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Sporting an incredibly beautiful face and a mouth-watering, alluring body shape, Ana Cheri is an American model and social media star who has become a sensation on Instagram because of her prepossessing, appealing looks. Fit, sharp and very intelligent, the model is loved for the way she motivates people to take their health seriously by always working out and maintaining a healthy weight. She often posts videos and photos of herself in the gym.

Over the years, Ana has built a large community of loyal fans on social media who follow her every move online. She has also featured in some very popular magazine publications such as the Muscle and Fitness Magazine and others, cementing her place as one of the models of high repute in America.

Ana Cheri Biography & Age

Ana Cheri was born on the 16th day of the month of May in the year 1986. The model was born in California, USA and grew up with the rest of her family in Southern California’s Huntington. Although she is apparently an American woman, sources have revealed that Ana also has Latin roots.

The identity of Ana Cheri’s parents has not been revealed. However, we do know that she grew up with siblings who are all brothers. Being the only girl in the house taught her to be tough as she grew up. She also used to have some traits of a tomboy. Even though their identities remain elusive to date, it is known that she is very fond of her brothers.

Information about the elementary school, high school or the college where Ana had her education has not been provided. It is however believed that she had some form of formal education growing up.

Ana Cheri’s Net Worth

Ana has grown through ranks to become one of the most sought after American models and social media stars. She has worked with many prestigious brands and has posed for international magazines, stunning fans with her alluring looks and incredible body. She has also become the brand ambassador for some brands including Shredz Supplements, a fitness outfit that helps people build their body using the right channels and with the right motivation. She is also a motivational speaker who has often moved many people to do more to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Apparently, these moves have fetched her quite a lot of money over the years.

At the moment, Ana Cheri is reported to be worth about $1.5 million. It is certain that this figure will change with time as she keeps making some more money through her modeling and other ventures.

What Is Her Height?

Ana Cheri is quite an endowed woman. The model stands at 5 feet 7 inches in height. In addition to this, she has the commensurate weight of 54kg. Like all models and fitness freaks, Ana knows how to take care of her body and takes lots of time and effort to care for herself. Her body measurements have been revealed to be 34 inches (bust), 25 inches (waist) and 36 inches (hips).

Facts About The Model

1. Her modeling career

Being a very beautiful woman, it was not too hard for Ana Cheri to land gigs when she started out as a model. She became a very known face in the industry when she was featured in the very popular Playboy magazine. In fact, she was named the Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the month for October 2015 because of her popularity and her fame kept soaring.

Following her appearance on Playboy magazine, Ana began to land more modeling gigs. She also started receiving some endorsements from big corporate houses. Some of these big companies include Moskova Underwear, Ultimate Armwrestling League, K&N Filters and even Monster Energy.

As time went on, she got signed by Shredz Supplements as their permanent brand ambassador. In that capacity, she tours America to motivate people to keep fit and remain very positive. The model has also been able to build her own gym which she calls ‘Be More Athletics’. The gym is located in Santa Ana, California. She now plans to expand and open branches all over the country.

With her drive and passion for fitness, the future is apparent, even brighter for Ana Cheri who continues to work hard to grow her brand.

Ana Cheri
Ana Cheri and her husband, Ben Moreland

2. Relationship status

Ana Cheri is a happily married woman. She is married to a man called Ben Moreland who is also a fitness specialist and has actively supported her modeling career over the years. The couple appears to be very happy with each other.

The exact time she got married to Ben is not known, however, it is known that she is head-over-heels in love with him. She is known to be in the habit of posting photos of herself and her husband very regularly on her Instagram to the admiration of her fans.

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3. Social media presence

Ana Cheri is very big on social media. She is now followed by more than 12 million people on Instagram. Ana began building her page by posting alluring photos and videos of herself online. The contents that she posted attracted people to her and she continued growing. It is expected that she will keep getting bigger on social media as time goes by.

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