Where Is Alicia Silverstone Now? What Is Her Net Worth and Does She Have A New Husband?

It’s been over two decades since a flaky and fearless leading character named Cher in the hit film Clueless charmed the viewers and blissfully won their hearts. At that time, many thought the career of Alicia Silverstone who played the role had won a permanent place in the spotlight and that she was going to be Hollywood’s next big in-demand star. However, she didn’t get to enjoy all the fame she gained, having seemingly disappeared for so long from public eyes; this has led many to wonder about her whereabouts.

Silverstone might not have been able to initially prolong her stay in the spotlight but she was not absent from the industry either. She has remained active albeit in a smaller capacity. Though she has had her fair share of wins and losses in the industry, Silverstone has ultimately been able to stay active enough to keep her wealth afloat and has in recent years, become more visible.

Alicia Silverstone’s Early Years In The Industry Propelled Her To Wealth Real Fast

Silverstone is an example that starting early in one’s chosen field always proves advantageous. Born and raised in Hillsborough, California, in the San Fransisco Bay area, young Silverstone at the age of 6, started modeling. Her modeling career saw her feature in many television commercials, beginning first with a commercial for Dominos Pizza.

After completing her high school education, Silverstone who had also caught the passion for acting was ready to fully commit to her career in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, her debut acting role in 1993 as Adrian Forrester in the erotic thriller film, The Crush, turned out to be her breakthrough role. The movie made $13.6 million against a $6 million budget and received rave reviews from critics. Alicia, for her role, won two 1994 MTV Movie Awards; for Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Villain.

She followed this up with an even bigger performance in the 1995 film, Clueless (for which she was paid $250,000) after which she signed a $10 million deal with Columbia Pictures. Thus, two years into her acting career, Alicia Silverstone was already worth millions. During the same period, Silverstone appeared in a couple of music videos by Aerosmith which were very successful, further solidifying her place at the top.

Thanks to her deal with Columbia, Alicia Silverstone was able to start her own production company called First Kiss Productions.

The Batgirl Debacle and The Quiet Periods that Followed

alicia silverstone
Alicia Silverstone with Batman & Robin co-stars: image source

Alicia Silverstone’s career ticked all the right boxes and everything looked set for even greater success, but unfortunately, things began to go downhill following her role as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in Batman & Robin (1997).

As typical of other Batman films before it, Batman & Robin was expected to come out as a blockbuster but instead, it was a huge flop and is today still ranked as one of the worst films ever made. It managed a worldwide gross of $238.2 million against a production budget of $160 million and received a tongue lashing from critics with Silverstone’s performance heavily criticized. She even won a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress.

Per sources, Silverstone’s paycheck for the film was $1.5 million. Making matters worse the same year was the release of Excess Baggage, the first film from her production company which was greeted by tepid reviews and was also a commercial failure.

As a result of these and more, Silverstone’s blossoming career quickly became stunted. She would later reveal that she began to hate acting right after her Batgirl role. When the 2000s came, the actress began to devote her time to works that resonated more with her beliefs. Over the next 10 years from 2000, Silverstone took up lots of theater roles and acted in a string of low-budget and independent films.

While focusing on theater and small productions, the actress occasionally scored notable gigs like her voice role in the commercially successful Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, as well as a role in Queen Latifah’s Beauty Shop.

Increased Visibility with More Projects Nurtured Her Wealth

By the 2010s, Alicia Silverstone began to receive a lot more visibility than in the previous years although much of her focus was still on theater; however, as years progressed, she scored more gigs in visible projects.

These periods were however not without pitfalls; she had a part in the 2010 independent comedy, Elektra Luxx, but her scenes were not included in the final release. She had roles in Butter (2011) and Vamps (2012) which had limited release. She also acted in the 2013 Lifetime pilot movie, HR that was never released.

Fast forward to 2016, things seemingly began to move fast for the former teen idol. That year, she appeared in the biographical drama King Cobra and Catfight. The following year, Silverstone starred in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, which became her most visible project since the mid-2000s. Then came The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and The Tribes of Palos Verdes which were both successful and 2018’s Book Club.

Her 2020 projects include Bad Therapy, Valley Girl, and Sister of the Groom of which she is also the executive producer. The small screen has not been left out. Though American Woman for which she got a major role was canceled after just one season in 2018, she received some sort of compensation in 2020 with two Netflix projects, The Baby-Sitters Club and Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Everything seems to be going on great for Alicia Silverstone and with a net worth of $20 million, one could argue whether or not her decade-long absence from big projects ever affected her wealth.

Alicia Silverstone Was Previously Married To a Musician

Silverstone and Jarecki image source

For over a decade, Alicia Silverstone was married to a musician named Christopher Jarecki, best recognized as the frontman of S.T.U.N. Before their marriage, the two were longtime best friends who would later become lovers.

According to the actress, Jarecki proposed in 2004. Both vegans and environment advocates, the couple got married barefoot in an intimate beachfront ceremony in Lake Tahoe on June 11, 2005, having in attendance just close family and friends. The ceremony lasted into the night with vegan hamburgers served in the end.

In May 2011, the couple welcomed their child, a son named Bear Blu; Silverstone frequently shares photos of him on her Instagram. In February 2018, it was reported that the pair were separated and in May 2018, Silverstone filed for divorce. The divorce which was an amicable one was finalized in November 2018 with the two agreeing to co-parent their son. Per PEOPLE, the ex-couple remain close friends.

Since her split from Jarecki, Alicia Silverstone is yet to be romantically linked with another lover. These days, the actress devotes her time to promoting eco-lifestyle and animal rights protection. She is also focused on building her new line of organic vitamins called mykind organics.

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