Amber Serrano – Bio, Family & Facts About Ralph Tresvant’s Wife

You may call her Amber Serrano or you may choose to call her Amber Tresvant, whatever name you choose to call her, you would still be talking about the recognized actress and visual art designer, who is the wife of New Edition singer, Ralph Tresvant. Their relationship has lasted several decades which is impressive for the American music industry, notorious for its high turnover in relationships.

Amber Serrano has had a career that has spanned across music, acting, and designing, reflecting the multi-talented nature of the singer’s wife. In this article, we take a closer look at her life, her relationship with her husband and all other interesting facts you need to know about her.

Amber Serrano Biography

Amber Serrano was born on 29th of May, 1976 to African American parents. Born in the United States to parents whose identities are so far unknown, Amber had a rough childhood which manifested via the divorce of her parents while she was eight years old.

Born as the middle child in a family of five, Amber and two siblings were raised by her mother and her maternal grandparents. As part of her development, she attended high school where her talent for art manifested. Recognized as a talented young artist who excelled in arts and design, she became a part of her school’s art department.

If Amber Serrano attended college after she completed high school, we could not possibly say but following the end of her academic life, she set out to explore different aspects of creative art, starting with establishing her own design company, a visual art design company named Divine Inner Vision Agency.

Other than working as a visual artist and visual art designer, she also dabbled in acting, appearing in an episode of the comedy, House Part and also in a documentary series about her husband’s music group, New Edition. The docu-series was titled The New Edition Story.

A lover of music and convinced of her ability to sing, Amber Serrano has also taken her love for Creative Art into the music studio to record a couple of tracks, including two songs which have each featured in the soundtrack for two movies.

What Is Amber Serrano’s Net Worth?

Other than her work in the docu-series, The New Edition Story which focused on her husband’s music group, Amber Serrano hasn’t had much impact or footprint as an actress. However as a talented visual art designer and owner of her own company, Divine Inner Vision Agency, she has been able to accrue an impressive net worth. Her total net worth is estimated to be about $15 million in value.

Her Personal Life

More than anything Amber Serrano has achieved, it is her relationship with Ralph Tresvant that has elevated her into the realm of celebrated personalities. She met her husband, Ralph Tresvant, for the first time when she was 13 years old as a fan of his music group, New Edition. However, her admiration of Ralph, who is the lead singer of the group, had not left her when she met him again as an adult.

When they met again, Ralph Tresvant was married to Shelly Tresvant and had three children with the woman he had been married to since 1993. However, a tendency to commit adultery and his wife’s drug problem led to the eventual collapse of their marriage.

The marriage ended in 1996 and Amber Serrano began an official relationship shortly after, although several reports suggest the relationship began long before the marriage was officially over. Their long years of dating eventually led to a wedding ceremony on the 18th of September, 2004, in a private but large ceremony that featured two couples for a double wedding.

Since Amber Serrano and Ralph Tresvant got married, they have given birth to a single child, a son named Dakari Tresvant who was born in 2005. Along with being the mother of his child, Amber is also a stepmother to Ralph’s children from his first marriage – Mariah, Na’Quelle and Ralph Tresvant Jr.

Although Amber and Ralph have been the subject of rumors of a divorce, the couple continues to remain strong together.

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Other Facts About Amber Serrano

1. Amber has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and has a body weight of 55 kg.

2. She has a slim body build that is complemented with dark brown hair and black colored eyes.

3. As part of her short music career, she has a solo album to her name.

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