Who is Andy Warski? What Happened To Him and Why Was He Arrested?

Andy Warski is one of the many YouTubers and social media personalities who are building a career off controversies. The Canadian YouTuber who started in obscurity gained attention for trying to get on pro-Trump’s good side with his rants against women, black people, and the LGBTQ community. However, his self-named YouTube channel, which was known as an anti-social justice channel and later an avenue for the alt-right, has suddenly become less entertaining to his subscribers. Read what happened to him and other facts including his arrest.

Early Life and Career 

Andy Warski was born on January 5, 1989, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Details about his parents seem scarce but he has two sisters named Mel and Carrie. Andy basically schooled in his hometown. He had his secondary education at St. Martin’s High School, a Roman Catholic secondary and also attended Sheridan College based in Oakville, Ontario, one of the earliest colleges that offer both diploma and degree.

In 2015, Andy Warski became a YouTube personality, starting out with humorous contents on just about anything and won many hearts. Soon, he slipped into long rants, arguing about social justice and continued to impress his subscribers. Shortly, he went the route of mocking other YouTube stars such as Candace Ownes, Jaclyn Glenn, Sarkeesian, YouTube prankster Antonio Lievano and a host of others. Among his many famous controversial captions are; Lena Dunham Says Something Stupid…As Always, I Got a Child Arrested, Dumbest Instagram Posts Ever, Dumbest Celebrity Quotes Ever.

In 2017, Andy Warski’s videos started switching once again, this time he openly shared his political and racial views. Some of his purely political videos include Wearing a Trump Hat in Public, Kilroy Free Speech Event – This Is Gonna Be Great, Anita Tries To Ruin Blade Runner Just Like Everything Else She Does. The videos capitalized on the increasing tension in the United States under Trump’s leadership and as you might expect, won him widespread negative fame among YouTubers.

Andy neglected the feelings of his subscribers and went on with his rants. As if racial slurs weren’t enough, he opened up that he is anti-feminist with videos directed at women such as Women If You want Your Equal Right Go F*** yourself.

In one of his videos against women, he made a hateful remark that seemed to be targetted at an imaginary woman where he said that he hoped some guy gets her pregnant, abandons and makes her become a single mother, then the child becomes a drug dealer and kills her for money.

Andy has further gained critics for recently hosting an online event posing as a child pornography investigator tending to disclose a pedophile ring during which he shared photographs of underage children in provocative poses. This prompted many of his viewers to accuse him of gathering and distributing child pornography. Andy quickly deleted the videos and denied ever finding pleasure in child pornography.

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Why Was Andy Warski Arrested?

Andy Warski
Andy Warski and co-host-Chris image source

Although there have been speculations that Andy was arrested, the Canadian YouTuber continues to emphatically deny this claim whenever such rumor springs up. One time, he took to his Twitter to confirm that he only got detained for a moment. The rumor went viral after one of his co-hosts named Alex pulled a gun at a passerby who had knocked down Andy’s phone while they were playing annoying text-to-speech at people in downtown Clearwater.

In the text-to-speech game, Andy who was with his co-hosts Alex and Failure, got his followers to donate to racist remarks such as “bring back slavery”, and “we hate niggers”.

As is normal in IRL streaming, his phone read out the text and even audio clips loudly for people to hear. When it got to the ears of an agitated passerby, he knocked down his phone, leading to a minor argument. When the heat seemed over and the guy made his way out, Alex pulled a gun at him. The police later arrived, but only Alex got in their net. She was subsequently charged for three felony charges of aggravated assault and one simple assault charge.

What Happened To Him?

Andy’s YouTube videos have gathered many critics and supporters alike with his haters accusing him of sexism and racism. Similarly, his YouTube channel subscription, which earlier grew to thousands of subscribers, has dwindled. It is not certain why people are no longer finding him interesting but some of his earlier followers claimed it was because he started ranting about the LGBT community. Some others have expressed concern for his political views. Equally, some of his devoted subscribers said they became less fascinated by his skits when he changed from publishing regular videos that lasted for about 10-20 minutes to basically doing only long live streams that could go for hours.

Also, Andy’s fight with former Warski co-host Jean Francois Gariepy, also known as JF and his friend Ethan Ralph of Killstream, have been said to contribute to his dwindling YouTube subscription count. But, whatever may have led to it hasn’t stopped the notorious YouTuber who has continued with his controversies, regardless.

Quick Facts 

1. Warski has a girlfriend named Sinead Duffy and she was featured on his social media in 2015.

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2. Warski left his hometown to live in the U.S where he first shared an apartment with Ethan Ralph of Killstream, now banned Youtube channel blamed for encouraging white nationalism.

3. He first tried out acting, believing that his dream was in the film industry. His only known work so far is Dark Fist which he wrote, directed and acted. He has an ongoing project which he started producing in 2017 and it’s titled Warski Live, where he is exploiting his acting abilities as the main cast. His co-YouTuber Chris Warski is also a part of the project.


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