Alexa Dellanos’ Body, Net Worth And How She Became An Instagram Success

Being the daughter of a renowned journalist and television personality, one can be forgiven for expecting a similar career path for Alexa Dellanos. However, instead of commanding the stage and holding the attention of millions of people through spellbound reporting, Alexa has rather chosen to take her talents to the internet as an Instagram model.

Considering Instagram modeling is a growing industry, it remains to be seen what can be made of it as a long-term plan but for now, Alexa Dellanos has chosen it as a career option and it has so far paid off. She has been able to gain massive followership across Instagram and Youtube, both of which are massive financial revenue outlets. We discuss the life of Alexa Dellanos more extensively below. Scroll down to read more.

How Alexa Dellanos Survived A Turbulent Childhood

Unlike most Instagram models and stars who are random people that have leveraged on the platform to build a name for themselves, Alexa Dellanos had a name before she became an Instagram star, and as a result, there is a more detailed understanding of her background. Dellanos was born on the 30th of December 1993 in Miami, Florida and her given name at birth was Alexa Carolina Loynaz. Her mother is a renowned Cuban journalist and television host named Myrka Dellanos while her father is a medical doctor named Alejandro Loynaz. She is the only child between her parents.

The birth of a new child usually serves to bring a couple together. This was, however, not the situation in Alexa’s case as her parents’ divorced when she was about four years old with her surname changed back to her mother’s. The divorce paved the way for Alexa’s mother to date a man named Ulyses Daniel Alonso. This romance also turned out to be bad news as Ulyses was physically abusive and was later arrested for domestic battery charges. The revolving door of male figures in Alexa Dellanos’ life did not end with Ulyses and it took its toll on her. Regardless, she managed to have a normal life and completed her high school diploma.

Becoming Instafamous Is No Easy Feat

While growing up, Alexa Dellanos originally aspired to become a broadcast journalist just like her mother. She tailored her studies towards that direction. She also interned at some local TV stations in Miami, working as a reporter. All these, however, changed when the Miami native joined Instagram and started posting sexy pictures of herself. She populated her feed with photos of herself spotting skimpy lingerie, hot bikinis, sexy dinner dresses, and butt-hugging jeans. These posts gained her thousands of admirers and increased her followership exponentially. Several brands also paid her to advertise their product and before long, Dellanos realized that she was making a decent income from Instagram.

The Miami native also surmised that she would make thrice her earnings as a journalist if she were to take her Instagram career seriously. She, therefore, quit journalism in early 2018 and turned her sole attention on Instagram modeling. This bold decision has certainly paid off as Alexa Dellanos is now a bonafide social media influencer. She has around 1.8 million followers on Instagram and is also spreading her influence across YouTube and Twitter. It has, however, not been all smooth-sailing for Dellanos as she has had to cope with online trolling, hate messages, unsolicited ‘d*ck pics’ as well as stalkerish fans. She has, however, remained unwavering and is determined to share positive energy to everyone she meets.

The Earnings From Her Instagram Career

Alexa Dellanos has a net worth estimated at $1 million and the primary source of her income is her Instagram career. Due to the large following that she has on the platform, many brands approach her to promote their products on her page in exchange for a handsome fee.

Dellanos mainly works with fashion brands, makeup and skincare companies, hotels, and even restaurants. She is quite picky about the brands that she works with and only endorses those that she herself can use. Once a brand has passed these criteria, and paid the agreed fee, Dellanos may outrightly promote their product or simply tag them and their location.

In a 2019 interview with Sun UK, Alexa Dellanos revealed that she charges about $6000 per Instagram post and makes as much as $63,000 from the platform each year. This is certainly not shabby for a lady that is still in her mid-20s. Asides her earnings from Instagram, the business-savvy Dellanos also makes money from her activewear line as well as her range of YouTube photo filters which people can purchase for a small price.

Alexa Dellanos’ Life With Her Artist Boyfriend

A simple glance through Dellanos’ feed will reveal that she is in a relationship with Alec Monopoly. Alec is a widely-successful street artist based in Los Angles. He is renowned for his graffiti and murals which usually depict iconic figures in pop culture. Alec has exhibited his art in New York and Miami Beach. His works have also been patronized by several celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, and Iggy Azalea.

Dellanos and Alec first met in 2017 and have been going steady ever since then. The couple live an enviable lifestyle which sees them jetting around the world and holidaying in very exotic locations. Dellanos is very much in love with her beau and doesn’t hesitate to let the world know that. On Valentine’s Day 2019, she shared a heartfelt post in which she described her boyfriend as her “favorite gift” and “baby”.

Alexa Dellanos
Alexa with her boyfriend, Alec Monopoly: Alexa Dellanos/Instagram

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Details About Alexa Dellanos’ Jaw-Dropping Figure 

Alexa Dellanos has been hailed as the Latina Kim Kardashian and the reason is not far-fetched. The Miami native is blessed with a body that can definitely rival that of the famous reality TV star any day, anytime. Dellanos is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs just 54kg. Her hair color is blonde while her eye color is light brown. The Instagram star additionally boasts of a perfect hourglass shape comprising of bust – 36 inches, waist – 25 inches, and hips – 35 inches. Dellanos has utilized her enviable physique, as well as her ample derriere, to set Instagram alight on several occasions.

It must, however, be known that she does not come by her banging body easily and has to rely on a combination of natural and artificial resources in order to stay in shape. Dellanos has been on a strict fitness regimen for several years. This comprises of a vegan diet as well as regular physical exercise, and both have been scientifically proven to keep one in good physical and mental state.

Dellanos has also had a little help in looking as good as she does. The Instagram model has embarked on some plastic surgeries including breast augmentation, lip fillers as well as a little booty enhancement. All these cost her $17,000 and she has publicly acknowledged that the surgeries, as well as physical exercises, helped her grow her followership base and become a major success on Instagram.

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