Who Is Andy Favreau? Here are 5 Good Reasons You Need To Know Who He Is

In the Favreau home, the success of their two sons is something that is always cherished. Andy Favreau is a modestly successful actor who has starred in projects like Code Black and Champions. His brother, on the other hand, is Jon Favreau, a political commentator who worked for the former President of the United States – Barack Obama, and is the co-founder and host of one of the most popular podcasts in the country, Pod Save America.

While sibling rivalry is common in most families, Andy has chosen to focus on his own career, instead, and has never shied from praising his brother whenever the need calls for it.

Keep reading as we take a quick look at the life of Andy Favreau and five facts about him below.

Who is Andy Favreau?

Andy Favreau was born in Boston, Massachusetts on the 28th of August, 1984 to parents Lillian Favreau and Mark Favreau. His parents are of French-Canadian and Greek ancestry, an ethnicity that Andy shares.

Very little is known of his educational background but we know he took acting classes in Boston before he earned his first professional credit. Andy Favreau became an actor in 2011, starring as Matt in the film, What’s Your Number? Since his debut, Andy has gone on to star in several other films like Mark of the Dog Rose and The Charnel House.

He made his television debut on the show, 1600 Penn, in 2013, two years after his film debut. It was the first of many television shows for the actor, who has had a majority of his appearances on the medium. Since the debut, he has appeared on shows like NCIS, A to Z, Bones, 2 Broke Girls, and Rosewood.

For the majority of the beginning of his television career, Andy Favreau starred as a guest actor on shows until he got his first role as a recurring character on Aquarius in 2016. He has appeared in other shows like Champions and Single Parents in more prominent roles.

Five Good Reasons You Need to Know Who He Is

1. He wanted to be a criminal lawyer

Not many actors suddenly find themselves in the profession. The majority often dream of becoming an actor or an actress since they were little, working to one day become a professional actor or actress with a giant billboard with their name on it. That wasn’t the case for Andy Favreau.

While the rest of his peers were imagining a time when their names would appear in film credits, Andy Favreau dreamed of a career in the courtroom. He grew up wanting to be a criminal lawyer and he pursued this dream in college and graduate school. Unfortunately, the reality was not as satisfying as the dream for Andy and he diverted to a career in acting instead.

2. He is in a committed relationship

Possibly one of the most difficult things about life as an actor, particularly when famous, is finding someone to commit to in a long-term relationship. That is not a problem Andy Favreau shares. He has been in a committed relationship with Molly McQueen for several years and the couple very much intends to get married after they got engaged in June 2018.

3. He is dating the granddaughter of a Hollywood icon

Andy Favreau may not be the most popular name around but he does seem to be connected to a few of those who are. His long-term girlfriend, Molly McQueen is the granddaughter of legendary actor, Steve McQueen. Like Andy, Molly is also an actress.

Steve McQueen is one of Hollywood’s legends who made iconic films like The Magnificent Seven, Bullitt and a few others.

4. He is quite tall

Andy Favreau
Andy and a co-star in Champions

While Andy Favreau does not share the popularity of his brother, he is certainly very pleasing to look at. The actor stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. His strong looks are defined by a well-chiseled jawline complemented with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

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5. He starred in 1600 Penn

While it is not the actual White House where his brother once worked for President Barack Obama, Andy Favreau starred in the sitcom which was set in the White House. The show featured Josh Gad and Jenna Elfman. On the show, Andy starred as John.

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