A Look Into Alix Bailey’s Life Now And The Time She Lived As Louis C.K.’s Wife

Louis C.K. is known for many things. Firstly, he is known as a successful comedian and then, as a comedic actor who has his own television show. Again, he is notoriously known as the man who almost lost it all of the above as a result of sexual harassment allegations. Before falling from grace at the peak of the #MeToo movement, he had had a respectable back story in Hollywood and this involved Alix Bailey, a painter, and an actress.

For eight years, Louis C.K. and Alix Bailey were married and the relationship seemed like one destined to last until it came to an end when no one expected. The couple parted ways in 2008 and Alix has continued to live her life. Bailey may not share in the popularity of her ex-husband but it means her life story is any less interesting.

What We Know About Alix Bailey

Alix Bailey was not exactly the standout woman during their time together and neither were they the most popular Hollywood couple. She was born on the 3rd of February 1967 in Washington. While she was born in one location, she was raised in multiple locations – from New Haven, Connecticut, to Italy.

Her parents are Italian painters. While we cannot say if Alix Bailey was an only child, we know she had the love and attention of her parents through which she was inspired to study painting as a subject at Bennington College. She took on further studies at Indiana University where she earned herself a master’s degree in Fine Arts.

Most of her childhood and how she was raised has remained shrouded in mystery because she has always preferred to keep a very simple life even when she was married to her famed ex-husband.

Her Career Life And Path to Fame

Being born to parents who were talented painters, there was no point in the life of Alix Bailey that she was away from the craft. She started when she was a young girl and continued to improve by educating herself therein. She has many paintings to her name, some of which she displays on social media.

Regarded as a successful painter, she has had her work on display in several notable galleries in Italy, Connecticut, and New York. She is also a part of the Painting Center located in New York City. Her work has also featured in a number of films.

As an actress, Alix Bailey has not been the most recognized individuals but she has not done badly either. She got her start in the world of make-belief with an appearance in Tomorrow Night in 1995. The film was written and directed by Loius. In 2001, she made an appearance in Pootie Tang, and then in 2016, she was in Spooky Stakeout. She has also worked on Searching for Nixon, a short film that was released in 2006.

Who is Louis C.K, Alix Bailey’s Ex-husband?

Alix Bailey
Her ex-husband, Louis C.K

As mentioned earlier, Louis C.K. is the more popular name in the family but to those who might not be familiar with the comedian, here is a brief introduction to who he is.

Louise C.K. is a comedian who has recorded and produced nine comedy albums with multiple specials. Until the exposure of his sexual misconduct, he was one of the darlings of American comedy and he performed multiple shows across the country. He began his career in 1985 and has won several awards ever since, in recognition of his talents.

Her Love Life With Louis C.K. and A Marriage That Ended

Before Louis C.K. became an embattled comedian, he was a man who once had a loving family as he was married to Alix Bailey for 13 years before it finally came to an end, as they say about every good thing.

The two have a rather interesting love story as they were said to have met before Loius gained fame and Alix became known. They met in their teenage years when they were both only 18 at a New Year’s Eve party in Boston. However, it was not at that point that they began dating.

Both of them continued with their separate lives for the next 15 years before their paths crossed again for a second time. By this time, they realized they felt something for each other and they dated for a while before deciding they wanted to spend the rest of their lives as man and wife by walking down the aisle in 1995.

They were together until 2008 when they put an end to their marriage. For years leading up to their marriage, the couple was locked in a battle for the survival of their relationship, attending therapy sessions, and other forms of marriage counseling. Their issue, as described by Louis C.K., was that they stopped making each other happy and despite a year in marriage counseling, they still couldn’t find a way to reignite the love and happiness that led them to the altar in the first place and they eventually decided to get divorced.

While they were together, Louis C.K. drew criticism for his constant reference to his family, particularly his wife whom he regularly shared details of her actions both in and out of the bedroom with the audience.

In the 13 years, they spent together, the couple was blessed with two children – Kitty Szekely, who was born in 2002, and Mary Louise Szekely, born three years later, in 2005. Due to the amicable break up of their marriage, the two currently share joint custody of their children.

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Her Ex-Husband And The #MeToo Scandal

During the #Metoo movement which was influenced by the high level of sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, the name of Louis C.K. also got mentioned after he was accused by not less than five women of sexually harassing them.

He was accused of masturbating before different women in 2002, 2003, and 2005. Interestingly, he was still married to Alix Bailey at the time. Nonetheless, Bailey has kept her cool while refraining from making any public statement or lending her voice to the issue even after Louis came out to confirm the accusations and apologize.

Where is Alix Bailey Now?

Since her marriage to the famous comedian came to an end, Alix has continued to maintain her private life with her daughters. She still continues her life as a painter and has a studio at her home in New York.

She revealed that she is now mostly into larger long-term paintings and she has continued to evolve. Alix Bailey stated that she spends almost all her time painting except it was time to cook for her daughters.

Even though she seems to have her professional life in order, her love life is well kept away from the public eyes. Since her divorce, Bailey has not been publicly linked to anyone. On his part, however, her ex-husband has already moved on with his love life and was linked to French comedian, Blanche Gardin.

Unraveling Her Net Worth

The painter has achieved so much on her own rights and has come a long way in her career which has sustained for decades. It is thanks to this that she has a net worth estimated at over $1 million.

A better part of her fortune is from her painting career although she has also made some money from her short acting career. It is not known if she made something from her divorce or even what she gets as child support.

On his part, C.K. Louis has a net worth that is estimated at a massive $35 million which he made from his career as one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

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