Amanda Anka – Bio and All You Should Know About Jason Bateman’s Wife

Amanda Anka is an American actress who has become famous through her marriage to the veteran actor/director Jason Bateman. Amanda’s husband is the deadpan comedic actor who has portrayed the starring role of ‘Michael Bluth’ in the FOX and Netflix sitcom Arrested Development since 2003.

Although she may not have had the career clout of her superstar husband, Amanda has also carved her own niche in the industry. Besides, she has equally had other things going for her in her family and more.

Who is Amanda Anka and How Old is She?

It was on December 10, 1968, that the actress was born as Amanda Katherine Anka in New York City. She is an American national with Lebanese and Egyptian roots. While Amanda Anka has a rich family background, we have not been able to lay hold of any detail of her education history.

The brunette has basically been a film and television actress over the years. She started out by acting in the 1992 film Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This is not to be confused with The WB/UPN’s supernatural drama TV series of the same name which aired between 1997 and 2003. Two years later, she played the role of Tamara in the 1994 Michael Baker film Cityscrapes: Los Angeles. She also filled the role of Patti in the syndicated TV series Renegade that aired between 1992 and 1997. In 2000, she acted as Deputy Mina in the Geoffery Wright film Cherry Falls. She also had a role in the 2004 action comedy film Taxi and a couple of other projects.

Amanda Anka was in the news in 2014 when she accused the famous hotelier Andre Balazs of touching her inappropriately. The incident happened at London’s Chiltern Firehouse where they attended a dinner party to celebrate the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 which was her husband’s film. According to Amanda Anka, Balazs slipped his hand under her skirt and touched her crotch while she was on her way up the firehouse ladder which was constructed in such a way as to enable attendees to have an aerial view of London. It was reported then that Amanda was initially hesitant towards ascending the ladder but later changed her mind at Balazs’ insistence.

Amanda Anka has not been seen in any movie role recently but she has been paying more attention to her family life instead.

Net Worth

Amanda Anka’s career has not been consistent over the years which makes it difficult to trace her earning history and calculate (or even estimate) her net worth. So, the figures for her net worth are not verified for now. However, while we still dig for these stats, her husband Jason Bateman is said to be worth as much as $30 million as of 2019.

Spouse & Children

Amanda Anka family
Amanda Anka, her husband Jason Bateman, and their daughters: Image source

Coming to her personal life, Amanda Anka got married to actor Jason Kent Bateman on July 3, 2001, after they had dated for two years. Born in 1969, Amanda’s husband has an acting career that dates back to 1981 and has seen him in up to 80 roles across TV and film. He has also won numerous awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. So far, they have two daughters together, Francesca Nora Bateman who was born on October 28, 2006, and Maple Sylvie Bateman who was born on February 10, 2012.

Amanda Anka’s Parents and Siblings

In her family of birth, Amanda Anka is the daughter of the veteran Canadian-American musician cum actor Paul Anka. Amanda’s father – who was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame in 2005, is remembered for his old-school songs such as Diana (1957) and Lonely Boy (1959). Born to Canadian-Lebanese parents in 1941, Paul Anka became an American citizen in 1990.

Amanda’s mother is Anne de Zogheb who was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1942. She got married to Amanda’s father in 1963, got divorced from him in the year 2000 and died in 2017. Besides Amanda, Anne had four other daughters with Paul Anka who are named Alexandra, Alicia, Anthea, and Amelia. Amanda’s elder sister Alexandra is also an actress credited for her role in the 1989 adventure comedy Troop Beverly Hills. Also famous is Amanda Anka’s younger sister Anthea. She is a writer and blogger known for co-writing the screenplay for the 2016 action thriller Alleycats and for writing the 2017 romantic drama Battlecreeks.

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