceptance people say “i love u” BUT you show up and execute the ACTION of loving me. You don’t just love me when I’m hot but you love me when i hurt. You love me when I’m down and you quietly rally me back on my feet. i thank you for that. Thank you for my two beautiful exceptional children. Thank u for learning to love me outside of a box. You know my heart and you always protect that. It’s crazy how love takes different shapes but at the end of the day it’s still LOVE. The more life challenges us the more i see the truth in your actions the more i respect trust and love u. I know i haven’t been easy but thank u for loving me anyway., love you for life. Happy bday… Always Skitty lil black boy

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More so, Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans have remained the best of friends over the years. They are taking care of their children together, not only as a duty, but out of love. The actor also made it known that he has stopped being a dad for his children with Angelica, instead, he has decided to become their friend. Think of an amazing parenting idea, and you might just have it here!

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