Who is Amin Elhassan? His Wife, NBA Career and Other Facts

When it comes to sports journalism, there are people who have distinguished themselves following their top-notch analysis and presentation skills. Amongst them is Amin Elhassan, a Sudanese sports analyst, and commentator associated with the popular sports channel, ESPN. Surprisingly, Amin didn’t study any journalism, he got an engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and yet he is one of the cool guys making waves in the sports industry. Asides from NBA analysis, Amin has equally appeared on other notable television shows such as Mike & Mike, The Jump, and Sports Center, among others. Learn more about the sports commentator below.

Amin Elhassan Biography

The sports commentator was born as Amin Elhassan in Republic or Sudan on the 12th day of April 1979. His family moved to the United States when he was three years old and when they arrived in the US; they settled in New York City. There the young Amin completed his basic education as well as his higher education. Although Elhassan had a passion for sports; he resorted to studying engineering because of his excellent mathematical skills. Elhassan went on to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering. The analyst has an African-American ethnicity and possesses Sudanese nationality.

NBA Career

amin elhassan
Elhassan on The Jump show

Realizing that his fit is not in engineering either, Amin began with the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He served in the marketing department of the team and while he was there; he was opportune to get himself acquainted with the sports environment. The star also made a few connections. Afterwards, he interned at New York Knicks basketball operations office during the 2004/05 season.

After the season, Amin joined the Phoenix Suns where he first started working as a video coordinator. Subsequently, he was elevated to the position of a scouting coordinator and after showing great potentials; Amin was assigned to work as the team’s assistant director of basketball operations under the team’s manager named Steve Kerr. He worked with the Suns for four seasons before joining the ESPN.

In search of a more challenging environment, Amin Elhassan got a gig with the famous sporting channel ESPN. At first, he was hired by the network as a freelance sports writer and after a few years of writing wonderful sports articles; Elhassan landed a fulltime job by the sports channel in 2013. Since then, he has been serving as a sports correspondent and analyst. Amin has brought live coverage of crucial NBA games as well as top-notch analysis.

Additionally, Elhassan has appeared on other sports shows on the network including The Jump and SportsNation, among others. He is also a regular contributor on ESPN radio podcasts such as The Dan LeBatard Show and other live chat podcasts. The sports analyst is well-known for his controversial comments and offensive jokes he makes while on the sports shows. He has also landed himself in a little bit of controversy with the fans of various NBA teams.

Meet Amin Elhassan’s Wife

Amin Elhassan has been in the limelight for a long while and has won the heart of many women courtesy of his witty analytical skills; nevertheless, nothing much is known about his love life. Many of his fans have been itching to know if the television personality is having a relationship; has a girlfriend or married but were left with fewer answers. Interestingly, Elhassan has joined the long list of those celebrities who have succeeded in achieving equilibrium between their professional and personal life.

Based on the foregoing, Amin Elhassan is believed to be currently single and not married yet. He has not been linked to anyone or any relationship. He might have a girlfriend or even married with kids but has chosen to keep it away from attracting the media eye. Amin is currently focused on getting to the apex of his sports journalism career.

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Other Interesting Facts about Amin Elhassan

  • Elhassan was born in Sudan and was raised in the United States of America.
  • Despite staying in the US for long, Amin is yet to be a citizen.
  • He studied engineering and pursued a career in sports journalism
  • Amin joined ESPN as a front-office analyst and commentator in 2013
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