Andrew Hussie – Bio, Net Worth and Everything You Need To Know
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It’s the 21st century and literature like every other discipline has evolved, while some people are very much into prose which can be further divided into – novel, novella, and drama, there seem to be a new branch of literature which is rapidly climbing up the ranks – webcomics. A single click on the internet and you can have access to thousand pages of comics with one of the most popular in the genre being MS Paint Adventures which was created by no other person than Andrew Hussie. That being said, Andrew Hussie is a writer, author, and artiste who is highly revered for his work on MS Paint Adventures. Although his comics are well known, a lot of fans are still in the dark about who he really is; a factor we intend to change through this article.

Andrew Hussie Bio

Andrew Hussie was born on August 25, 1979, in Massachusetts. Very little is known with regards to his childhood except for the tiny detail that he was raised by his parents alongside his brother, Bryon Hussie. He is also an alumnus of Temple University where he received his degree in computer science. According to the artist, his fascination for computers and technology began at a very tender age,  luring him to chase a career in the aforementioned field.

Upon graduation from college, Hussie began writing a series of graphic novels but they received minimal success; in fact, only one his several graphic imprints made it to the publisher’s desk. Choosing to take a different approach, he partnered with Jan Van Dem Hamel in 2006  to create parody videos of Star Trek: The Next Generation until 2009. It was because of this partnership that Hussie decided to set up a website which he called MS Paint Adventure in 2007. He used the website as a platform to upload comics and video games. The comics which drew inspiration from video games and originally intended to make use of fans suggestions from its official comic forum in making stories but then, growth in fan base and Hussie’s desire to tell a more cogent and intriguing story saw him put a stop to it.

Furthermore he went on to publish several comics on the website such as Jail Break, Bard Quest, ProblemSleuth and most recently Homestuck which centers on a certain group of teenagers who unknowingly trigger the total destruction and subsequent end of the world by merely installing a beta copy of a new computer game and as such becomes burdened with the responsibility of creating a new and better universe through the game.

What Is His Net Worth?

Over the year, webcomics have become one of the best selling kinds of literature. Thus, it’s inevitable that those who devote a certain amount of time in designing, writing, and creating webcomics are expected to be worth a lot of money. That being said, several sources claim Andrew Hussie has an estimated net worth of $1 million but his standard of living suggests he might be worth more than that. In 2015, when he decided to develop a Homestuck game, he quickly came up with over $2.4 million via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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Everything You Need To Know About Andrew Hussie

You can regard the following as facts to always keep in mind about Andrew Hussie.

1. The American author and artist is currently single and hasn’t been rumored or linked to be involved with anyone. There is also no information available about his past relationships.

2. Andrew and his older brother Byron once co-produced a video series centered on the life of a fictional bigfoot researcher Barty Anderson.

3. The famous American author and artist has a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a weight of 62 kg. Besides that, he is yet to disclose further information about his other body measurements. Speaking about his body features, he has a light brown eye color and hair.

4. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Andrew Hussie has been unable to detach from his roots. Decades after his birth, he still lives in Massachusetts.

5. He once created a dating simulation game for Namco Bandi which they named Namco High. After creation, the game was developed by What Pumpkin Studios and Date Night LLC. Andrew Hussie was also charged with the responsibility of directing the game.

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