A Look At Andy Hubbard Net Worth and Facts About Stephanie Ruhle’s Husband

Andy Hubbard is an American businessman and financial expert who has had quite an extensive background in the financial sector and is respected for his deep knowledge in risk management of derivatives and other financial instruments. Having been an active participant in the financial sector for years and having worked in several financial/marketing establishments, he has come to be revered as a man who knows his onions.

Apart from being known for his work in the financial sector, Andy Hubbard is also known as the husband of Stephanie Ruhle, a beautiful and popular NBC News correspondent who has garnered a lot of following over the years. The couple is admired for the work they put into their marriage to make it look like a totally unbreakable union.

Who is Andy Hubbard?

The day, month and year in which Andy Hubbard was born are not known. This is quite surprising considering that he has been in the spotlight especially after his marriage to his wife. The man has done a good job concealing information about his date of birth and childhood experiences. However, many people believe he was born in the ’70s and that he is an age mate of his wife who was born in 1975.

There are no details about the identity of his parents and what they did to earn a living while he was growing up. It is also not known if he has siblings or if is an only child. The towns of cities in which he lived while growing up have also remained concealed.

Even though the high school he attended is not known, we know that Andy Hubbard did attend the Princeton University where he studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Surprisingly, after he graduated from university, Andy began a career in a filed that was alien from what he had studied in school; he went into finance.

Career Achievements

Even though he studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in school, Andy Hubbard did not pursue an engineering career, he instead went after finance. So far, he has spent the most part of his career in the financial world.

Following his graduation, Andy Hubbard found work at Suisse Financial Products Company where he served as the Associate Manager and Derivatives Marketer. Passionate about the job, he continued working at the company from 1997 to 2000 and then quit. Thereafter, he started working as the Director of Product Development at Kiodex, a company that provides web-based risk management and trading systems.

After his stint with Kiodex, Andy began working with Deutsche Bank as the Vice President in Equity Derivative Prop Trading. He worked there for a while before moving to Credit Suisse, an investment banking company where he served as the Chief of US Structured Credit Derivatives Trading.

In 2014, Andy started working with UBS O’Connor, a company that provides advisory services to private funds. He worked as the Managing Director of the company.

His work with these different financial institutions over the years has enabled him to gain deep insight into the financial world and the ability to accurately read the behavior of the financial market, instruments, trading and risk management as well as spot bankable trading and investment opportunities.

What is Andy Hubbard’s Net Worth?

Having worked in the finance industry for quite a while and having had job experiences in different financial companies over the years, it is expected that Andy Hubbard has made quite a fortune for himself. He is respected for his vast knowledge in trading and risk management and has even become a co-CEO of his own company. These ventures are expected to have fetched him lots of money over time.

At the moment, Andy Hubbard’s exact net worth has not been revealed yet but it is believed that he is worth several millions of dollars.

How He Met His Wife, Stephanie Ruhle

Andy Hubbard became popular mainly because of his wife. His wife, Stephanie Ruhle is famous because she is a TV personality who has a lot of fans. She currently works as an NBC News correspondent. Before that, she has also worked as the managing editor and news anchor for Bloomberg Television as well as the editor-at-large for Bloomberg News. Her popularity has rubbed off on her husband, Andy as he has also become one of the talked about American businessmen.

Andy Hubbard met his wife, Stephanie Ruhle while they were both working at Credit Suisse. It is noteworthy that Stephanie also worked in the finance sector before branching off to journalism. After they met, the couple caught each other’s attention and started dating. They dated for a while before they got married in 2002. They continue to live happily with each other till today and there are no rumors of problems in their union.

Andy Hubbard
Andy Hubbard with his wife, Stephanie, and their kids

He and His Wife Have Three Kids

The marriage between Andy Hubbard and his wife, Stephanie Ruhle has produced three children. The couple’s kids have been identified as Reese, Harrison, and Drew Hubbard. Apparently, Andy and his wife are fond of their children and have given them the best life they can afford.

Andy Hubbard Co-founded a Technology Startup

Even though he has worked all his life in the finance sector, Andy Hubbard branched off to technology in 2018 and even went on to co-found a technology startup. According to details provided by his LinkedIn profile, he is the co-CEO of HausMart, an app which allows users to sell anything they have to sell directly from their phones.

Andy has explained that the goal of the app is to give young entrepreneurs and small businesses the chance to sell their products easily through something as affordable and accessible as a mobile phone.

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Where Does He Live?

Andy Hubbard now lives with his family at the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a borough in New York City. The family used to live in Tribeca, another neighborhood in New York but they moved to the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2017. Their new home in Manhattan is a 4-story townhouse that they bought for $7.5 million.

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