America’s Top 10 Most Ridiculous Laws

Observing laws are a significant part of civilization and once laws are set, they are meant to be adhered to irrespective of their nature. Laws are made to protect citizens of a society and humans have set different kinds of it for different reasons. They include legal laws and also some awful laws like racist laws, sexist laws, simply silly laws. Aside being the most powerful nation on earth, America is known for its high level of lawlessness and though several standard laws are in place, there are also dumb ones. Scroll on to read the most ridiculous laws in America you shouldn’t be caught breaking.

10. Using X-Ray to Determine Your Shoe Size is a Punishable Offense

Just like the rest of the world, the American health authorities are very much aware of the harmful side effects of radiation. Most citizens of the state prefer beauty to health, and for this reason Nevada had to enforce a law prohibiting people from using a shoe-fitting fluoroscope (also known as pedoscope or foot-o-scope). This pedoscope is a device that determines shoe size by scanning the feet with x-rays. It’s a stupid law though  but it shows that the state cares about the well-being of its citizens.

9. No Simultaneous Drink Offering

In Nevada, how you drink your beer is not just your business but also that of the state: it is illegal for a person to buy drinks for more than three people at once. Nevada doesn’t care how rich you are, they just don’t want you to flaunt your generosity in public. If you suddenly forget yourself and say “all drinks are on me!” You may end up drinking your share behind bars.

8. You Can Be Merry, but Only for a Limited Time…

outdoor christmas decorations

In Maine, it is illegal to keep up Christmas Decorations after January 14th. So on January 13th all left over Christmas trees, lights and all better get back into the basement or will be bundled up by the authorities after arresting the owner.

7. Pickles Must Bounce

In Connecticut, the government cares about the important things, like making sure that the pickle in your hamburger is a real pickle, the kind that bounces, not one of those other non-bouncing pickle wannabes. For a pickle to legally be called a pickle, it must bounce. According to NBC, the pickle law has actually created some difficulties for local farmers within the past few years. It’s not as easy as it sounds to find the right method to ensure your pickles are real and bounce-able.

6. If You Love Your Wife, Don’t Make Her Fat

In Idaho, it is illegal for a man to give his spouse a box of candy weighing more than 50lbs which is actually a lot of candy. Well, I doubt a lot of people will fault this law because no man would want to have an obese wife and would know better than to be the one instigating a plus size for her.  


5. Stealing Seaweed is a Crime

Seaweed contains alginate,a substance which thickens solutions and is used as fillers in fertilizer and animal feed. Fertilizer and animal feed companies love harvesting this plant due to its importance until it became a crime to do so. In 1973, New Hampshire officially made it illegal to collect and take away seaweed at night. Though the resulting sentence is unspecified, carrying away seaweed at night is a violation of fish and game provisions.

4. It is Illegal to Wear Body Vests While Committing a Murder

Absolutely ridiculous but true, in New Jersey, you must carefully choose your attire before committing a crime, as it could add to your sentence if caught. If you choose to wear a body vest or bullet-proof armor while committing, for instance, murder, robbery or sexual assault, you will be charged for the crime of wearing a bullet-proof vest while committing the felony. In the case that this law is not respected, the original crime committed will be pushed from a third-degree to a second or first-degree.

3. Seduction is Illegal

In South Carolina, it is illegal for a man over 16 to seduce a woman by pretending to want to marry her. A man who breaks this law ultimately will be charged with misdemeanor and being charged at the court’s discretion. He may also be jailed but for no longer than a year. However, this law does not apply if the woman is already married or “lewd” or “unchaste”. The woman must also have an alibi to prove the man’s false intentions or he cannot be convicted.

2. No Bingo Addictions

Bingo is a very addictive game and placing an addiction law to it might sound bizarre but its a wise move for North Carolina. Knowing that each bingo game can not last more than 5 hours, the North Carolina authorities put it into black and white that only one bingo game can take place within a 48-hour period and no more than $500 worth of prizes should be given away.

1. Sex is a Sin and a Crime

In the state of Virginia, sex before marriage is not only considered a sin, it’s a crime and a punishable offense. Regardless of your age, religious views and whatever else, making love before tying the knot is a Class 4 misdemeanor. Now would you say these laws make sense or they are an overrated bunch.

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