Andrew Pruett – Bio, Family & Facts About Abigail Spencer’s Ex-Husband

Despite the declaration to love and be together happily forever at the altar, the reality of a marriage often clashes with the possibility of achieving that, sometimes to devastating effect. It is a reality that not even the wealth and glamour of Hollywood life can shield its actors and actresses from and it was one that Abigail Spencer had to live with when her marriage to Andrew Pruett ended in 2013.

Abigail Spencer is a noted name in the industry having starred in shows like Suits, Grey’s Anatomy, and Timeless, among plenty others. Her ex-husband, Andrew Pruett on the other hand, exist in a world completely different from his ex-wife, as a businessman in the eSports industry.

We were inclined to take a closer look at the life of Andrew Pruett and we gathered our findings below. Read on.

Andrew Pruett Biography

Andrew Pruett was born on the 1st of February 1980 somewhere in the United States, a fact that makes him an American. He was born to parents whose identities we currently do not know. There is no much information regarding his childhood years and we cannot say if he had any siblings.

We know, however, a bit about his academic history, specifically his higher education which was at John Brown University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting.

Following the completion of his academic journey, he set out to begin his professional career and he started with a self-owned company, Sonic Drive-In. He ran the company for about a year before he joined The Walt Disney Studios where he worked as Senior Coordinator of Brand Marketing. While he was with the company, he also served as the executive coordinator of the Walt Disney Internet Group, assuming the position in 1999.

He spent several years working with The Walt Disney Company in several roles before he moved on to join Quattro Wireless where he worked as the Vice President of Advertising. He then later spent six years working for Apple Inc, between 2010 and 2016 as the Head of Western & South-Central US Advertising.

After leaving Apple, Andrew Pruett sought to go back to the beginning of his career, owning his own company and he quit the tech. giant to establish an eSports company, NRG eSports in 2016. He has been running the company as CEO and President since its establishment to date.

Relationship with Abigail Spencer

When it comes to Hollywood, it is often more advisable to marry someone who is also in the industry in order to establish an implicit understanding of the demands of the industry. While it is certainly not a foolproof idea, it has borne its own share of success stories, but sometimes, you cannot control where love finds you and sometimes, people go against the norm, which was what Abigail Spencer did when she married Andrew Pruett in 2004.

Andrew Pruett
Andrew Pruett with his ex-wife, Abigail Spencer

Andrew Pruett and Abigail Spencer had been introduced by a mutual friend who considered both of them to be a good fit for each other, and for about a decade the friend was right. The introduction led to a date that led to a relationship and they got engaged to be married in 2004.

The couple then went before God and their family and friends in the same year to share their vows in a private wedding ceremony, beginning what was expected to be a lifelong marriage. One of the blessings of marriage arrived four years after they got married in the form of their son, Roman Pruett in 2008.

Unfortunately, the sweet ride of their marriage came to a halt in the early periods of 2012 and they got separated, completing their separation in a legal divorce in 2013 with Abigail Spencer winning the full custody of their solitary child.

Since they got divorced, both parties have moved on professionally and personally, with Abigail Spencer starting a new relationship with Josh Pence while her ex-husband, Andrew Pruett started on with Kristin Dawn Chenoweth, although like his marriage, it did not last.

Andrew Pruett’s Net Worth

Andrew Pruett might have a personal life with mixed success but his professional life has been full of success. He has worked for the prestigious tech company, Apple and he is now the CEO of an eSports company, NRG eSports, a company focused on a multi-billion dollar industry. It there comes as no surprise that with his professional experience, which includes a stint at The Walt Disney Company, he is worth an estimated $2 million.

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Other Facts About Abigail Spencer’s Ex-Husband

  • Andrew Pruett is a Christian
  • The middle name of his son and only child is Allen.
  • He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
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