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Whatever your interest might be, there is bound to a show that caters to it on American television. Such is the diversity and plethora of entertainment options available on American television which has helped solidify its place as the leading entertainment industry in the world. One of the shows you can find is Graveyard Carz, helmed by Allysa Rose.

If you are a car enthusiast, there is no shortage of television shows catering to your interest. There are multiple of them with each network and show looking for a different angle that attracts viewers. On Graveyard Carz, the idea is to bring old and abandoned Mopar cars back to life and the show accomplishes this via the talents of Allysa Rose and her father, Mark Worman.

Learn all about her by reading our deep dive into her life below.

Allysa Rose Biography

Despite the improvement in the sexism that plagues the car industry, particularly in the engineering department, there still aren’t a lot of women in the field. Which is why a woman like Allysa Rose stands out.

Allysa Rose has become famous from appearing on Graveyard Carz as one of the engineers that work in the restoration of Mopar muscle cars on the show. She was born Allysa Rose Worman sometime in the year 1991 to Mark Worman and an unidentified woman.

Very little is known about her education, but it is known that she fell in love with cars from watching her father work in his garage. Before she committed to spending her life getting grease all over her body and tuning up engines, she trained as a dancer for a decade, learning dances across different genres like jazz, ballet, tap, and hip-hop. She began her training at the age of seven.


After she finished her education, details of which are unknown at this time, she began to star in her father’s reality show, Graveyard Carz. Her father is also the owner of the show’s production company, The Division. The show is filmed primarily in Springfield, Oregon.

Through the close relationship that had developed between her and her father, Mark, she has appeared in over 5 seasons of the show, missing out on just the second, third and fourth seasons of the show.

As part of the rule of the show, Allysa Rose only works on Mopar muscle cars, which makes her an expert on the early 60s and 70s category of cars, just like her father. As part of the cast of the show, Allysa is referred to as a Ghoul – the show’s name for the technicians on the show, keeping to the theme of the show’s title.

Net Worth

Allysa has been staring on Graveyard Carz since it came on air on the Velocity Network in 2012, only missing out on the second, third and fourth season. She has been a long part of the show and as such been, is one of the long-term earners. She is believed to have accrued a total net worth of $500 thousand.

Is She Married?

Allysa Rose
Allysa and her new partner, Chris Wanke

Allysa Rose used to be married but not anymore. The Graveyard Carz star used to be in a marriage with Josh Rose. The couple together made appearances on the show before they got divorced. While they were together, Allysa Rose and Josh Rose were blessed with a child named Emma.

Following the disappearance of Josh Rose from the show in 2014, rumors of a separation began to spread and were eventually confirmed by the couple with no official reason established for the divorce.

Since the divorce, Allysa Rose has gotten back to dating. She began dating Chris Wanke in 2014 and the couple appears to still be together, having given birth to their child, Brooklyn who was born in January 2015.

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Who is her Husband – Josh Rose?

We have mentioned earlier that Allysa Rose is no longer married to Josh Rose. However, prior to their separation, Josh Rose was a fellow car enthusiast who appeared on Graveyard Carz. Before he left the show, he appeared in four episodes.

His departure from the show sparked speculation that it was a result of his relationship with Allysa Rose, however it was later revealed that he left for financial reasons.

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