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Louis C.K is known for many things. One, as a successful comedian and secondly, as a comedic actor who has his own television show. Again, he is notoriously known as the man who lost all of the above as a result of sexual harassment allegations. Before he became known as a sexual harasser, he had a respectable back story in Hollywood and this involved Alix Bailey, a painter, and an actress.

For eight years, Louis C.K and Alix Bailey were husband and wife and the relationship seemed like one destined to last until it wasn’t. The couple parted ways in 2008 and Alix has continued to live her life. Alix Bailey may not share in the popularity of her ex-husband but it hasn’t stopped her from making significant achievements in two fields of art.

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Who Is Alix Bailey?

Even those who were fans of Louis C.K are bound to ask the question, who is Alix Bailey? She was not exactly the standout woman during their time together and neither were they the most popular Hollywood couple. To answer the question, who is Alix Bailey, one would have to start from the beginning – the fact that she was born on 3rd of February, 1967 in Washington. While she was born in one location, she was raised in multiple places from New Haven, Connecticut, to Italy.

Her parents are Italian painters. While we cannot say if Alix Bailey was an only child, we know she had the love and attention of her parents through which she was inspired to study painting as a subject at Bennington College. She took on further studies at the Indiana University where she earned herself a master’s degree in Fine Arts.


It is difficult to pinpoint where Alix Bailey’s career began after she completed her education but we can mention a few things she has accomplished both as a painter and an actress. One that is certain is in the painting world, Alix Bailey is regarded as a successful painter. She has had her work on display in several notable galleries in Italy, Connecticut and New York. She is also a part of the Painting Center located in New York City. Her work has also featured in a couple of films.

As an actress, Alix Bailey has appeared in Tomorrow Night and Spooky Stakeout. She has also worked on Searching for Nixon, a short film which was released in 2006.

Relationship With Louis C.K

Before Louis C.K became a disgraced comedian, he was a man with a loving family. According to reports, Louis C.K and Alix Bailey had met before Louis became a popular Hollywood personality. Dating eventually led to marriage for the couple sometime in 1995.

They were together until 2008 when they put an end to their marriage. For years leading up to their marriage, the couple was locked in a battle for the survival of their relationship, attending therapy sessions and other forms of marriage counseling. Their issue, as described by Louis C.K, was that the couple stopped making each other happy and despite a year in marriage counseling, they two couldn’t find a way to reignite the love and happiness that led them to the altar in the first place and they eventually decided to get divorced.

While they were together, Louis C.K drew criticism for his constant reference to his family, particularly his wife whom he regularly shared details of her actions both in and out of the bedroom with the audience.

While Louis and Alix Bailey were still in a loving marriage, they had two children – Kitty Szekely, who was born in 2002 and Mary Louise Szekely, born three years after their first daughter, in 2005.

Due to the amicable break up of their marriage, the two currently have something most divorces do not have, joint custody of their children.

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Who Is Louis C.K?

Alix Bailey
Her ex-husband, Louis C.K

As mentioned earlier, Louis C.K is the more popular name in the family but to those who might not be familiar with the comedian, here is a brief introduction on who he is.

Louise C.K is a comedian who has recorded and produced nine comedy albums with multiple specials. Until the exposure of his sexual misconduct, he was one of the darlings of American comedy and he performed multiple shows across the country. He began his career in 1985 and has won several awards ever since, in recognition of his talents.

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