Alice Eve: 10 Things To Know About The Replicas Actress

In nearly two decades, Alice Eve has brought a lot of action to our screens, establishing herself as a star entertainer with several hit acting projects to her credit. The talented English thespian has deep roots in the entertainment industry and, besides her sci-fi characters in movies such as Star Trek into Darkness and Men in Black 3, Eve has landed roles in other film and TV genres, including the romantic comedy Sex and the City 2.

Alice Sophia Eve was welcomed into the world on February 6, 1982. Both of her parents are actors and it came as no surprise that Alice grew up doing the same thing. She is the first of three children born to Sharon Maughan and Trevor Eve. Alice and her two younger brothers were raised in London, their hometown. Below are facts that are worth knowing about the Replica actress.

1. She’s a Beverly Hills Playhouse Alumna

Eve’s inclinations towards the performing art were evident from an early age and after her high school education, she enrolled at Beverly Hills Playhouse where she studied for a year. Even while studying for a degree in English at the University of Oxford’s St. Catherine’s College, Alice Eve participated in various school productions.

2. Alice Has An Extensive List of Screen Credits

Alice kicked off her acting career on the big screen with the 2004 film Stage Beauty. The role paved the way for another in Hawking that same year. Eve has since followed up with an exhaustive list of film credits. Some of her notable works include She’s Out of My League (2010), Sex and the City 2 (2010), The Raven (2012), Men in Black 3 (2012), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Criminal (2016), Replicas (2018), and many more.

Eve landed her first TV role one year after her big-screen debut. In 2005, she appeared in The Rotters Club, Beethoven, and Agatha Christie’s Poirot. You will also find the British actress in Entourage (2011), Black Mirror (2016), Ordeal by Innocence (2018), Robot Chicken Chicken (2018), and Iron Fist (2018).

3. Alice Eve As a Stage Actor

Alice has at least two credits as a stage actor. Notably, she featured in Royal Court Theatre’s 2006 play Rock ‘n’ Roll. Eve’s performance as young Esme/Alice in the production earned her an award nomination at the Theatregoers’ Choice Awards.

4. Her Music Credits

Eve has also spread her talents to the music industry. She has featured in a few music videos including Rixton’s Hotel Ceiling and Paul McCartney‘s Queenie Eye.

5. Who’s Alice Eve’s Husband?

Alice Eve
Alice Eve and Alex Cowper-Smith: Image Source

Alice Eve was once happily married to Alex Cowper-Smith. The former sweethearts’ romance dates back to their high school days. After Alice and Alex established their careers in acting and finance/investment banking respectively, the former couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. They were engaged by mid-2014 and tied the knot months later on New Year’s eve; it was a private ceremony that was attended by close family and friends. Alice and Alex were together for three years and ultimately parted ways in 2017 due to the differences in their lifestyle. Their union did not produce any kids.

6. Dating History With Fellow Actors

Though Alice Eve eventually married her high school sweetheart, the actress was in other high profile relationships during her break-ups with Alex Cowper-Smith. Between 2004 and 2006, Eve was linked to actor Rafe Spall. After they broke up, she moved on to another colleague, Rufus Sewell, but their romance also hit the rocks in 2008. Thereafter, Eve dated a poet, Adam O’Riordan until 2012.

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7. Peculiar Body Features

It takes just one glance at Alice Eve to confirm that the actress has distinct and impressive physical features. Eve has heterochromia, a condition that caused her to have different iris colors. While she has a green right eye, her left eye sparkles blue. The blonde British star stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and has maintained a complementary weight of about 56 kg. Her other body measurements are bust (36 inches), waist (25 inches), and hips (35 inches).

8. Career Challenges

Eve does a good job with the roles she get to play. Nonetheless, the actress once admitted that she had to drop her British accent which was constantly misunderstood to pick up a California valley-girl accent. Also, in 2013, she had to go on a challenging diet just to fit well into a role. Alice was placed on a spinach diet in order to effectively portray Dr. Carol Marcus’ character in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

9. Social Media Presence

Eve is also an entertainer on social media. Banking on her fame as an actress, she has amassed a large fanbase on various social networking platforms. For more personal and career updates, fans can connect with Alice Eve on her Instagram account.

10. She’s a Citizen of Two Countries

The British actress is also an American citizen. Eve officially naturalized in 2017, the same year she parted ways with her ex-husband.

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