Demystifying Alicia Jay’s Personal Life, Height and Love Relationships

Alicia Jay is an American reality TV star who has become popular because of her incredible height and strong Christian beliefs. Also, a motivational speaker, model, and blogger, Alicia is now one of the most talked-about tall women in the USA.

The TV star has always declared her love and devotion to the Christian faith, declaring that she will remain a virgin until she finds a husband with whom she can get physically intimate. This has led to her being dubbed ‘The World’s Tallest Virgin’ by fans.

Who Is Alicia Jay?

Alicia was born on the 30th of November, 1981 in Oakland, California. She was raised in a strict Christian home and this tells very much in how much she now lives her life even as a celebrity. The TV star has often talked about how her mother instilled firm Christian beliefs in her while growing up.

As a child, Alicia was head and shoulders taller than all the other children around her. This made her feel very unusual and weird about herself. To add insult to injury, the kids who saw her began to make fun of her especially when she began going to school. Many times people would think she was older than her age and would even stop to check her birth certificate to make sure. All of which was very embarrassing to her.

In high school Alicia revealed that she was not just the tallest person, she was also the darkest girl around. This did not help at all as other students constantly made fun of her and called her names. One of the names they called her was “Giant” referring to her height as being enormous. Because of her impressively tall height, the young woman was soon talked into joining the school basketball team but found out she was not good at the sport. However, she made up her mind to make this work out for her and so started practicing very often till she found her footing. Gradually, Alicia began to gain some confidence in herself as a young woman with immense capabilities to achieve great things.

After leaving high school, Alicia got a scholarship into the University of the Pacific. According to her, it was while at the university that her life changed. This was because for the first time ever, she started seeing other tall women around her who were doing very well with their lives. She realized that she was not that odd after all and that she can absolutely do awesome things in life if she wanted to despite what people thought about her.

With her confidence level highly boosted, Alicia left university fully ready to carve out a life others would be envious of. She started a blog called ‘Tallswag’ where she constantly writes motivational articles to encourage other tall women who may be feeling insecure about their height. She also talks about fashion on the blog. In addition to this, she also writes for other websites on an invitation, telling her stories about her growth and finding her voice.

Alicia Jay
Alicia Jay (Middle) and fans

Alicia now owns a clothing line, a line of T-shirts which she also calls ‘Tallswag’. She uses her blog to promote the T-shirts occasionally. Her work on her blog introduced her to a whole new audience who loved her confidence. She soon started getting calls to radio and TV interviews to speak on her life. Today she has become the Games Operations Manager for the Golden State Warriors, one of America’s most popular professional basketball teams.

Her biggest break to the limelight came in 2017 when she was called to feature in My Giant Life, a popular online television series during its third season. At first, Alicia was reluctant to join the show because of the word ‘Giant’ attached to its title. This was because Giant was the name which kids used called her to make fun during her early days. However, her mother finally convinced her to join and the move benefited her greatly. Today, she is well known in America and many people call her the ‘Wold’s Tallest Virgin’ after she revealed that she had never had sex and that she is waiting to get married first.

How Tall is Alicia Jay?

There is no denying that Alicia Jay is a very tall woman and right from her childhood days, she had always been very conscious of her height. Today, the TV star stands at an amazing 6 ft 6 inches tall, a height many people are quite intimated by. Despite initially viewing her height as a limitation, she now uses it to be an inspiration to others.

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Does Alicia Jay Have A Husband Or Boyfriend?

Alicia Jay is a single woman at the moment. Although there have been speculations that she is in a relationship with someone, she cleared the air in an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019. In the post, she stated that she is still enjoying being single waiting to find the right man. She also explained that she is not just waiting for her man, but also building herself to become a woman worthy of any man.

Alicia has often stated that it is not quite easy for her to find a man because of her height and the fact she wants to wait till marriage to have sex. Her strong Christian convictions have scared some men away from her in the past. However, she is hopeful that very soon, the right man will come her way.

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