10 Irrefutable Facts That Make Alexandre Dumas Black

Alexandre Dumas was Black, born of Black (enslaved) mother and white (nobleman) father, Alexandre Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie. Born in France in 1802, he was the son of General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie, one of the highest-ranking men of African descent to lead a European army, this makes him black

Alexandre Dumas was a French writer that is best known for his historical novels of high adventure. His books has been translated into nearly 100 languages making him one of the most widely read French authors in history. Some of his novels include The Count of Monte CristoThe Three Musketeers,Twenty Years After, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne just to name a few. 

Alexandre Dumas life and works has been a mystery because of continued changes especially shifts in different countries. Though he was born in France, many scholars and historians refer to him as black. His life, lineage and nature of his writings strongly suggest he was a black man.

According to sources, Alexandre Dumas father, general Thomas-Alexandre Davy de la Pailleterie, was born in Saint-Domingue France to a French nobleman and a black slave woman, His aristocratic rank helped young Alexandre acquire work with Louis-Philippe, Duke of Orléans. Here are 10 Things That Make Alexandre Dumas Black.

10 Undeniable Facts That Make Alexandre Dumas Black

He was born of a black woman

The greatest thing that makes you to be black is being born of black people. Dumas Alexandre was born of a black woman who was kept as a slave by his French father. It is this line of origin that made him to easily be associated with blacks wherever he went either as a fugitive or to market his works.


General Appearance

Just like many Africans, Dumas had a dark skin complexion that makes him to be associated with the continent. His audience and even racists understood that he could not be a pure French person with the dark color especially on his face. This was partially used by racists to campaign against him as he marketed his work.

He was Polygamous with about 40 Wives

Africans are known to be polygamous and keep many wives as a sense of wealth. Dumas behaviour was no different. He had as many as 40 women in his life. This makes him African because he held large families just like them. These relationships make him more African because he continued to add more women as he accumulated additional wealth. This is typical with many Africans.

He was Always Targeted by Racists

Racists in France who wanted to be seen as pure always targeted people from other races especially Africa and Arab countries. In his book, Georges, Dumas responds to some of these racists by explaining his linkage with African roots. Though the intention was noble and undertaken with literal ideology, it reflects a special understanding of how blacks lived not just France but other countries such as Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Pride about being African

In his works especially the Georges, Dumas ridicules the racists and tells them why he is proud to be African. He prides of being an African and explains using deep analogy that even though his grandfather was a Negro and great grandfather a monkey, what was important was what he could do. He challenged the racists to put forward what they had done and indicated it is better to be from a Negro lineage and do something important instead of being “pure” and remain useless.

Dumas fathered many legitimate and illegitimate children

Just like the pride of having many children, Africans also take pride in having many children. Dumas Alexandre was no different. As he traveled from France to Belgium and then Italy, he always fathered children with his women. It is reported that the children he sired cannot even be accounted for because they are found in many countries.

Special Generosity

You can only be African if you are generous. Because of strong family ties and continued togetherness, generosity has always been part of them. Dumas Alexandre is described as one of the greatest people who had large hearts. He always wanted to make a name by giving.

He liked talking about Himself a lot

Being an African is making a name and becoming famous. Every African leader or wealthy person wants to be recognized and will therefore talk a lot about themselves. Dumas Alexandre similarly talked a lot about himself, his works and how traveled he was.

Aggressive and Always seeking Change

Africans are aggressive and ready to go to great lengths in protecting what is their own and pursuing change. Dumas traveled a lot in the course of his life in search for the best environment to grow his career and expand his influence. He moved to Belgium and even started a newspaper when in Italy.

Focus to Influence others and win Greater Fame

Most Africans want to be associated closely with leaders and other people of influence. Dumas Alexandre ran away to Belgium after falling out with Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte in the mid 19th century. When he moved to Italy, he founded Independent Newspaper that was strongly pro Italian unification. He also captured most of his greatest moments in his books such as ‘Twenty Years After’ and ‘The Three Musketeers.’ These are the main 10 Key Things That Make Alexandre Dumas Black. Do you have anything to add, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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