Amanda Balionis is a Household Name on CBS Sports but Here are Details About Her Family

When you think of stylish women making waves in sports journalism, Amanda Balionis is certainly one of those that comes to mind. Amanda is a gorgeous American sports journalist who works for the CBS Network. She has been an essential part of the CBS Golf Team and the anchor of the network’s golf segment since 2016. The exceptional sports reporter also holds the record of being CBS’ first social media Super Bowl correspondent. Prior to joining CBS Sports, the sportscaster previously worked with other popular networks including PGA Tour, ABC News Now, and Verizon Sports, among others.

Considering how far Amanda Balionis have come in a career/field that is obviously male-dominated, it becomes quite an interesting task to have a closer look at her personality.

Meet Balionis’ Parents and Other Family Members

Amanda Balionis is an American journalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she was born on the 20th day of June 1987. After spending her early years in her birth town of Pittsburgh, Amanda moved with her family to Lancaster, Pennsylvania at the age of 10. There, she attended the Manheim Township High School, playing volleyball for the school team until her graduation in 2004. Shortly after her graduation, she enrolled at Hofstra University where she studied Broadcast Journalism, acquiring her degree in 2008.

Amanda was born into a family of golf lovers. Her parents, Anthony and Dana Balionis are avid golf players. Amanda particularly describes her mom, Dana as a “golf fanatic and lunatic”. Her parents who made a very lovely couple raised her to love the game by taking her to golf games/courses almost on a daily bases.

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Unfortunately in 2016, Amanda’s parents got involved in a ghastly road crash in which they had a head-on collision. Although the two survived the terrible accident, they sustained severe injuries that placed them in the ICU where they underwent a series of surgeries as part of their treatments. Amanda’s father, however, appeared to be the worst hit. The old man later died in September 2018 after a long battle treating the injuries he sustained from the accident.

Amanda Balionis has a very close bond with her parents, often sharing her photos with them on social media. For the next year following her father’s death, the golf announcer struggled with emotional problems which saw her visiting several therapists and doctors as well as working on her diet, exercise, and general lifestyle. On the side of her mum, they share such closeness that her mum could dictate what she wears. Back in 2014, Amanda appeared on camera in a rugby shirt which her mum ordered her never to wear again; and she obeyed.

Amanda Balionis is the only child of her parents. She thus has no siblings – brother nor sister. In addition to her parents, Balionis’ maternal grandparents were also very enthusiastic golfers. The duo met on a golf course and also lived on a golf course where the entire family played together.

Is The Famous Sportscaster Married?

Amanda Balionis is one of those celebrities that enjoy leaving their personal life, especially romantic affairs to speculations. And true to the fact, a lot of speculations have been going on over the unique sportscaster’s love life. Luckily, the JR team has dug out some useful information about Amanda’s relationship status and history.

If you are still wondering if Amanda Balionis is married, the answer is NO. Amanda has not married at the time of writing this article. She is also apparently single as there is no available information linking her to any man. The amazing sportscaster has, however, hinted at having been in a few relationships in the past.

Sometime in 2014, Amanda mentioned having a boyfriend in a social media post. She, however, didn’t reveal the identity of the lucky guy. In 2016 however, she talked of having “ex-boyfriends”, pointing to the fact that she has dated some men but things didn’t work out well.

Although Miss Balionis might want to get married, it seems not to be her priority at the moment as she has continued to pull a lot of stunts in her profession as a sports journalist. The talented media personality appears to be focusing fully on climbing to the top of her career while enjoying a private life in her comfortable San Diego residence alongside her pet bulldog, Chorizo.

A Brief of Amanda Balionis’ Background

Owing to her natural passion for sports (and its reporting), Amanda delved into sports journalism during her days at Hofstra University. She started by working as a reporter for WRHU radio station and the University’s newspaper called The Chronicle, anchoring several sporting events organized by her school. She also joined the Association of Women in Communications. The amazing journalist also interned at different media networks including ABC News Now, CBS 2, New York Jets, and the New York Islanders.

On completing her university studies, Balionis got her first official job with the Lancaster Newspaper. She worked as a reporter and editor as well as produced several sports programs for the company. Amanda left the publication in 2009 opting for a more flexible job at Verizon Sports as a freelance sideline reporter. At Verizon, Amanda covered a variety of sports events including high school sports, basketball games, and women’s soccer, alongside other freelance jobs. She subsequently reported for MSG Network before becoming their Varsity features reporter and volleyball commentator.

How Amanda Balionis Attained Her CBS Fame

amanda balionis
Balionis with Sergio Garcia

Amanda Balionis’ break into the limelight of sports reporting began in 2011 when she landed a job with PGA Tour. For the next five years, Amanda worked as a reporter and anchor on the network, hosting several sports programs including PGA Tour Now, among others. She eventually left in 2016 to become an anchor for Callaway Golf. She, however, had a brief stay at Callaway as Turner Sports hired her to cover the 2016 PGA Championship.

It was the 2016 PGA outing that made way for Balionis’ big break. Her exceptional performance at the tournament caught the attention of a big fish – the CBS Network. The next year, we saw Amanda Balionis working as a member of CBS Sports‘ Golf Team where she anchors several golf segments for the TV network. Since joining the CBS Sports team, her amiable, stylish and charming demeanor alongside unrivaled work ethics, have glued millions to the network’s programs.

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In addition to hosting golf broadcasts, Amanda also conducts after-match interviews for CBS Sports. Balionis’ work as a post-match interviewer has much more endeared her to the hearts of millions of sports lovers. This aspect of her job which she has been doing exceptionally well has garnered her massive fame in the field of sports reporting. On this interview platform, Amanda Balionis is widely appreciated for her easy-going but ‘still-in-control’ style of interviewing. The gorgeous reporter has since had the opportunity to interview high profile sports players such as Jack Nicklaus, Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, and Justin Thomas, Derek Carr, among many others.

Amanda has since expanded her CBS career beyond golf to include other sports such as football. She began reporting on football in 2018 and subsequently launched her first Super Bowl outing in 2019. During the tournament, she worked as CBS’ social media correspondent, becoming the first person to ever do so for the network. Alongside her CBS job, the sports journalist continues to make contributions to Callaway Golf and Turner Sports.

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