Meet Allison Chinchar – Mike Bettes ‘Meteorologist’ Wife From Weather Channel

Climate Change is one of the most discussed topics the world over. In the United States, one person who has become synonymous with issues surrounding weather and climate change is The Weather Channel meteorologist/journalist, Mike Bettes. Even after a major threat to his life in 2013 while on a tornado hunt, Mike still returned to his beloved profession of weather/climate field-reporting. Well, months before that life-threatening tornado incident, Mike had displayed an equally strong love for what he does, by marrying a fellow meteorologist, Allison Chinchar.

This post is about Allison though. Since you probably already know a lot about Mike, this is your opportunity to get to know the woman behind his verve. So, don’t go away (scroll down and read on).

Allison Chinchar Biography 

Nicknamed ‘Alli’ by friends, family, and associates, Allison Chinchar was born on April 9, 1984. Her birthplace is Mansfield, Ohio. We are yet to access specific details about her family (such as her parents and siblings).

We are yet to also get details on Alli’s early life influences, including where and when she attended elementary and high school. However, reliable records have it that she studied Atmospheric Science And Meteorology at Ohio State University (OSU) between 2003 and 2008. Following her college studies, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Allison Chinchar is an American national. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Her sun sign is said to be Aries which, according to, makes her “fun, free-spirited, and fiercely independent”. Among other things, we are going to find out to what extent these astrological claims are true.

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Facts About The Weather Channel Meteorologist

Alli Is Mike Bettes’ Second Wife

Allison Chincha married
Mike Bettes married fellow meteorologist Allison Chincha in 2012: Image source

Prior to marrying Allison Chinchar in 2012, Mike Bettes was previously married to another meteorologist, Stephanie Adams. Between 2006 and 2009, Mike and Stephanie worked together at The Weather Channel co-hosting the program, Abrams & Bettes Beyond the Forecast.

Eventually, the professional relationship between Mike and Stephanie transformed into a romantic relationship also. They soon began to date and eventually got married. But then, the romance was not as good as their professional relationship and so, it soon crashed. This made way for Mike to marry Alli.

Her TV Career Took Off At Chattanooga Tennessee

As already hinted, Allison Chinchar is also a meteorologist cum journalist, just like her husband Mike. Currently, she reports for CNN. Not long past, Alli was reporting a damaging flood in parts of Tennessee that included Chattanooga. She went very deep with the report.

But, what most people listening to her didn’t know was that she was reporting on an area she was very familiar with. She is expected to report so deeply on Chattanooga and its environs. This is because that is the place where she had her first job experience immediately after graduating from college. Added to this, the beautiful landscape of the Tennessee River running by and the Appalachian mountains overlooking the city must have made a deep impression on her while she worked there.

In that her first professional job, Alli worked as a weekend evening meteorologist for WTC-TV (also known as News Channel) licensed to Chattanooga. That job lasted for almost three years. It may interest you to know that WTC-TV is an ABC affiliate channel.

After leaving WTC-TV in January 2011, Allison Chinchar went to work with another ABC affiliate, WKRN, operating in another Tennessee city, Nashville. Spending eighteen months at Nashville, Alli moved over to Atlanta Georgia to work with WXIA-TV. That Atlanta job came to an end in January 2015 before the CNN job came five months later.

She Worked With Lynn Smith

Allison Chinchar currently works as a meteorologist for CNN International and for CNN’s HLN Weekend Express. Prior to her maternity leave from which she returned to start anchoring On The Story in March 2019, the veteran news anchor Lynn Smith was the host of HLN Weekend Express.

In case you are interested, you can watch several Youtube videos (such as this) of Alli and Lynn together on episodes of HLN Weekend Express. And, it is even being speculated that the two are good friends. Well, we at least know they get along well.

What is Allison Chinchar’s Net Worth?

As already said, Allison Chinchar’s career has lasted for over a decade and took place across four major channels. Besides, she has been a part of numerous high profile pro-weather organizations and campaigns such as American Meteorological Society (AMS) and National Weather Services (NWS).

According to the US National Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of meteorologists in 2011 was $136,120 or $65.44 per hour. That gives us an idea of how much Allison Chinchar must have earned all these years. However, her exact earning is not yet known to us, just like the exact figure of her net worth.

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