Alexandre De Meyer – Family & Facts About Danielle Colby’s Husband

American Pickers is a reality TV show on History (formerly, History Channel) which follows antiquarians Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they go round the country, picking or buying collectibles. If you have been watching the show, then, you certainly know Danielle Colby. She is the office manager of Mike Wolfe’s antique shop named Antique Archaeology. But, what do you know about Danielle’s husband (probably ex-husband), Alexandre De Meyer?

Here, we bring you all you need to know about Alexandre, including lesser-known facts about him.

Early Life and Career

Who is Alexandre De Meyer? He is a French artist cum graphic designer and the second of three men that Danielle Colby has been romantically linked to. While we do not have his date of birth, he is reported to have been born in Voiron in Southeastern France.

Since he came from France to settle in the United States, there is very little information available regarding Alexandre’s childhood, up to the time he became associated with TV personality Colby. We have no information about his education history from elementary right up to college (if any). We also know very little about his family of birth as we are going to be sharing below.

What we do know is how Alexandre Meyer and Danielle Colby met. There are reports that the duo knew each other for a long time even while Colby’s first marriage lasted. The story has it that Alexandre was the one who designed the logo for Colby’s Iowa-based business 4 Miles 2 Memphis which lies across the road from Mike Wolfe’s antique shop.

Although we cannot put a date on the above report, it is apparent that Alexandre’s relationship with Colby began from a professional platform. Then, gradually, romantic feelings began to develop between them. Indeed, it is being speculated in some quarters that Colby may have left her first marriage because of Alexandre.

Alexandre De Meyer’s Husband and Family Members

Alexandre De Meyer came to settle in the United States, leaving behind his birth family in France. All we are able to deduce from Alexandre’s social media posts is that he has a good relationship with his family members back home. He often expresses fond memories of them via his social media posts.

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Talking about Alexandre De Meyer’s personal life, he has not started a family yet. He married Danielle Colby in 2015 in a secret wedding. After their marriage, Colby brought along two kids from her previous marriage with Kevin Colby, as well as a cousin. They all lived together in Chicago. However, the marriage between Alexandre and Colby came to an end in less than two years. They have not made it public that they are divorced though but we have seen them separated for years. Colby herself is now obviously enjoying a hot romance with another man, Jeremy Scheuch.

Meanwhile, Alexandre De Meyer has not shown any sign of being romantically involved with another woman.

Career timeline

As already hinted, Alexandre De Meyer is basically an artist and a graphic designer, he does business under the name Neuf Vies. Some of the major milestones in his career include designing the blueprints in the Michelin Museum in France. Also, as already mentioned, he designed the logo for Danielle Colby’s shop, 4 Miles 2 Memphis. He is also reported to have worked for a screenprint shop named Going Blind.

Earnings and net worth

As a graphic designer, he owns a shop in Chicago Illinois where he creates graphics and designs for businesses and individuals. He also designs and sells t-shirts, stickers, logos, posters, and other insignia. However, we do not know the exact amount he earns per job or how many jobs he delivers. So, we can’t conclude on his net worth at this time.

What To Know About His Ex-Wife Daniele Colby

Daniele Colby is a TV personality who became famous by acting as the manager of Antique Archaeology in History’s reality show, American Pickers. Born in 1975 in Iowa and raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, Colby’s life largely represents a rebellion against the religious way in which she was raised. She is notably a renowned burlesque dancer and even owns a burlesque dance school named Danie Diesels Bump And Grind Academy. She has had three known romantic partners including two ex-husbands.

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