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Just like Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N’ Loud show, Joe Martin has made name and wealth from knocking off rust from abandoned automobiles and making them rise up in newness of life through recreation! Martin does this through his Martin Brothers Customs company and brings his acts to the public through the Iron Resurrection show.

Iron Resurrection airs on Velocity channel (now Motor Trend TV) since 2016. The show stars the Martin Brothers Customs team, namely: Joe Martin, his brother, Jason Martin; his friend, Jayson Arrington, and his wife, Amanda Martin. It documents the quartet roaming around their home state of Texas looking for abandoned bikes and vehicles and transforming them into modern works of engineering art. Amanda Martin’s husband, Joe Martin is the leading star of the show. An exceptionally talented fabricator, Joe is the one that makes custom sketches of the designs of every automobile the team would work on. But despite having garnered massive fame from his career, there is still a lot more to know about him.

Lesser-known Facts About Amanda Martin’s Husband, Joe Martin

Although many regard Joe Martin as a Texas native due to how long he has lived there, he is originally from Illinois. Joe was born in the mid-western U.S state on April 16, 1969. He, however, left the state with his family when he was just ten years old.

With the level of automobile mechanics expertise Joe Martin displays on Iron Resurrection, it may be difficult to convince some that he never underwent any professional training in the field.

Martin’s artistic prowess started right from his childhood. He would get the Hot Rod car magazine and make attempts at drawing the cars in the magazine. His mother had to get him a large drawing pad after she caught him making sketches on the wall. Joe went on to hone his interest in automobiles by grabbing any knowledge he could from older guys around his neighborhood. He subsequently fine-tuned his auto-mechanic skills by working at an automotive parts store.

Owing to his artistic abilities, Martin would always be given custom painting jobs to do at the shop. Not long after, he ventured out and established his own vehicle customizing enterprise and later incorporated his brother Jason in the business. The duo, however, soon switched to motorcycle fabrication and restoration owing to the 1990s bike craze.

This venture they called the Martin Bros Bikes. Switching back to vehicle construction some years later (after the bike trend), Joe and Jason established the Martin Brothers Customs company and subsequently landed on the Iron Resurrection show.

Seeing Joe Martin on Velocity Channel, one might think it is his first automobile TV show attempt. But not at all. More than a decade before launching Iron Resurrection, Martin had appeared as a contestant on Discovery Channel’s show, Biker Build-Off. Owing to his expertise in the field, he emerged champion of the 2004 edition of the show. This took place around the time he was into the business of constructing motorbikes with his brother, Jason. His win had contributed a great deal in boosting his bike-building business then. It also created room for him to hit his current show, Iron Resurrection.

Interesting Details About Amanda’s Marital and Family Life

Amanda Martin and her husband currently reside in Austin, Texas where they are well-known. From the look of things, the couple has been married for several years. None of them has, however, revealed any information on how they met or when they tied the knot.

Their marital relationship grew into a working partnership business-wise, with both of them being co-founders of the Martin Brothers Customs. Instead of their marital life, what is seen more of Amanda and Joe is their working relationship. Despite how much private they are keeping their marital life, it is safe to say that the duo are enjoying a blissful relationship considering the fact that they have never had any issue that came to media notice.

are So far in their marriage, Amanda Martin and her husband seem not to have any kids together as they have never made mention of such. The couple, however, are both dog lovers. They own two dogs with whom they live in their home.

As for Amanda Martin’s biological family, the reality star was born on the 11th of December, 1973 as Amanda Jill Kethley. She is one of the four children of her parents. She thus has three siblings, namely: Zack, Sandra, and Wendi Keathley. While many sources identify Amanda’s mom as Sandi Klapp Nafziger, no information is available about her dad. She often shares throwback photos of herself, her mom and siblings. Her dad has however, never come into the picture. So far, his identity and whereabouts remain under wraps.

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Amanda Martin’s Sources of Income and Net Worth

Amanda Martin has made some significant income that is enough to earn herself a net worth worthy of mention. While Iron Resurrection has successfully aired for four seasons as at the time of writing this article, the Martin Brothers company reportedly makes a yearly revenue of over $200,000. With Amanda being a regular on the former and an integral part of the latter, she certainly pockets a significant portion of the proceeds of the two ventures.

Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin with husband, Joe Martin and Jayson Arrington (Shag)

Prior to her television career, Amanda has engaged in well-paid jobs which formed the foundation of her worthy-of-mention net worth. She initially worked for a Plano, Texas branch of Wells Fargo, a multinational financial services company. She worked with the company for a period of five years within which she rose to the position of a manager. According to Glassdoor, a branch manager at Wells Fargo takes home an annual salary of $110,000.

Following her departure from Wells Fargo, Pioneer Bank located in Austin, Texas hired Amanda as their Assistant Vice President. Within a space of four years, Martin rose to the ranks of Deposit Operations Vice President and Product Manager. She maintained the later position until 2017 when she left the bank to focus on her personal ventures, the Iron Resurrection show inclusive.

In addition to the reality show, the Martin Brothers crew of which Amanda Martin is a significant part of also manage a line of merchandise. The collection of items which are on display on the company’s website include items like t-shirts, hats, and accessories such as radiator caps, key rings, books, and stickers, and so on.

Put together, Amanda Martin’s net worth has grown through the years to reach an estimated $300,000. With the Iron Resurrection expected to continue to be on the air for a couple more seasons, Amanda is expected to be worth a lot more in the coming years. Her husband, Joe Martin, however, is worth an estimated $700,000 which brings their joint worth to the region of $1 million.

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