What Is Allison Kagan Known For, How Did She Meet Joshua Brown and Where Is She Now

The popularity of the name Joshua Brown has given rise to people’s quest to know more about his partner, Allison Kagan and this is because the two share a strong relationship. Joshua is the reality star who briefly gave up his celebrity status and family just to spend his life with his partner on a boat.

The couple is known for being instrumental to the successful production of the popular series, Alaskan Bush People, a documentary series on the Discovery Channel. Although it may seem as though the success of Allison is tied to her man, it is worthy of note that she has risen to the height of success all thanks to her dedication and hard work.

Behind The Life Story Of Allison Kagan

Allison Kagan is an American citizen best known as a photographer, producer, director, and editor. She was born in 1973 in New York which also happened to be where she was brought up.

A well-educated individual, Alli as she is also called, graduated from the University of New York at Albany, where she obtained a B.A. in Communications and Film. Unfortunately, information about her childhood, parents, and siblings has been kept secret despite her popularity.

Allison Kagan started off her career as an editor and news photographer for an ABC-affiliated TV station licensed to Albany, New York – WTEN, where she worked from 1995 to 1997 before moving to work with a CBS-affiliated television station, WFSB, from 1997 to 1999. Between 1999 and 2002, she was working with WFXT, a Fox-affiliated television station based in Boston, Massachusetts. WNYW FOX 5 is the television station where she worked for the longest period. She worked with the Fox TV station for 7 years until 2010.

While working as WNYW FOX 5’s photographer and producer, she also worked as SiTV’s camera operator and was pivotal in the production of TV shows like True Life, Model, and Teen Mom 2 series.

As a senior producer, Allison Kagan has worked with different media channels like MTV Network and NBC Universal where she helped in the productions of television series like 16 and Pregnant, Caribbean Life, The Diamond Collar, Happily Ever After, and Submissive Wives. All these shows made her popular in the entertainment world but the most notable show that announced her to the public is the TV series, Alaskan Bush People. Her hard work and dedication to her career earned her a nomination for an Emmy Award in Educational Programming in 2009.

More so, Allison Kagan works at Bad Kitty Ink where she is the Vice President and Executive producer of Development. Her work description in the company includes overseeing the development and new productions in New York. Following her long experience in photography and productions, Allison has worked with many actors and TV personalities like Billy Brown and Snowbird Brown.

In 2018, the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia certified Alli as a permaculture designer. Since then, she has expanded her base and she now serves as a consultant for the creation of the right ecosystem for food production.

Her Love Story And Journey Down The Aisle

Allison Kagan
Allison Kagan with her boyfriend, Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown –  image source

Allison Kagan is known to be in a romantic relationship with Joshua Brown who is best known as Bam Bam Brown. The love story between the duo has always been inspiring to many who follow Bam Bam’s family’s TV series where Allison works as a supervising field officer. According to reports, Allison and Joshua Brown started off as best friends before they became lovers. The two never hid their feelings for each other from the public as they are often seen hanging out together.

Also famous for his role in Alaskan Bush People, Bam Bam met the TV producer and photographer, Kagan, on the set of Alaskan Bush People, in 2016 and they have been dating since then.

Bam Bam was willing to sacrifice everything for his love and so in late 2016, not too long after they started dating, he decided to leave his family and the show and move on with his newly found love to the “lower 48”. This action frustrated his parents but he later reunited with them and his show’s crew members. The two were said to have left after the future of the show was thrown to question due to the cancer diagnosis of Bam Bam’s mother.

On November 1, 2017, they celebrated their one year anniversary as a couple. The couple, in 2018, bought a ferry boat which they initially named Osprey but later renamed to ‘Fathom This’. The couple also lived on the boat together for a while.

In August 2019, it was reported that Bam Bam was already fed up with the way his woman was treated by his family. It was revealed that she received less respect compared to the partners of his brothers even though Allison was known to the family first. It was also stated that, according to Joshua Brown, the only reason he was still with his family was for the money and nothing more.

With all that said, the relationship between Allison Kagan and Bam Bam Brown still brings her close to his family, including his parents Ami Brown and Billy Brown, and his siblings- Matt, Bear, Noah, Snowbird, Gabe, and Rainy Brown.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors of a possible marriage between the two. They were said to have gotten married secretly in Hawaii, but there is still no proof of that as the two are yet to confirm it. In spite of their age difference of almost 10 years, since Joshua was born in 1984, the two seem to be growing stronger by the day.

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What Is Allison Kagan Up To Today?

Allison has continued to expand herself in many ways but she still favors what she has always been into – production and directing. In 2019, she was the field producer of 10 episodes of the TV series Unexpected as well as supervising producer for 8 episodes.

Thanks to all the projects she has been involved in, the 5-foot-4 producer has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Her salary ranges from $40,000 to $60,000 which she earned for her role in the production of the TV series, Alaskan Bush People. She also earns about $42,000 as a news photographer.

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